The Definitive Guide to

Advanced Life Support

Trust a leading brand in the hospital and emergency supply chain for classic and next-gen critical care ALS supplies & equipment. 

Steroplast is a recognised brand in emergency and medical industries for keeping hospitals, the military, emergency services, and healthcare facilities in stock of high-spec equipment designed for professional use. We're relied on for everything from diagnostics and immobilisation equipment to injection and surgical instruments.

If you choose a supplier to rely on for critical care equipment, choose one trusted by the UK military, NHS, St John Ambulance & British Red Cross. We already help these organisations save lives with advanced life support equipment. We know what it takes to support vital services and key workers where mistakes can’t be made.

The Definitive Guide to

Advanced Life Support

Trust a leading brand in the hospital and emergency supply chain for classic and next-gen critical care ALS supplies & equipment. 

Why choose Steroplast?

We’re embedded in the supply chain

Over 25 years with our ears to the ground to understand what EMTs, first responders, GPs, nurses, and medical professionals demand from critical care equipment means we know what to deliver. We’re a supplier to emergency services, the military, and numerous healthcare organisations, and we’ve listened to end users to develop our range to meet and anticipate their needs.

We demand quality markers

Our quality assurance mandates our products meet UK and EU standards. We always deliver the high quality expected of products used in high-pressure occupations and situations. We source products for the best field use with endorsement by trusted organisations like the UK military and NHS, and which demonstrate safety and quality compliance.

We’re your partner in rapid response

We’re positioned as your dedicated supplier, acting fast to support you in emergency care and life-support situations. Capabilities like fast shipping turnaround, stock reserves, and restocking and expiry date reminders mean we’ve got your back at all times. We’re ready to be the support you need at a moment's notice, ensuring your operations stay sharp and responsive.

The Steroplast Healthcare Buyers Guide

Simply download your free brochure to find out why you should choose Steroplast as your first aid supplier.

How our ALS customers know we meet their needs

Our medical, emergency, and military customers must adhere to strict quality standards and assurances when choosing advanced life support suppliers. We know what you expect from us because we’ve been working with industry professionals for over 25 years to make sure our product offering meets their demands and expectations. 

It’s our job to effortlessly align with exactly what you need when it comes to critical patient care, where mistakes can’t be made, time can’t be wasted, and there often aren’t second chances.

We fulfill the following quality markers when selecting products for our advanced life support range:

ISO Certification

The International Organisation for Standards is one of the most recognised agencies in setting quality management standards. Where relevant, we always supply tools, supplies, and equipment that meet ISO standards.

All our manufacture and distribution is carried out in accordance with ISO 13485:2016, the standards for quality management systems for medical devices. We also comply with MDD 93/42/EEC, the EU Medical Device Regulation 2017/745, and UK Medical Device Regulation 2002.

MHRA Approval and CE Mark

It’s our 100% guarantee that our products comply with MHRA requirements and exceed EU standards. Our complete range bears the CE mark for UK consumption as standard, too.

British Standards Compliance

Our first aid kits are made to meet British Standards to demonstrate high levels of safety, quality, and performance wherever possible.

IP (Ingress Protection) Ratings

Our ALS equipment often sees harsh conditions, exposure to the elements, and rough use in the field. We refine our range with devices that are dust-tight, can withstand water immersion, and resist the wear and tear of the environment, demonstrated through IP ratings.

Biocompatibility Testing

Materials in direct contact with consumers, such as dressings, plaster adhesive, and intravenous tubing, are tested for biocompatibility as often as possible to minimise the risk of adverse reactions.

Clinical Evaluations and Trials

Although we don’t directly carry out clinical trials, we do have clinical evaluations in place to demonstrate that there is sufficient evidence to verify the safety and performance of the device, including any benefits or claims made when the device is used as intended. 

We supply some of the best brands in the industry and carefully select devices and equipment that have undergone clinical trials and testing to guarantee consumer safety in real-world medical scenarios.

Data Security and Compliance

Part of our ISO 13485 obligations ensure the confidentiality of any patient or user’s information. Electronic devices that collect and store patient data are subject to GDPR compliance, so we ensure the devices we supply can support our customers’ data security requirements where possible.

We're the #1 supplier you can rely on — every time.


Buy with Confidence

The Steroplast Brand has the mark of approval from healthcare professionals across eight sectors, including the NHS. If you’re unsure, talk to us about getting free samples straight to your door before you buy.


Reliable Delivery

We ship to 57 countries worldwide with express delivery within 1-2 days in the UK. There’s no minimum order and free delivery on orders over £40 before VAT. We also offer same-day collection.


