Burnshield - Frequently Asked Questions

Burnshield - Frequently Asked Questions
10 August 2022

Burnshield - Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment of all burns is time-critical, with the risk of increased damage to the skin and lower tissue if a burn wound is not treated quickly and effectively with the right products. Choosing the best products to treat burn victims can be a matter of life and death. Burncare experts at Burnshield offer a wide range of products designed to effectively treat victims injured by burns or scalds, rapidly cooling burn areas however large or severe. Burnshield has been used by emergency services for over two decades and is also safe to use yourself at home.

This article answers the most common questions about Burnshield products and their effectiveness, so you can decide the best way to treat burns in an emergency.

What is Burnshield Hydrogel?

Burnshield hydrogel is specially formulated for optimal emergency burncare. The easy-to-apply hydrogel spray has a high water content and contains natural tea-tree oil which is naturally anti-microbial and prevents infection. It is available in a 125ml bottle or a smaller pocket-sized 50ml bottle

All Burnshield burncare products, including all Burnshield dressings, contain Burnshield trauma hydrogel which effectively dissipates heat in burn or scald wounds. This cooling effect reduces further skin and tissue damage, aiding pain relief and healing. The hydrogel is viscous when applied and covers an entire burn wound area keeping it hydrated, even after initial application.

What are the Burnshield ingredients?

Burnshield hydrogel ingredients:

  • 1% Melaleuca at. (Tea tree oil), 
  • 96% Purified Water, 
  • 3% Gelling Agent

The hydrogel has a high water content and contains sterile, anti-bacterial tea tree oil and a viscous gelling agent. The gel easily covers a burn area and protects the wound while keeping it hydrated.

Burnshield hydrogel is non-toxic, non-adhesive and non-irritant. It is safe to use on all skin types and suitable to treat burn victims of all ages including children. Burnshield dressings are made up of fibreless elastic foam sheeting soaked in sterile Burnshield hydrogel which covers and conforms to the burn area. These dressings come in a range of shapes and sizes, and are non-adhesive allowing for easy removal and wound assessment.

What can Burnshield be used for?

Burnshield products are safe and effective in treating all burn wounds ranging from 1st-degree to 3rd-degree burns, including facial burns and more minor burn symptoms such as sunburn. The Burnshield burncare range is suitable to be used on burn wounds caused by contact with fire, thermal contact, scalds from liquid or steam, exposure to harmful chemicals, electrical contact, and exposure to radiation.

When applying Burnshield dressings and hydrogel spray together to treat a burn or scald, there are many Burnsheild uses. These include:

  • Pain relief.
  • Reducing the risk of infection.
  • Protecting the wound area from further harm.
  • Heat dissipation lowers the wound temperature and minimises trauma to the tissue.

Using Burnshield products to treat burns and scalds is more effective and practical than treating a burn wound with running water.

How long should a Burnshield dressing stay on for?

Burnshield hydrogel is formulated to continuously cool a burn area for up to 8 hours from initial application so it will depend on the severity of the burn to determine how long to keep burnshield on. It is effective for longer if covered with a Burnshield dressing and regularly rehydrated with Burnshield hydrogel spray

So, how long can you leave burnshield on? Burnshield recommends leaving a burn dressing on for up to 48 hours as long as the burn area is regularly monitored and re-saturated with Burnshield hydrogel spray to prevent the wound from drying out. Depending on the size, depth, and severity of the burn, seek medical advice from a professional.

Sunburn on child's arms

Can you use Burnshield for sunburn?

Yes, even less severe, common burns such as sunburn symptoms are effectively treated with Burnshield products. A Burnshield dressing is likely not necessary, but sunburn damage and discomfort can be minimised by the cooling effects of regular application of Burnshield hydrogel spray.

Is it safe to use Burnshield products together?

All Burnshield burncare products are designed to be used together. Combining Burnshield products such as dressings and hydrogel is safe and often more effective when treating burn wounds, especially if the burn area is large and severe.

The ambulance and fire services have been using Burnshield products to treat burn victims in emergencies for over 20 years due to the product range’s effectiveness and versatility.


What are the best tips on how to use Burnshield?

Burnshield products have been designed for emergency use by anyone and all Burnshield products come with simple instructions on the packaging. 

Wherever possible, a qualified first aider or medical professional should be tending to a patient suffering from a burn or scald. Where this is not possible, follow these simple steps on how to use Burnshield safely:

When treating a burn wound with a Burnshield dressing and Burnshield hydrogel:

  1. Remove any jewellery or clothing from the burn area, including tight or restrictive items.
  2. Do not remove any items firmly stuck to the wound unless they are still hot.
  3. Do not burst any blisters on the burn area or disturb the wound.
  4. Open the foil package containing the Burnshield dressing and remove it.
  5. Apply the dressing to the burn wound, ensuring it fully covers the wound and that the Burnshield hydrogel goes beyond the surface area of the burn.
  6. Secure the dressing in place with a protective bandage.
  7. Continue to soak the dressing area with Burnshield Hydrogel, if available. If the dressing is kept moist, it can remain in place for up to 48 hours.
  8. Seek medical advice depending on the burn’s depth, size, and severity.

If a dressing is not required or available, simply spray Burnshield hydrogel liberally over the burn area regularly to dissipate heat and soothe the wound.

Is Burnshield safe to use at home?

Yes, Burnshield products are safe to use at home as well as by medical professionals and first-responders. However, depending on the severity, depth, and size of the burn seek medical advice from a healthcare professional.

Can Burnshield products expire?

The full range of Burnshield burncare products has a long shelf life of five years from the date of manufacture which is shown on the packaging of each product. Burnshield hydrogel remains stable and safe to use for a minimum of five years showing no harmful degradation over time.

If your Burnshield products are nearing expiry or running low on certain products, you can purchase individual Burnshield items via our website.

Where can I purchase Burnshield Products?

Burnshield products are available for purchase in most large pharmacies, and you can keep your burn kit stocked up easily with Steroplast. We supply a wide range of individual Burnshield items, plus a selection of the best Emergency Burncare Kits, including the Burnshield Responder Kit and the comprehensive Burnshield Emergency Rescue Kit.

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