Eye Bath for 500ml Eyewash Bottle

Eye Bath for 500ml Eyewash Bottle

Sterile Eye Wash Saline Solution — 500ml | Single-Use Chemical Splash Bottle

Sterile Eye Wash Saline Solution — 500ml | Single-Use Chemical Splash Bottle

Dual Drop 2 Eye Wash Chemical Station — 250ml & 500ml |Splash Solution Bottle Kit (Bottles Included)

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Enhance workplace safety with the innovative Dual Drop 2 Eyewash Station, now reduced from £34.95 to just £26.21 (Excl. VAT) - a 25% discount!

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This eyewash station is ideal for any workplace with a high risk of eye contaminants, including particles and liquids. It features a Sterile Single-Use Saline Solution - 500ml and a Sterile Neutral PH Solution - 250ml, ensuring comprehensive eye care in emergencies.

We offer individual bottles, as well as a wall-mounted dual kit station:

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Innovatively designed

  • This wall-mountable station can be kept out of the way while offering easy access.
  • The transparent and dustproof cover ensures the station is easily visible while protecting the bottles from contaminants.
  • Both bottles come equipped with eye caps, which provide a direct flow of eyewash to the eye. They also include instructions, so untrained individuals know how to use them.
  • The mirror ensures the eyewash can be self-administered in case nobody else is around to help.
  • The sturdy plastic of the station ensures durability.
  • Contains a bottle of Sterile Neutral PH solution and a bottle of Sterile Single-Use Saline Solution
  • Dimensions: 320mm (L) x 410mm (H) x 80mm (P).
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