AED Starter Kit for Defibrillation

AED Starter Kit for Defibrillation

Indoor Defibrillator Cabinet with Alarm

Indoor Defibrillator Cabinet with Alarm

Zoll AED Plus Lay Responder Defibrillator

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Zoll Plus AED Semi Automatic Defibrillator unit that ensures rescuers provide quality CPR to cardiac arrest victims via the unique Real CPR Help feature.

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Key product features: The Zoll AED Plus Semi Automatic Defibrillator with real-time feedback ensures responders follow life-saving CPR and defibrillation procedures throughout a cardiac arrest rescue.

External automated defibrillators are an essential piece of kit to keep on hand in case of a cardiac emergency. Choose the Zoll AED Plus defibrillator for your organisation to ensure users, whether they’re untrained or experienced professionals, have the support they need to maintain correct CPR in conjunction with potentially life-saving defibrillation shocks. 

The Zoll AED Plus Lay Responder is designed to be easy to use with time management and safety built-in. It’s the ideal defibrillator to make a difference in critical moments. 

Quality CPR is a vital aspect of any successful AED rescue, and this is incorporated into the design of the AED Plus. Zoll has equipped the device with unique Real CPR Help technology, which is clinically proven to double the survival rate of cardiac arrest casualties.Real CPR Help provides users with real-time feedback and guidance on chest compressions, ensuring they can deliver high-quality CPR throughout the rescue, helping to combat the challenges posed by inadequate CPR. Zoll AED Plus’ Real CPR Help function provides an adaptive metronome that sounds out the correct rhythm to ensure the compression rate falls between 100-120 beats per minute, as recommended by the UK Resuscitation Council. This Zoll defibrillator also features a compression depth detector and instructs the rescuer to ‘push harder’ if stronger compressions are required. 

Zoll defibrillators will meet all your AED needs. These life-saving devices are high-quality, long-lasting and suitable for anyone to use in time-critical situations where a life is at risk, even without prior first aid knowledge or CPR training. The Zoll Plus AED also features an automatic self-test capability, so you can be sure it’s ready to use at a moment’s notice and is built to withstand harsh environments.

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Why is CPR integral to successful AED use?

It’s common knowledge that a quick AED response can significantly improve the survival rates of a cardiac arrest victim out of the hospital. However, it’s essential that appropriate, consistent CPR compressions and rescue breaths are provided as part of the defibrillation process. Insufficient compression rate and depth are common challenges in CPR. A minimum of 100 compressions per minute are required for adult victims and a minimum depth of 5cm. If compressions are not fast or hard enough, blood and oxygen aren’t adequately circulated around the body, putting the casualty at greater risk. 

The Zoll AED Plus features Real CPR Help to monitor CPR progress and guide any user throughout the rescue process to ensure the best chance of survival and recovery. 

How to Use a Defibrillator

In this informative video, a paramedic guides you through the critical steps of using an automatic defibrillator, providing essential tips and demonstrations for effective emergency response.

Who is the Zoll AED Plus for?

The Zoll Plus AED is a premium quality device that’s suitable for users of all abilities. It would be the ideal defibrillator for:

  • Workplaces
  • Public places
  • Nursing homes
  • Doctors surgeries
  • Schools and universities
  • Leisure and sports facilities
  • Emergency centres and hospitals
  • Ambulances and mobile first aid units

Clear, calm, and confidence-building Zoll AED Plus instructions are a key feature of this defibrillator. The audio and visual prompts that guide rescuers through the process make this the ideal defibrillator for individuals of all levels of training and experience, even complete novices.

Due to its ease of use and durability, the Zoll AED Plus defibrillator is also well-suited to domestic use and can be kept in the homes of patients at risk of cardiac emergencies who want to ensure they’re equipped for any eventuality

The Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator from Steroplast: Key Benefits

The only AED on the market that can see what you're doing during CPR. The Zoll 'Real CPR Help' feature is clinically proven to double the survival rate of cardiac arrest victims.
Recommended by medical professionals and suitable for untrained and trained users.
Zoll is British Heart Foundation’s nominated supplier, and the AED Plus model has been their 'Defibrillator of Choice' since 2010.
The Zoll Plus AED is fully compliant with 2015 AED guidelines from the UK and European Resuscitation Councils and the American Heart Association.
Audio prompts and visual icons complement the Resuscitation Council’s Chain of Survival for cardiac arrest emergencies.
Innovative rescue technology provides real-time feedback on the rate and depth of compressions with a metronome and speaker to support rescuers through accurate CPR and administering shocks.
The graphic user interface displays large, easy-to-understand visual icons illuminated by LEDs to minimise the risk of mistakes.
Easily recognisable AED design ensures the device will not be missed in an emergency.
Features an automatic self-test function that ensures the device is in a constant state of readiness and safe for emergency use. The self-test function is configurable to Daily/Weekly/Monthly for user preference.
The AED unit’s lid can multi-function as a passive airway support for the casualty, meaning it can be placed underneath their head to help raise it, keeping the airway open.
Supplied with the Z-shaped Adult CPR-D-Padz one-piece electrode that is easy to place correctly. The device is also fully compatible with Adult Stat-Padz II electrodes and paediatric Pedi-Padz II electrodes. The AED will automatically detect when paediatric pads are connected and switch to child-safe energy levels.
Hard-wearing design that’s suitable for any environment. The unit can withstand a drop of up to 1.5 metres and has an IP55 rating ensuring it is dust and water-resistant. The device can also withstand conditions like extreme temperature, altitude, vibration, and shock.
The Zoll AED plus battery type is the widely available Duracell123A lithium battery that can be purchased in most supermarkets for ultimate convenience when sourcing replacements.
Smart investment with low total ownership costs and minimal maintenance. The pads and batteries have a 5-year shelf life, with the Zoll pads providing the longest lifespan on the AED market. Longer-lasting accessories require fewer replacements, guaranteeing savings.
Comes with a comprehensive Zoll AED Plus manual.
5-year warranty as standard (seven years with warranty card upon registration with Zoll)
Supplied in a soft carry case for easy transportation and storage.

