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Sterowash Eyecare Kits

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A compact eyecare first aid kit for fast effective treatment of eye injuries and cleaning of wounds. Essential eyecare supplies are protected in a robust carry case that can be wall-mounted.

Product Name Qty
Sterowash Kit 2: Eyecare - Medium (SKU: 9114)
£19.14 £15.95
Sterowash Kit 1: Eye and Wound Care - Large (SKU: 9115)
£20.34 £16.95
Sterowash Kit 3: Eyecare - Large (SKU: 9116)
£20.34 £16.95

Eye or wound contamination can lead to infection and prolong the healing process. Clean wounds and perform eyewashes hygienically with an eyewash kit. 

The Sterowash eyewash first aid kit contains everything needed to flush the eye of dangerous contaminants or chemicals in an emergency. Containing a minimum of 1L sterile normal saline (0.9% w/v) in 500ml bottles, it complies with HSE health and safety first aid regulations for businesses. 

The 2-in-1 Sterowash sterile solution can also be used to clean wounds prior to dressing them, helping to dislodge dirt or foreign bodies and minimise damage to the trauma area. The gentle saline solution is kind to the skin and promotes hygienic wound cleaning and natural healing. Convenient Sterowash pods mean small or hard to reach wounds can be cleaned with precision. 

Sterowash Eyecare Kit Benefits and Features

  • Each eyewash kit comes in a durable, waterproof, clear polypropylene box that protects the supplies inside from being damaged or getting dirty.
  • The box is lightweight and easy to carry to other parts of the premises, making transportation of first aid items quick and painless under duress.
  • The box is clearly labelled and can be wall-mounted, making it easy to find dressings and eyewash in an emergency.
  • Pre-drilled holes make wall installation easy.
  • The kit includes a shatterproof mirror, helpful for self-administering an eyewash.
  • The kit includes two sterile eye pads for dressing an injured eye or eyes. 
  • The eye first aid kit includes Sterowash solution in 500ml bottles with easy-twist caps that are straightforward to use. 
  • The kit includes Sterowash solution in 20ml pods with twist-tops that are easy and convenient to use.
  • Choose from either medium or large eyecare kits or an eye and wound first aid kit with eyewash, each with tailored contents.

Who needs an eyecare kit?

Worksites that deal with chemicals, heat sources, and machinery almost always require the presence of eyecare first aid supplies. Make sure you’re covered with an eyecare kit.

From offices to waste management sites, all businesses have a ‘duty of care’ to supply first aid provisions that mitigate the risks of hazards present on the premises. If your workforce is at risk of an eye injury, you must give them access to eyecare first aid.

Eyecare kits are a handy option for businesses that want a grab-and-go first aid kit that can be quickly transported to other areas of the premises. This kit is also a great choice where first aid supplies need to be protected from the elements. 

What's in the Sterowash Eyecare Kit?

We offer three different emergency eyewash kits & supplies tailored to different types of businesses.

ContentsEye and wound care Kit 1Eyecare Kit 2Eyecare Kit 3Target Area
500ml Sterowash bottle223Eye
20ml Sterowash pods10-5Eye & Wound
Eyepad dressings222Eye
Shatterproof mirror11--

More information:


  • Sterowash Eyewash 500ml Bottles
  • Sterowash Eyewash 20ml pods
  • Eye pad dressings
  • Shatter-proof mirror

Dimensions: 28cm x 10cm x 29cm

Sterowash Eyewash 500ml Bottle shelf life: four years

Sterowash Eyewash 20ml Pod shelf life: three years

More Information
Associated SKUs 9114 9115 9116
Subcategory Eyecare
Brand Sterowash
Type of Product Eyewash Stations

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