40 Piece First Aid Kit | Small Fold-Up Kit for Home/Travel

40 Piece First Aid Kit | Small Fold-Up Kit for Home/Travel

HSE First Aid Kit | 1-5 Person Kit | Bag

HSE First Aid Kit | 1-5 Person Kit | Bag

70 Piece First Aid Kit | Large Home Medical Kit

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The best home first aid kit, with 70 items chosen by experts, to help you give first aid in all common accidents and emergencies. Protect yourself and those around you with the right supplies.

This kit works well as a small personal first aid kit for individual use or to look after your whole family. Its compact size make it ideal for storing at home, are packing in your bag for when you are travelling.  View 40 Piece Kit >>

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The best home first aid kit on the market. Trust a UK leader in first aid.

The home is the number one place where injuries occur in the UK, with an estimated annual number of 2.7 million people requiring professional medical attention after an accident. Keeping a first aid kit at home means treating an injury quickly, reducing the damage caused, accelerating recovery time, and even saving the casualty from a trip to the hospital altogether.

Our first aid kit for home use includes PPE and wound cleaning supplies, high-quality dressings, bandages, plasters, and other essentials like an instant ice pack and a foil blanket. The first aid kit for home is designed for untrained people to use, so no matter how much experience you have with giving first aid, you can still administer effective treatment.

This is the ideal family first aid kit to protect you and the ones you love. Order the best family first aid kit UK consumers can depend on here.

Why choose a Steroplast 70-piece kit?

First aid experts selected the items in the first aid home kit to provide a combination of supplies ideal for treating common injuries.
Supplies in the kit are high quality and tested to meet safety requirements for UK consumers.
The home first aid kit supplies are the same products used in NHS hospitals, GP surgeries, and emergency services in the UK.
The first aid kit items for home come in a tough, nylon roll-up bag featuring multiple compartments, each secured with a zipper to keep the contents protected and organised.
Each compartment in the bag is see-through to help you access the contents more quickly and easily.
The kit is coloured green for quick and easy identification.

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We supply a wide range of first-aid essentials to retail clients in supermarkets, high-street pharmacies & smaller independent outlets. Visit our Retail Wholesale page to see our full range of premium medical supplies, packaged and ready for point of sale:

Are you looking for more

 Retail Wholesale Supplies? 

We supply a wide range of first-aid essentials to retail clients in supermarkets, high-street pharmacies & smaller independent outlets. Visit our Retail Wholesale page to see our full range of premium medical supplies, packaged and ready for point of sale:

Who needs this 70-piece first aid kit?

 Competitively priced, this medium first aid kit will provide treatment for multiple injuries, making it the ideal first aid kit for a large group or family. Ensure you’ve always got lots of first aid supplies with our 70-piece first aid kit.

House Storage

Store it at home

Our medium size first aid kit is easy to store anywhere in the home: on top of a cupboard, under the bed, in the bathroom cabinet, under the stairs, in the bottom of a drawer; there are so many places. Once you’ve stored your basic home first aid kit, you’ll almost forget it’s there until you need it. It’s a small investment with a life-changing payoff.

Ideal for individuals or large groups

This is the kit we recommend for families, housemates, couples, individuals living alone, and anyone who needs to ensure they’re prepared at home. If you’re a landlord or Airbnb owner, this is the best home first aid kit to supply in your properties to give your guests or tenants that extra level of protection that shows you’re professional and responsible. It also makes a great home office first aid kit.

Group of Friends Having a Picnic
Woman Packing her Suitcase

Perfect for taking with you on the go

The first aid kit home essentials come in a bag with a handy handle. If you're going on holiday or travelling, pop it in your car to take it to your destination. If you're trying to save space, we also offer a smaller 40-piece first aid kit that takes up even less space in your luggage.

If you’re a business owner seeking a first aid kit for your business, this might not be the best option for you. See our Workplace First Aid Kits for complete health and safety coverage in line with HSE and British Standards.

What's in the Steroplast 70-Piece First Aid Kit?

Here’s a breakdown of the 70-piece at-home first aid kit list. Find out how to use your first aid kit in our blog Keeping a First Aid Kit at Home: Everything You Need to Know.

Pair of Scissors1

Used for cutting tape, bandages, clothing, etc.

