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Boxing Hand Wraps | Boxing Straps and Punching Wraps

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Classic hand wraps specifically designed for Boxing, MMA, and fitness training with thumb straps for easy one-handed wrapping and with velcro fastenings. Our wraps are machine washable: use them again and again.

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Designed by professionals to protect your most valuable assets in the ring, sparring, or hitting the bag.

Protect the 27 individual bones in your hands and stay fighting fit in the ring. Your hands and wrists are powerful weapons, but they are also delicate. Injuries could put you out of the fight or even end your boxing career. Prevention is always better than cure in this situation.

Boxing injury professionals designed our hand wraps to give you the ultimate protection without compromising your performance. The wraps are made from breathable cotton, which supports and secures hand and wrist bones and joints. The thumb strap on each wrap is used to hold the end firmly in place, keeping your wraps secure while making it easier to wrap your own hands. Each wrap ends with velcro fastening to hold your wraps tight. 

For boxers, MMA fighters, and all combat sports, protect your most important assets with hand wraps you can rely on made by a leading brand and backed by professionals. Use these wraps along with zinc oxide tape or KO Tape available from our sister brand Sterosport for maximum support.

Complete all your boxing first aid needs with a boxing corner medical kit. Our kit was created on the feedback of combat sports injury rehab professionals and in-depth industry research. Tick health and safety boxes and give your fighter the best protection and treatment when injury or accident strikes for unmatched performance.

For teams, gyms, coaches, and cornermen, we also stock a water bottle with a chin rest top to help you protect against infection and keep your fighters hydrated.

Why choose Steroplast boxing hand wraps?

  • The wraps are made from breathable cotton for maximum comfort and support.
  • A thumb strap and hook/loop closure are incorporated into the end of each wrap to ensure a strong and secure fit and to assist with one-handed wrapping.
  • The wraps are specially designed to protect hands during impact and maintain joint alignment for injury prevention.
  • Each wrap is a generous 177" (4.5 metres) long with protective layering.
  • Wraps are machine washable to save you money.

Boxing First Aid and Protection by Sterosport

Our sister brand, Sterosport, is dedicated to providing first aid and sports injury prevention equipment for players, athletes, and fighters in all sports, not just boxing. We work with sports communities from grassroots to elite teams to understand exactly what you need to reach your sports goals and fight with confidence. 

Find out about the Injury Rehab Network on the website and how you can learn about cutting-edge sports rehab techniques, procedures, and equipment. Our knowledge hub is also full of resources.

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