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Premier Emergency Steroburn Burncare Kit | First Aid for Burns

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A burns first aid kit complete with everything required to treat burns in the workplace or at home effectively. Our first aid kit for burns and scalds is put together under the guidance of first aid experts.


Burns happen in seconds. React fast with a workplace burn first aid kit.

According to Burn Foundation, the catering industry reports over 12,000 cases of burns every year. A burn injury can occur in a flash—a splash of oil, a spill of boiling water, or even opening an oven too quickly can lead to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-degree burns. When an accident happens, you need to treat the burn fast. Cooling the area as soon as possible will help slow cell damage.

Running a burn under cool, clean water is the first step, but you’ll need a suitable dressing to protect the burn and continue the healing process immediately after. Ensure you’ve got a burncare first aid kit to treat a burn with all the necessary equipment. Our kit includes Burnshield Hydrogel, a substance that accelerates the healing process.

Learn about how to treat burn injuries so you’re prepared at the critical moment and can react fast.

Why choose the Steroburn Burncare Kit?

  • The burn dressing first aid kit comes in a robust, durable polypropylene ‘premier box’ to keep the contents safe from water or being crushed.
  • The first aid burns kit can be installed in our workplace first aid kit station with any other Steroplast premiere box first aid kit, depending on your needs.
  • The first aid kit for burns is coloured red for easy identification from a distance or in a busy environment.
  • The kit contains premium first aid kit burn gel from leading brand Burnshield which uses a unique hydrogel formula that covers the burn area, cooling it, soothing it, and creating a hydrating protective layer. This is the ideal burn gel first aid kit for cooling and dressing burns.
  • These burns first aid kits contain ampoules of sterile saline solution that can be used to clean eyes or wounds.
  • The Box dimensions are 28cm x 10cm x 29cm meaning this kit doesn’t take up much space and can be installed or stored in areas with reduced spacial capacity.

Who needs a burncare kit?

Burn first aid is required if your first aid risk assessment determines that your workforce is exposed to flames, hot liquids, and hot machinery. If you run a commercial kitchen, warehouse, or waste management facility, you’re almost guaranteed to require a burn first aid kit. This means you’re legally obliged, and not providing the right equipment could lead to a fine or prosecution. Order your kitchen burns first aid kit here to protect your staff and your business.

Burns can also occur due to exposure to corrosive chemicals, radiation, friction, electricity, and the sun. So, burncare kits, sometimes called chemical burn first aid kits, are usually necessary for environments like labs, manufacturing facilities, and beauty and aesthetics clinics.

Where there’s a heightened risk of burns, there’s usually a heightened risk of eye injury. We recommend businesses that need burncare kits also install our Sterowash Eyecare Kit. This can be installed together with your burncare kit on our First Aid Kit Station for easy identification and access. We can customise your station with instructions on using your kits and even put your branding on it.

Read up on what to do if someone suffers an eye injury in our blog:

You can be exposed to the risk of burns at school, at work, and even at home. Order a burns first aid kit here to keep your business fully compliant with all UK health and safety requirements and ensure you’re prepared to protect yourself and those around you.

First Aid From a Leading Brand

We’re first aid experts and offer a wide range of first aid kits to help individuals and businesses be more prepared for emergencies. Our range includes British Standard certified first aid kits as well as simpler first aid kits for common accidents and injuries.

Browse our first aid kits or get in touch with us. Our consultants can advise on what you need at home, out and about, or in your workplace.

Steroburn Burns First Aid Kit List of Contents

Contents1-10 Person Kit11-20 Person Kit
Burnshield burn dressings 20cm x 20cm01
Burnshield burn dressings 10cm x 10cm22
Burnshield burn blott sachets612
Sterowash 20ml eyewash pods55
Steroply 7.5cm x 4m22
Nitrile gloves (pair)22
Microporous tape 2.5cm x 5m11
Tuff cut scissors11
Burnshield digit dressing 2.5cm x 50cm11

Learn about the contents of this first aid burn kit and how to use each item in our blog What Should be in a Burns First Aid Kit?

Whether you’re looking for a minor burns first aid kit, a first aid kit for 1st-degree burns, or a burn treatment first aid kit for more severe, 3rd-degree burns, we’ve got you covered with this kit.

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