Veterinary Medical Supplies

Veterinary Medical Supplies

Veterinary Medical Supplies

Veterinary Medical Supplies

Find some of the best online vet supplies with Steroplast. We focus on practicality, quality, reliability, and affordability in everything we offer so that you can deliver the best care and medical attention to any furry (or hairy, scaly, or feathery) friend. We offer:

Keep the examination room clean and deal with inevitable daily biohazards—stock up on disinfectant packs and wipes, aprons, biohazard spill kits, and sharps bins.

Treat long and short term injuries with our comprehensive range of dressings and wound care supplies, including eyewash kits, adhesive dressings, and sterile gauze swabs.

Supplies you reach for every day in the clinic, from nitrile gloves and cotton wool swabs to digital probe thermometers and a vet first aid kit for home visits.

Adhesive and non-adhesive tapes and bandages for treating different types of injured animals. Find elastic cohesive bandage, conforming bandage, undercast padding, zinc oxide tape, and more here.

Veterinary Supplies UK Customers Trust

Veterinary Equipment and Supplies for Professionals 

Steroplast is the best-kept secret of the veterinary community, offering vet supplies UK animal care professionals and pet owners have chosen for over 20 years. Our experience working closely with veterinary supply distributors and clinics means we always have an ear to the ground for how to improve our range of vet medical supplies to support the animal care community.

For over 20 years, Steroplast has supported vets and animal care professionals with vet clinic supplies of the highest quality. We are a number one choice for veterinary technician supplies, including no-fuss digital probe thermometers and vet nurse and student supplies like clinic essentials, PPE, and sterilisation equipment

For Veterinary Surgeons, We Stock a Range of Veterinary Surgical Supplies

These veterinary surgery supplies, like medical scissors in different blunt and sharp styles, nitrile gloves for surgery, and gauze swabs, are used in vet clinics and hospitals throughout the UK and internationally by our loyal vet clients.

If you’re looking for veterinary supply manufacturers that listen to your needs, you’re in the right place. We set ourselves apart from other veterinary supply companies by delivering a highly tailored range, curated through feedback from real vets about their needs in practice.


We Work Across Eight Sectors

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First aid kits for complete workplace health and safety compliance, Personal, travel, childcare, and animal first aid kits for preparedness.

We’re here with reliable equipment and supplies of the highest quality for emergency response teams of all kinds.

Cleaning supplies, ward and exam room furniture, medical devices and tools, find everything you need for the hospital supply chain here. 

From general sales lines to pharmacy lines and POM products. We’re licensed to sell medicines in a wide range. 

We're the go-to supplier of hygiene disposables for beauty salons, tattoo and piercing shops, spas, aesthetics clinics, and other beauty industry businesses.

Find infection control products, PPE, bandages, dressings, and more for the animal care industry here. We work with vet clinics of all kinds. 

We support for sports community from grassroots and junior levels up to elite teams and specialist sports injury therapists. Find everything you need with us. 

Order waterproof, clear, blue, and fabric plasters here as well as blister pads and a range of other popular everyday items, all ready to stock your shelves. 

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British Standards

Every product exceeds the stringent British Standards certification required throughout healthcare to be sold on the UK market.


Built on Feedback from Vets

We constantly look for ways to improve our products and range on the feedback of real vets and animal care professionals.


25+ Years Experience

We’ve been developing premium healthcare supplies for over 25 years. We’re a leading UK brand in first aid, healthcare, and medicine.


100% Satisfaction Rate

We're so confident in the products we offer, we guarantee you’ll love every purchase you make. If you don’t we’ll give you your money back.

Not a Vet? Pet First Aid Supplies for the Animal Care Community

You don’t have to be an animal care professional to be prepared for an emergency. If you’re a pet owner, you must be ready for an emergency with animal first aid supplies. You’ll thank yourself in the critical moment, and so will your pet.

We offer veterinary supplies for dogs, cats, small animals and other pets that are designed for people with no training to use in an emergency. 

Steropaws Animal First Aid Kit

A first aid kit like the Steropaws Animal First Aid Kit should be found in every pet-owning household.

The kit includes all the basic essential veterinary pet supplies you need in an emergency to remove foreign objects from wounds and dress them, as well as PPE and a resuscitation aid. Consult our pet first aid kit checklist to find out what else you might want to have to hand.


EAB Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Reverse wound EAB

Steroplast Elasticated Adhesive Bandages should be used with Steroban-U Underwrap to prevent the adhesive from sticking to the animals fur, avoiding painful removal.


Our Knowledge Base for Veterinary Clinics

Blog: How to safely clean your dog's eyes

It’s not uncommon for man’s best friend to experience eye issues, with breeds such as pugs, bulldogs and Great Danes being more prone to them. We have created this guide so that you know how to clean your dog’s eyes safely with our Sterowash eye and wound wash.

Blog: A Guide to Veterinary Cleaning Products

Cleaning protocols in a veterinary practice must be strictly followed by all members of staff in order to break the cycle of infection and neutralise the possibility of cross-contamination in all areas of the practice.

Blog: A veterinary clinic cleaning protocol: What to consider

With the number of people and animals that pass through veterinary clinics daily, it is all too easy for germs and infections to spread. We have created this guide so that if you work in a veterinary clinic, you know what a cleaning protocol is and what to consider when creating one.

Become a Partner with Steroplast

We are different from other veterinary medical supply companies; our goal is broader than simply offering you somewhere to buy vet supplies. Our mission is to help everyone in the healthcare community to provide the best medical care possible to treat and prevent injury and support people on their roads to recovery. We know that animals deserve this level of care too. 

If you run an animal care business, becoming a partner with Steroplast means having us on your team to ensure you’ve got the equipment you need and are always in good supply. One of our consultants will arrange a discussion to determine what you need and how regularly vet supply stock will need replacing (we’ll notify you when it does). If you are situated in the North West, we might also come in to help us with our evaluation. If you’re not in the North West, that’s no problem; we deliver vet supplies UK-wide.

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Become a Trusted Vet Supplies Distributor

We support veterinary supply distributors in building up their brand reputation within the veterinary community.

If you’re a vet supply distributor, look no further. We work with leading distributors to vet supply stores and clinics throughout the UK to offer affordable wholesale products endorsed by medically qualified bodies like the NHS. Not only will we guarantee to replenish your stock in as little as 24 hours, but we’ll also take an active role in helping you grow your business. Become a distributor to source vet supplies from us; there are so many benefits.


Professional Photography

Access to 1,000’s high-quality product photos for promotional material


Approved by Vets

Use products approved by vets and medical professionals throughout the UK



Risk-free purchasing with a refund if you’re not satisfied


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We explain the benefits of our products to your sales team


Distributor Discounts

Access to special offers and volume-related discounts as a member of our distributors' club


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Access to an electronic catalogue of products with your branding


Own Branding

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Professional Advice

How to make the most of exhibitions and social media


HSE Guidance

We keep you updated on British Standards and regulations to help you support your customers


Dropship to your customers

Dropshipping our products directly to your customers when you order vet supplies online

Veterinary FAQs

We provide a range of products in the veterinary sector, which include eye and wound wash, conforming, cohesive and adhesive bandages, wound dressings and microporous and adhesive tape.

This product must be used with the Steroban-U Underwrap beneath the adhesive tape as the adhesive will stick to the animal’s fur and be painful to remove. Alternatively, our Steroban Cohesive bandage can be used, that sticks to itself but not the skin.

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