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The Steroplast brand provides you with sports tapes and strappings that ensure treatment is quick, effective and economical

With so much choice when it comes to tapes and strappings, Steroplast sets itself apart by manufacturing the most reliable sports injury products available, made from superior, tried and tested specialist materials, and coated with medical grade “high-tac” adhesives, with an ease of unwind for controlled application.

Through our extensive manufacturing expertise gained over 20 plus years, and our close work with professional club physios, we have achieved a far more reliable range of tapes and strappings. Our aim is to give you a product that ensures treatment is quick, effective and economical.

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Whatever your sport, we think you’ll be impressed by the Steroplast brand, our service, and our willingness to help!

If you’re new to Steroplast’s sports range, and want to try it out for yourself, we’d like to encourage you with a FREE sample pack of tapes, a try-before-you-buy tester pack.

The brand new Sports First Aid kit that meets NGB guidelines, packed full of all the essentials needed for sport injuries

The new Sports First Aid kit from Steroplast meets National Governing Body guidelines, making it the perfect choice for your sports clubs and teams.

To find out more, simply call us on 0161 902 3030, or email enquiries@steroplast.co.uk

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  • PhysioWrap SPORT
  • KO Tape - Boxing Tape
  • Sports First Aid Bag
  • Boxing Wraps
  • Cotton Wool - Nasal Plugs
  • Medium Sports First Aid Kit

As a long established family business, we’re proud that Steroplast is recognised as the brand leader and associated with the very best quality. All our products go through a series of quality inspections, and carry the essential “CE” mark - your guarantee that each and every product exceeds the stringent quality standards required in the healthcare sector. Pease contact us now to find out how we can help you. It couldn’t be easier - write or send us an email, fax us or just call.

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