Pharmaceutical Supplies

Pharmaceutical Supplies

From Essential Over-the-counter Medicines to POM Supplies for Pharmacies, Hospitals, and Ambulances

Order all your pharmaceutical products from the same source, saving time, hassle, and money. Steroplast stocks everything from GLS products to P-Meds and POM supplies.

Over-the-counter and off-the-shelf essentials for shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, and other retailers. We stock all the most common medicines, including paracetamol, ibuprofen, antiseptics, antihistamines, and more.

We carry a range of popular P-Meds for pharmacy stockists who hold pharmaceutical licenses. Treat a range of common ailments from allergic reactions to angina and a range of aches and pains.

We’re licensed to sell restricted POM products for use under medical supervision on a prescription-only with a quick turnaround on security checks, dispatch, and delivery.

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The MHRA Fully Licenses Us To Sell Restricted Pharmaceuticals

Steroplast stocks medical pharmaceutical supplies in three categories, from general sales lines, considered safe for use without a prescription to pharmacy medicines restricted for sale under the supervision of a trained pharmacist.

We also stock a wide range of prescription-only medicines that can only be administered under trained supervision and regularly work with hospital, care, and emergency sector supply chains to offer these exclusive products.

We Guarantee Quality Assurance and Security Screening

Our high quality and safety standards extend to everyone who has access to our products, and it’s paramount that we uphold this responsibility to our clients. We only sell POM items to those who hold valid wholesale dealers licenses or on receipt of a POW authorisation form signed by a doctor, registered nurse authorised by the company’s doctor or a registered paramedic.

We always verify with the relevant competent authority website to ensure our customers are still validated to receive medical supplies and pharmaceuticals:

  • Pharmacy - General Pharmaceutical Council
  • Hospital - The Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  • Healthcare Professional - Nurse - Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • Healthcare Professional - Doctor - General Medical Council (GMC)
  • Healthcare Professional - Dentist - General Dental Council (GDC)

Our team aims to confirm applications swiftly. Thanks to the pharmaceutical supplies wholesale stocks in our warehouse based in Sharston, we can dispatch most POM orders in line with our usual fast delivery schedule. Anything we do not hold in stock is promptly obtained.

The highly efficient service we offer makes Steroplast a productive part of the pharmaceutical supply chain and we regularly work with pharmaceutical supply chain companies to equip hospitals, dentists, doctors, pharmacists, labs, and care facilities with wholesale pharmaceutical supplies at competitive rates. If you’re searching for ‘pharmaceutical supplies near me’, we can help. We deliver throughout the UK and even overseas from our online pharmaceutical supply shop.

We Work Across Eight Sectors

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First aid kits made to the highest British Standards for compliance in the workplace and complete safety at home and when travelling. 

Essential equipment and supplies for emergency services including life-saving equipment, diagnostics, injection and infusion equipment, and POM medicines. 

Exam room furniture, ward furniture, cleaning supplies, medical devices, and other essentials for hospital facilities. 

Pharmaceuticals for businesses from supermarkets to pharmacists, to restricted items only for administration by trained professionals. We’re licensed to sell a wide range.

Essentials and medical tools and equipment for health, beauty, and aesthetics clients that help uphold standards of excellence and hygiene.

We supply the veterinary industry every day, from disinfectants to disposable gloves and a wide range of dressings and bandages.

Sports first aid kits, injury rehabilitation equipment, hygiene disposables, and more for sports communities throughout the UK. 

A range of popular dressings, bandages, and plasters, sold as stock, ready to go on the shelf to our wholesale and retail clients. 

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British Standards

Each of our products passes stringent British Standards, so we can be assured it is safe to sell to consumers in the UK. All our products bear the CE mark to demonstrate this.


Approved by the Medical Device Directive

We work to EU standards to ensure our products meet all regulatory requirements of BS EN ISO 13485:2016 specifications.


An Intelligent Product List

Our pharmaceuticals product catalogue is professionally compiled to offer items in high demand and popular products sold and used in pharmacies and healthcare retailers.


SEDEX Members

We’re members of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX), constantly looking for opportunities for improvement within our ethical supply chains.

Pharmaceuticals FAQs

Steroplast Healthcare is licensed by MHRA to sell pharmacy items and prescription medicines to authorised companies. This means we can supply POM (Prescription Only Medicines) to holders of a valid wholesale dealers license, or on receipt of a POM Authorisation Form signed by a Doctor, registered Nurse (authorised by a Doctor), or a registered Paramedic. PHA (Pharmacy Medicines) are restricted under the supervision of a Pharmacist, and GSL (General Sales List) products are available for general sale.

We’re currently supplying products into business sectors that include dentists, opticians, care homes, GP surgeries, medical centres, schools, nurseries, universities, airlines, offshore, commercial shipping, podiatry, beauty treatments, TV and film and events. We also supply to a selection of niche areas that use or sell medical equipment, disposables and infection control products.

We Work with Distributors

Pharmaceutical supplies UK businesses trust. Distributors take full advantage of our benefits to maximise sales and build reputations of respect and confidence in the healthcare industry.


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Products approved by NHS trusts and professionals



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Professional training for your sales team to get the most out of your stock


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Access to a customised branded digital catalogue


Own Branding

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