Eradicate the potential of spreading infection in one go with premium quality disposable wipes designed for speed, hygiene, and convenience.

We’ve developed our own range of medical-grade cleansing wipes, such as Sterowipe Saline Cleansing Wipes and Sterowipe Sterile Alcohol-Free Cleansing Wipes, that are trusted by NHS professionals for optimal wound hygiene.

We stock a selection of industry-leader PDI wipes, including the PDI Hygea Hand Wipes, which kill 99.999% of bacteria and germs for optimal hand protection, and PDI Sani-Cloth Quat-Based Alcohol-Free Active Wipes, PDI Sani-Cloth® Alcohol-Free Disinfectant Multi-Surface Detergent Wipes,  PDI Sani-Cloth® 70% Alcohol Wipes, and more.


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  1. Microsafe Sterile Saline Cleansing Wipes | 100 Wipes
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  2. PDI Hygea Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths - 36 Packs of 8 Cloths
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  3. PDI Hygea Continence Care Body Wipes | 4% Dimethicone Fragranced Personal Washcloths | 24 Wipes
    £4.50 £3.75
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    PDI Hygea Continence Care Body Wipes | 4% Dimethicone Fragranced Personal Washcloths | 8 Wipes
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  5. PDI Hygea Full Body Care Washcloths | 75 Wipes

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  6. PDI Hygea Hand Wipes - 1 Bag of 100 Sachets
    £6.60 £5.50
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  7. PDI Hygea® Hand Wipes | 200 Canister Moist Fragranced Wipes | Pack of 6
    £30.42 £25.35
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  8. PDI Sani-Cloth CHG 2% Wipes - 12 x 100 Sachet Box
    £62.64 £52.20
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  9. PDI Sani-Cloth® 70% Alcohol Wipes | Disposable Disinfectant Isopropyl Wipes | Effective Against Viruses

    Starting at £2.26 £1.88

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  10. PDI Sani-Cloth® AF Wipes | 200 Wipes in Flow Wrap | Alcohol-Free Disinfecting Wipes

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  11. PDI Sani-Cloth® AF Wipes | Alcohol-Free Disinfecting Wipes

    Starting at £2.82 £2.35

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  12. PDI Sani-Cloth® Chlor Sporicidal Wipes | 50 Wipes | Pack of 6
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  13. PDI Sani-Cloth® Detergent Wipes | Alcohol-Free Disinfectant, Multi-Surface | Bucket/Canister

    Starting at £2.26 £1.88

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  14. PDI Super Sani-Cloth® Wipes | Disposable Disinfectant Isopropyl Wipes | 100 Canister - Pack of 6
    £39.54 £32.95
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  15. Sterowipe Alcohol-Free Cleansing Wipes | 100 or 2000 Sachets in Dispenser Pack | Medical Wipes

    Starting at £7.14 £5.95

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PDI Wipes

We supply a wide range of high-quality PDI Sani-Cloth® wipes, providing various solutions for maintaining infection control & reducing the spread of germs. 

Who are PDI?

PDI are an international, family-owned company specialising in infection prevention products for use in healthcare settings and everyday environments at risk of infection

PDI products are designed to:

  • Fight against preventable infections
  • Provide innovative solutions to healthcare facilities
  • Save lives by facilitating infection prevention
  • Improve patient health
  • Inform and empower healthcare facilities
PDI wipes

Compatible by Design


CE Marked
Medical Devices


Effective Against Viruses




Short Contact Times

Please refer to individual packaging for full product details.

PDI Sani-Cloth® Frequently Asked Questions

The contact time specifies how long the disinfected area should remain wet for in order to be effective against infectious organisms. Contact times may differ for different wipe formulations and surface conditions. All contact times can be found on the product packaging.

Products from the Patient Care range of Sani-Cloth wipes are designed for patient cleansing and are safe for use on the skin. We stock the following patient care lines:

Dispose of all used wipes following the waste disposal guidelines as set out in the relevant facility. DO NOT FLUSH.

Many of the Sani-Cloth® wipes are multi-purpose & designed for use on general surfaces and non-invasive medical devices:

If the product efficacy claims to be effective against Vaccinia Virus EN 14476, then it is effective against coronavirus. Please check product packaging for full details before use. Learn more about the efficacy of Sani-Cloth® wipes here.

Choosing from the PDI range of wipes best suited to your needs

Keep your company, patients and employees, clean, safe, and free from viruses. We currently stock lines from the Environment of Care and Patient Care ranges.

Environment of Care

PDI's line of daily surface cleaners and disinfectants are designed to clean general surfaces in a wide range of facilities.

Pre-dosed disinfectant wipes providing effective infection control
Reduces the risk of infection caused by reusable cloths and liquids for surfaces in healthcare environments
Single use and ready to use
Easy to store packs & canisters

Patient Care

PDI's Hygea & Patient Care products have been designed to keep patients clean & comfortable in hospitals, care homes and other care facilities. 

Kind to skin formulation
Kills bacteria & germs found on the skin
Provides convenient full-body cleansing
Soft and strong premoistened wipes
Dermatologically tested