Sports First Aid Kit | Medium Kit in Green Rucksack

Sports First Aid Kit | Medium Kit in Green Rucksack

Physio Sports First Aid Kit | 80 Items | Sports Injury Treatment & Aftercare

Physio Sports First Aid Kit | 80 Items | Sports Injury Treatment & Aftercare

Pitch Side Sports First Aid Kit | 70 Items | Sports Injury Treatment

A compact, essential team sports medical kit in a durable Steroplast bag. Packed with over 70 first aid items for unexpected injuries during matches, tournaments, and practices.

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Pitch Side Sports First Aid Kit
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Footballer receiving first aid

The Essential Pitch Side Sports First Aid Kit

In the dynamic arena of sports, being prepared for immediate injury response is just as critical as prevention. Enter the Steroplast Pitch Side First Aid Kit: a durable, comprehensive emergency response pack designed for the rigours of match day, tournaments, and practice sessions. Containing over 70 vital first aid components, this kit is a testament to readiness and efficiency for first aiders at the frontline of sports injuries.

Crafted from the insights of sports injury professionals, the Pitch Side Kit is not merely a collection of items but a strategic assembly of essentials for dealing with a vast range of urgent care situations. It covers everything from minor scrapes to more pressing injuries, ensuring that your team's first aider is equipped to provide instant care from the sidelines.

We recognise the critical nature of time in sports-related injuries. That's why this kit is designed for those responsible for the immediate welfare of players - the proactive first aiders who are the backbone of sports safety. 

5 Reasons to Choose Steroplast's Pitch Side First Aid Kit

You only need to buy this kit once. Afterwards, simply reorder items you need to keep it filled up. This kit is highly cost-effective, and we’ll assist you in keeping it stocked with all the necessary equipment.
The bag has individual, flexible compartments to keep your first aid items organised and protected.
Several pockets in different shapes and sizes accommodate a wide range of supplies. These pockets are fixed in place with velcro making it easy to remove them to access supplies or refill the bag quickly.
The bag’s durable strap is adjustable, making it easy and comfortable to carry.
The base of the bag is protected from wear and tear as well as water by plaster feet that raise the base off the ground. The bag also has elasticated pockets on each side for water bottles.

Who Uses the Pitch Side Sports Medical First Aid Kit

This all-encompassing Pitch Side First Aid Kit is indispensable for any appointed first aider tasked with the health and safety of athletes. Perfect for addressing the urgent care needs of sports participants, this kit is the go-to resource to tackle sports injuries as they happen.

With over 70 essential items, it meets and exceeds the recommendations of sports injury authorities and adheres to the guidelines of national sports governing bodies. It's the ultimate resource for first aiders seeking a kit that is both comprehensive and easy to manage, featuring customisable options and refillable supplies. It's designed for action, whether it's for a grassroots team or a professional sports club.

Footballer recieivng first aid pitch side

Pitch Side Sports First Aid Kit Contents

Antiseptic cream 15g1

For cleansing and preventing infection in minor wounds

Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 4m2

To support and provide pressure to soft tissue injuries

Non-Woven Triangular Bandage2

To immobiliser limbs or as a sling for shoulder injuries

Eyepad Dressing1

For eye injuries or to shield eyes after contamination

Finger Dressing1

To dress and protect finger wounds

Large Dressing2

For larger wounds to absorb discharge and protect from infection

Medium Dressing2

Suitable for medium-sized cuts or abrasions

EAB - White 5cm x 4.5m1

Elastic adhesive bandage for compression and support

EAB - White 7.5cm x 4.5m1

Wider elastic adhesive bandage for larger areas needing support

Eyewash Pods 20ml5

For irrigating the eyes in case of foreign bodies or chemicals

Foil Blanket1

To preserve body heat and for shock management

Gauze Swabs 5cmPack of 5

For wound cleaning and padding, as well as absorbing blood and exudate

Large Nitrile Gloves5 Pairs

To protect both the first-aider and the patient from cross-contamination

Guest Medical Hand Sanitiser 50ml1

For decontamination of hands before and after treating injuries

Ice Packs2

For cold therapy to reduce swelling and pain

Low Adherent Wound Pads5

For dressing wounds without sticking to the wound site

Washproof Plasters20

For minor cuts and scrapes, providing a waterproof protective layer

Resuscitation Valve - One Way1

For safe mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

6" Paramedic Scissors1

For cutting tape, clothing, bandages without injuring the skin

Adhesive Wound Dressings1 x 4

Adhesive wound dressings for minor cuts and abrasions

Fabric Strapping 2.5cm x 1.5m1

For securing dressings and devices, or providing support to minor strains

Trigger Spray1

For creating a sterile saline solution for wound irrigation or equipment cleansing

Waste Bag1

For safely discarding used first aid materials and maintaining hygiene

Alcohol-Free WipesBag of 10

For cleaning around wounds or sterilising surfaces without alcohol irritation

When to seek medical assistance

  • The injury appears severe or involves suspected fractures or concussions.
  • The injured individual experiences persistent symptoms or signs of distress.
  • There is no improvement in the condition after initial first aid treatment.
  • Always opt for a professional medical evaluation in cases of uncertainty.
  • The kit is for initial response, not a substitute for medical assessment and treatment.
  • Timely medical attention is crucial for effective recovery.

This is a Steroplast Branded Product

From our own range of premium quality medical supplies, manufactured with over 25 years experience.

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Product Specifications

Closure Type

Zip fastening


41cm x 23cm x 11cm

Carrying Mechanism

Adjustable strap with padded support

Base ProtectionReinforced with water-resistant plaster feet
Side PocketsElasticated for water bottles
Contents70 items
Intended UseSports injury treatment

Learn more about the contents of this kit

Complementary Safety Essentials

Alongside our Pitch Side Sports First Aid Kit, we also offer a range of related products including state-of-the-art defibrillators for emergency cardiac events, advanced trauma bleed control products for severe injury management, and a variety of sports first aid kits tailored to meet the specific needs of different athletic disciplines. Each product is designed to integrate seamlessly, ensuring a comprehensive safety net for all sporting and physically demanding activities.

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Injury Rehab Network

Bringing together professionals, students & amateurs in the study of sports injury rehabilitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's specially created for first aiders in sports environments to provide immediate treatment for injuries during matches and practice.

It holds over 70 essential first aid supplies tailored to treat injuries quickly at the pitch side, crucial for any sports team's safety protocol.

Yes, items can be individually reordered to ensure your kit is always complete and match-ready.

Indeed, the kit offers customisation to echo your team's spirit right at the sidelines.

The kit is organised with flexible compartments and accessible pockets, ensuring quick retrieval and restocking of items.

With an adjustable strap and protective base, the kit is designed for ease of transport and durability on any terrain.

It is designed in line with national governing body guidelines, ready for a wide array of sports disciplines.

The kit's compact dimensions do not compromise its comprehensive nature, making it an ideal size for pitch side presence.

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