Blizzard Survival

Hypothermia can set in within minutes and can kill within hours. Protect yourself by preventing your body temperature from dropping below 32°C in extreme conditions.

Prevent the onset of shock and hypothermia with confidence with our specialist blizzard survival supplies. Our range includes the Blizzard 3 Layer Survival Bag, a full-sized, high-performance, insulating survival blanket that's made from Reflexcell, which prevents heat loss better than any other emergency blanket on the market.

To keep a vulnerable, stranded casualty warm in freezing conditions, preventing the onset of hypothermia, we stock the EMS Blizzard Blanket, used by emergency services worldwide for its reliability and effectiveness in extreme situations, and the revolutionary Two-Layer Compact Trauma Blizzard Blanket.

Blizzard Survival

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Blizzard Survival

Our range of blizzard blankets and survival jackets are relied on in extreme weather conditions, protecting casualties from the cold, retaining precious body heat and helping to preserve life in harsh environments. Protect yourself and others with Blizzard jackets and survival blankets made with unique Reflexcell™ technology designed to keep you warm no matter where you are.

Blizzard 2 Layer Active Range Survival Jacket

A compact, versatile blizzard survival jacket featuring Reflexcell™ technology for unparalleled warmth and waterproof, windproof protection. Ideal for emergency and outdoor use.

Fully waterproof and windproof
Compact, lightweight and easy to carry (weighs just 230g)
Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, emergency responders and rescue teams
Reflexcell™ hood provides enhanced head insulation and protection in harsh conditions
Clear plastic sleeves protect the wearer from wind and rain while ensuring full arm mobility

Blizzard Blanket - EMS Blanket

A blizzard survival blanket relied on by emergency services worldwide. Ideal for treating trauma victims and preventing hypothermia in critical situations, this blanket features innovative Reflexcell™ technology, providing exceptional thermal protection and durability for emergency and outdoor use.

Designed and widely utilised by emergency services globally
Crafted from ultra-light, two-layer Reflexcell™ for maximum efficiency and durability
Includes self-adhesive tape for a secure, snug fit around the body
Provides 5 Tog warmth, providing unrivalled thermal quality for superior protection
An effective tool in both the prevention and treatment of hypothermia
Fully waterproof and windproof, ensuring complete protection against harsh elements

2 Layer Compact Trauma Blanket

A compact, lightweight, and easy-to-store two-layer Blizzard Trauma Blanket that offers unmatched thermal protection for emergency and outdoor use.

Durable and fully reusable
Completely waterproof and windproof
A highly effective tool in both preventing and treating hypothermia
Compact and easy to store in a rucksack, car, or for on-the-go situations
Crafted from ultra-lightweight 2-layer Reflexcell™ for maximum warmth retention
Includes self-adhesive tape for secure and easy wrapping around the body.

Blizzard 3 Layer Survival Bag

Highly effective and versatile Blizzard 3-Layer Survival Bag, offering unparalleled thermal protection. Completely wrap a casualty in this protective Reflexcell™ bag to protect against hypothermia in extreme conditions.

Learn how to use the Blizzard Survival Bag in our video demo.

Superior insulation with three layers of Reflexcell technology, ensuring maximum warmth
Compatible with CT scans and X-rays, facilitating medical examinations without removal
Features a resealable closure for convenient access and flexibility in use
Completely waterproof and windproof, shielding the user from harsh conditions

Why choose Reflexcell™ Blizzard Survival products?

Our entire range of blizzard survival blankets, bags and jackets is made with a unique, industry-leading material, Reflexcell™, which delivers the most effective heat retention on the market.

This lightweight, compact, multi-layered material has been specially developed to trap and retain the wearer's body heat between layers of the material's cells and elastic which hugs close to the wearer's body, keeping the warmth close. Refexcell™'s metallic outer layer helps to reflect heat back onto the wearer, preserving as much heat as possible.

Reflexcell™'s unique design has been proven to be 400% more effective at retaining heat than synthetic materials and 150% more effective than down-insulated garments, making it the ideal material for blizzard survival and emergency response.

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Make sure you’re emergency-ready with Steroplast

Preparing for the worst is essential, whether it’s a flood, fire, terror attack or some other emergency. Keeping blizzard survival equipment with your emergency supplies is a practical solution that you won’t regret if you end up stranded out in the cold. 

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Hypothermia can kill within seconds. That’s why the emergency services, military, search and rescue teams, committed hikers, climbers and anyone who spends extensive amounts of time in extreme weather conditions source their blizzard survival gear from trusted suppliers like Steroplast.

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