Each Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator comes complete with:

  • 1x Pack of 10 Duracell 123a lithium batteries (5-year shelflife)
  • 1 x CPR-D-Padz one-piece electrode (adult)
  • 1 x First Responder Kit (with CPR-D-Padz) that contains scissors, disposable gloves, a prep razor, a CPR barrier mask, an absorbent towel and wipes. 
  • 1 x Dual-function passive airway support cover
  • 1 x Zoll AED Plus defibrillator manual
  • 1 x Soft carry case
  • 7 year warranty. (Standard warranty five years, but this is extended to seven years when you register your device with Zoll)

Zoll AED Plus: Technical Details

Adult Shock Energy Level120J/250J/200J
Child Shock Energy Level (when paediatric electrode pads are connected)50J/70J/85J
Battery Capacity (providing AED is stored at the correct optimal temperature conditions of +20℃ and used in temperature conditions of 15-25℃)

225+ shocks at a maximum energy of (200J) or 13hrs of continuous monitoring (with 2 minute CPR periods).
End of battery life is indicated by Red X and audible beep (typically meaning that 9 shocks remain)

IP RatingX55 (high water and dustproof rating)
Dimensions24cm x 13.3cm x 29cm
Weight3.1 kg

Be Prepared with Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator Electrodes

While both the Zoll AED Plus semi-automatic defibrillator and fully automatic defibrillator models come with CPR-D-Padz adult electrodes, other electrode pad products that are also compatible with the Zoll Plus unit to cater for your unique needs.

It’s important to familiarise yourself with the difference between the Zoll AED Plus pads we stock:

  • Adult CPR-D-Padz is a one-piece electrode that is suitable for adult casualties. They are easy to position correctly, and the Z-shape of the electrode supports CPR procedures throughout the rescue.
  • Adult Stat-Padz II are an improvement on the original Stat-Padz electrode from Zoll. This pair of electrodes are fast and easy to use, featuring compression depth and rate sensors to monitor CPR technique.
  • Infant/Child Pedi-Padz II are suitable for patients under eight years or 25kg and come with anatomical diagrams on the packaging to ensure correct placement. 

We also stock the Zoll AED Plus Trainer 2 Unit, which is ideal for AED and CPR training courses. This training unit provides the same audible Zoll AED Plus instructions and prompts as actual Zoll AED, helping trainees feel confident to use the device in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. 

Performing Routine Maintenance and a Zoll AED Plus Battery Check

All AEDs require ongoing care and maintenance to ensure they are functioning correctly, fitted with in-date accessories and rescue ready. The Zoll Plus AED will not function without adequate power, so ensuring you fit it with fully charged batteries it essential. Zoll recommends that you use Duracell123A lithium batteries as your Zoll AED Plus battery power source. These batteries typically last 3-5 years and the AED plus device requires ten batteries. 

A battery check is required as part of your routine AED maintenance, and a full battery reset is required when new batteries have been installed. Follow the steps below to ensure you have replaced the batteries correctly.

  1. Turn the unit over. You will need a flathead screwdriver (or a coin or key). Never use anything sharp to open the device. 
  2. Locate the two slots at the back of the unit, and insert the screwdriver into one slot at a time to release the fastening and remove the cover. 
  3. If your batteries don’t yet need replacing, perform a simple visual check to ensure all the batteries are fitted correctly with the + and - ends in the right positions.  
  4. If your batteries need replacing, make sure that you change all ten batteries at the same time. 
  5. When fitting new batteries, fill the four lefthand-side slots first, then the four right-hand slots, leaving the final two centre slots until last. 
  6. The final two central batteries will close the circuit and turn the unit on. 
  7. A voice prompt will sound, asking you to indicate if new batteries have been inserted. 
  8. Press the green or clear button near the batteries. This is the battery rest button that will indicate to the unit that new, fully charged batteries have been installed. 
  9. Close the cover securely on the back of the unit and turn it over. Your Zoll AED is now rescue ready.

How to Find Your Zoll AED Plus Serial Number Location

The serial number for your Zoll Plus defibrillator can be found printed on the back of the unit, located below the barcode. Zoll AED Plus serial numbers start with (21)X.

Be prepared: Learn How and When to Use an AED

While the Zoll Plus AED is designed to be used by anyone, even without prior training, it can make a huge difference and save time if you understand the basic steps in advance.

The videos and articles below provide helpful guidance on how and when to use an AED in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.



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