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First Aid

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First Aid

Are you the first aider in the workplace? If someone got injured right now - would you have a first aid kit to hand?

We hear stories all the time about people getting injured, only to discover they didn’t have, or couldn’t find a first aid kit. Or rushing to the first aid kit, only to find it was half empty!

At Steroplast we want to make you aware of the importance of being prepared!

The consequences of not being able to help a colleague, friend or loved one who is seriously injured, simply because you didn’t have a first aid kit, just doesn’t bare thinking about.

We have a couple of leaflets that make essential reading: First Aider Alert and a Special Wound Care Report available now which highlight the reasons you can’t afford to take the risk.

Plus, if you would like to have a printed catalogue to use alongside our website, ask for our 70 page Healthcare Buyers Guide that highlights all the medical products you’ll need to look after colleagues, friends and loved ones.

It’s really important to remember that our first aid kits and extensive range of medical products are made to the very highest quality standards.

When you’re dealing with people’s lives you can’t take the risk of using cheaper, and inferior alternatives. The risks are simply too great.

Are you Health & Safety compliant? Providing the correct first aid and medical provisions is required by law.

Do you know how often injuries in the workplace are made much worse, simply because the appropriate first aid and medical provisions couldn’t be found in an emergency. The statistics are alarming!

As an employer, a manager or first aider, the law requires you provide British Standard quality first aid and medical provisions in a clearly sign posted and easily accessible area.

At Steroplast we want to make sure you’re Health & Safety compliant and on the right side of the law, guaranteeing your complete peace of mind.

We will only supply you with medical products made to comply with the strictest medical guidelines that are used by a cross section of medical professionals including the NHS.


Steroplast work to the guidelines of British Standard EN ISO 13485:2012 supported by:

  • The Medical Device Directive (M.D.D.) 93/42/EEC and Wholesale Dealers Licence
  • Our “Quality Assurance System” is there for your peace of mind and is maintained under the supervision of our Notified Body: S.G.S.
  • All our products are supported by our quality system which ensures compliance with the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (M.H.R.A.)

The law is clear, British Standard quality first aid must be in the workplace!

Do your first aid kits comply with the new British Standard?

All workplaces (no exceptions) are required to provide British Standard quality first aid equipment in the workplace.

Is your first aid kit up to standard?

If not, are you aware of the risks you are taking?

All workplaces are required by law to be equipped with the correct number of fully stocked first aid kits.

Steroplast has British Standard BS8599-1 complaint first aid kits, plus all other essential first aid and medical provisions.

If you are unsure which kind of first aid kit is best suited to your requirements, our helpful guide will help you to choose the right first aid kit.

  • Sterochef Blue Detectable Plasters - One Box
    From £5.10 £4.25
  • Sterostrip Hypoallergenic Washproof Plasters - One Box
    From £4.74 £3.95
  • Steroplast's Premium Elastic Fabric Plasters - One Box
    From £5.46 £4.55
  • Steropax Paper Packed Wound Dressings
    From £9.36 £7.80
  • Sterostrip Hypoallergenic Washproof Plasters
  • Steroplast's Premium Elastic Fabric Plasters
  • First Aid Kit Station
    £99.00 £99.00
  • Sterowash Eyecare Kits

    Starting at £19.14 £15.95

  • Sterochef Blue Detectable Plasters
  • BS8599-1 Off-site Lone Worker First Aid Kit
    From £14.46 £12.05
  • BS8599-2 Vehicle First Aid Kit
    From £18.30 £15.25
  • HSE Lone Worker First Aid Kit
    From £5.64 £4.70
  • Sterowash - 500ml Eyewash Plate & Accessories

    Starting at £9.60 £8.00

  • Sterowash - 20ml Eye And Wound Wash Station & Accessories

    Starting at £6.00 £5.00

  • Sterowash - Eyewash & Wound Wash 20ml Pods - 25 Pods
    From £118.80 £99.00

First Aid FAQs

  • Are Steroplast Healthcare’s first aid kits HSE compliant?

    Yes, our first aid kits are HSE compliant and abide by health and safety standards to ensure you and your company stay on the right side of the law.

  • Are your plasters latex free?

    No, we have many plaster ranges and some of them do contain latex. However, our hypoallergenic plasters do not contain latex and are perfect for sensitive skin.

  • How do I know which first aid kit is right for my workplace?

    Using our selection chart, first decide if your work environment is low or high hazard then work out how many employees there are in your workplace. Our selection chart should then tell you which of the three sizes of kit you will need.

As a long established family business, we’re proud that Steroplast is recognised as the brand leader and associated with the very best quality. All our products go through a series of quality inspections, and carry the essential “CE” mark - your guarantee that each and every product exceeds the stringent quality standards required in the healthcare sector. Pease contact us now to find out how we can help you. It couldn’t be easier - write or send us an email, fax us or just call.

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