Conforming Bandage 5cm x 4m2

Used to hold dressings in place and provide support to injured areas

Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 4m2

Like the smaller bandage, this is used for securing dressings and offering support, but is suitable for larger wounds or body parts

Microporous Tape 2.5cm x 5m1

Used to hold dressings or bandages in place. Its porous nature allows the skin to breathe

Non-Woven Triangular Bandage2

Multi-purpose bandage, often used for slings or wrapping large injuries

Steropad Low Adherent Sterile Pads2

Used to cover minor wounds to promote healing and infection. Low adherence means it won't stick to the wound itself

Steropore Wound Dressing Sterile2

These are adhesive dressings used for covering larger wounds to aid in healing and prevent infection

Sterile Saline Wipes8

Used to clean and disinfect wounds or surrounding skin

Washproof Sterile Plasters30

These waterproof plasters protect small cuts or wounds from dirt and moisture, aiding in the healing process

Pair of Medium Gloves2

Used to protect both the first aider and the injured person from the risk of infection during treatment

Safety Pins12

Often used to secure bandages or slings without sticking to the skin or clothing

Instant Ice Pack2

Used to reduce swelling or pain in injuries. It's instant as you just squeeze the pack the activate it

Steropax Eyepad - Sterile2

Used to cover and protect an injured eye from further damage and infection


Used for removing splinters, shards, or other foreign objects from a wound

Foil First Aid Blanket - 140cm x 204cm1

Used to retain body heat in situations of shock or hypothermia

When to seek medical assistance

While a first aid kit can provide immediate and temporary relief for minor injuries, you should seek immediate medical attention if:

  • The person is unconscious or appears seriously ill.
  • There is heavy bleeding or a large, deep wound.
  • There is a suspected broken bone.
  • The person has difficulty breathing.
  • The person has been poisoned or exposed to harmful chemicals.
  • There are symptoms of a severe allergic reaction
  • The person has a high fever with a severe headache, neck stiffness, vomiting, or rashes.
  • The person has chest pain or pressure.

This is a Steroplast Branded Product

From our own range of premium quality medical supplies, manufactured with over 25 years experience.

Where To Use

This compact and comprehensive first aid kit is designed for use in various locations and scenarios:

At Home

Treat minor injuries and accidents that happen in the home.

While Travelling

Compact and light, it is ideal to bring along during travels, whether you're exploring the city or holidaying in the countryside.

In the Workplace

Although not comprehensive enough for large workplaces, it's perfect for personal use or in a small office environment.

Outdoor Activities

Use this kit while camping, hiking, or participating in outdoor sports to treat minor injuries on the spot.

70 Piece First Aid Kit Contents

Product Specifications Table


Soft, durable nylon

Closure Mechanism

Velcro fastening

Compartment Closure

Zip secured


70 items



Bag dimensions 

24 x 15 x 10cm

About Steroplast, The First Aid Experts

Steroplast has been supplying the emergency services and healthcare industry with first aid equipment for over 25 years. During that time, we’ve gained the trust of the NHS, British Red Cross, St John Ambulance, and numerous other healthcare and medical professional teams.

Our home first aid kits are made to exacting British Standards and approved by the MHRA and the Medical Device Directive. If you care about high-quality first aid that simply won’t let you down, choose Steroplast. Don’t risk using a cheap alternative when someone’s health and life are on the line. Find the best home first aid kit UK customers trust here.

Customers looking for a St John Ambulance home first aid kit or a British Red Cross first aid kit for the home, look no further. We supply both British Red Cross and St John Ambulance with first aid and medium first aid kits so you can find the same product right here.

From the UK, to 57 countries

Export accounts for more than 25% of turnover and continues to grow year-on-year, demonstrating our company’s competitive edge and consistent product quality.

We deliver from the UK, to 57 countries

Export accounts for more than 25% of turnover and continues to grow year-on-year.

Steroplast's First Aid Kit Range

As first aid specialists, Steroplast has a broad range of first aid kits, each with contents tailored to common injuries sustained in particular environments or situations. We design our first aid kits with our customers' feedback and on the advice of industry experts to meet real-world needs.

In addition to our small first aid kits and our larger 70 Piece First Aid Kit, we offer lots of options, including the kits below:

Are you a B2B distributor? Find out more about how we can help you build your business, increase sales, and ensure customers return.

Frequently Asked Questions

This kit is designed for families and groups of people. If you're looking for a smaller, more compact first aid kit, check out our 40 Piece First Aid Kit.

We recommend that everyone takes a basic first aid course to familiarise themselves with how to use the items in the kit properly. In an emergency, seek professional medical assistance.

The expiration dates vary by item, but generally, the contents of the kit should last for several years if left unopened. Always check the expiration dates on individual items before use.

Yes, we offer individual components for sale so you can keep your kit fully stocked at all times.

What's in this kit?

This kit is based on our best-selling HSE First Aid Kit, which was made especially for low-risk businesses to take care of all their first aid needs in one go. The items in this kit are recommended by the Health and Safety Executive to ensure regular businesses without any outstanding risks are covered and compliant with health and safety laws.




First Aid Emergency Leaflet



Vinyl Gloves (pair)


Paper wallet

Washproof plasters


Card wallet

Safety pins (pack)



Triangular bandage


Loose paper wrap

Alcohol-free wipes


Laminate sachet

Wound dressing (large)


Paper packet

Wound dressing (medium)


Paper packet

Wound dressing (eyepad)


Paper packet

You can also order refills for this kit on our website. Keep your kit stocked with low-plastic alternatives at all times.

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