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Bio Hazard Kit Station

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This Bio Hazard Kit Station ensures bio hazard clean up equipment is located in a convenient location and is easy to see.

This product does not come with a kit

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This Bio Hazard Station keeps your supplies accessible and in view, designed to help clean up potentially highly infectious fluids quickly.

An intuitively designed Bio Hazard Station to make clean up of harmful bio hazards faster and more successful

Make sure your bio hazard equipment can be used in a flash as soon as possible with a Bio Hazard station.

We designed our Bio Hazard Station to:

  • Make your kit easy to see

  • Make your kit easy to access

  • Keep the kit in good condition for longer

Benefits of the Steroplast Bio Hazard Station


The station is designed with visibility and clarity in mind making the Bio Hazard kit easy to spot or find and easy to access. The size of the plaque is 75cm x 50cm.


The large wall plaque helps to encourage your team to keep bio hazard provisions in one place—vital for reducing exposure to harmful bio hazards. Strong brackets hold your kit in place, front-facing so that they can be easily grabbed and removed from the wall.


Includes clear step-by-step bio hazard kit instructions printed directly above the kit, with illustrations and clear type to help convey directions under pressure.

Do you need a Bio Hazard Station?

Any business can improve its safety precautions and protect its staff with a Bio Hazards Station. In particular, we recommend installing a Bio Hazard Kit on high-risk premises, such as:

  • Schools
  • Transport hubs
  • Sports grounds
  • Hospitals and labs
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Manufacturing plants and waste management facilities

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Our first aid stations are fully customisable

Are there specific kits that you require in your workplace? Our first aid stations are customisable. We can even print your company branding on the station plaque. Fill out the form below to let us know which kit combination you would like on a first aid station, and we will get back in touch.

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