Approved by Customers

Our quality is evident in our numerous positive customer reviews. View our Trustpilot and Google Reviews to see for yourself. We also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


25 Years in First Aid

Over 25 years, we’ve continuously developed our first aid range based on feedback from our customers and first aid experts. We’re the only supplier you’ll ever need.

Training Equipment for Emergency Response

Our training equipment and supplies are made to be as lifelike as possible and used to train responders for the real thing when the time comes. 

Buy training equipment here, including:

Visit our
Interactive First Aid Guide

Demystify workplace first aid & find out exactly what your business needs.

Airway Management

Where seconds count to stabilise a casualty

We provide essential tools like high-performance BVMs and endotracheal tubes, crucial for rapid response and paramedic teams who need equipment as effective as their intervention.

Our range also includes specialised intubation adjuncts and oral airways, trusted by anesthesiologists and surgeons for critical care and routine treatment. Essential for respiratory therapists, our state-of-the-art nebulisers and oxygen systems intuitively manage respiratory conditions.

Designed for durability and ease of use, our products help you save lives in demanding environments. Choose our expertise for top-tier airway management solutions that excel in quality and efficiency.

Airway Management


High-performance suction devices, essential for quick and effective airway clearance, designed for use by healthcare professionals.

Portable device options
Rapid response capabilities
Durable and reliable

Endotracheal Tubes

Secure patient breathing and airway access during surgery and critical medical scenarios with precision-designed endotracheal tubes. 

Wide range of sizes
Curved tipped
Cuffed and uncuffed options

If you need intubation forceps, we sell child and adult sizes.

Intubation Adjuncts

Intubation devices, including bougies and laryngoscope sets from industry-leading brands like Callisto Macintosh and Miller blades.

Aseptic packaging
Ergonomic trusted design
Efficiency prioritised

We sell Magill intubation forceps for guiding tubes.

Nasosafe Assorted Nasopharyngeal Airways

Easy-to-insert airway tubes, vital for emergency respiratory care in field settings and fast-paced emergency and hospital scenarios.

4mm–9mm Sizes
Easy insertion
Emergency ready

Find individual easy-open sachets of lubricating jelly here for easy insertion.

Oral Airways

Industry-standard Guedel Airways and i-gel Supraglottic Airway devices for opening airways in unconscious and semi-conscious patients. Essential for emergency service supplies.

Medical-grade quality
All common sizes available
Reliable performance

Suction Catheters

Designed for fast, effective use in emergency and clinical settings. Transparent for easy monitoring, with atraumatic tips, ideal for diverse medical applications.

Adaptable connectors
Medical-grade PVC

Tube Securing

Classic Thomas Tube Holders, trusted in the medical industry for reliable endotracheal tube fixation.

Adult and child sizes
Intelligent design for fast use
Easy application

Order skin-friendly dressing retention tape for securing tubes in place externally.

Bacterial Valve Masks

Reliable patient ventilation with bacterial protection; vital in emergency medical situations. Choose from industry-leading brands like Ambu SPUR.

Compact and portable
Professional quality
Adult and child sizes


Ensure patient comfort and effective oxygen therapy, even in long-term use in healthcare environments, with our cannulae.

Adult and child sizes
Kink resistant

Oxygen Masks

Ergonomic oxygen masks to assist with oxygen delivery in emergency settings, routine treatments, and at-home support. 

Trusted brands
All common sizes available
Latex-free options

Resus Packs

Anatomically designed for rapid deployment in emergency and anaesthetic use. Blister pack makes access and use swift and hygienic.

Three sizes available
Packaged sterile

Gas Delivery Devices

Advanced gas delivery devices, including Entonox systems and HyperVent Bags. Crucial for effective pain relief and oxygen therapy in medical emergencies.

Intuitive for ease of use
Patient comfort-focused
Designed for professional use

Breathing Filters

Protect patients from airborne pathogens during respiratory therapy and maintain effective filtration in treatment to optimal safety.

Luer port options
Handheld options
Medical-grade materials

Laerdal Suction Unit Accessories

Optimise your Laerdal Suction Unit with essential accessories designed for seamless operation in fast-paced medical and emergency environments.

High-quality composition
Fully compatible
Reliable leading brand

Use these accessories with the LSU with Serres Canister System.

OptiLube Sterile Lubricating Jelly

Specialised lubricating jelly for clinical use, ensuring smooth instrument handling and patient comfort in airway management procedures.

Clinically developed
Easy-open sachets

Browse our range of disposable disinfectant wipes—body-safe, alcohol-free, and device-safe options.

Flow Metres and Valves

Acutely accurate airflow measurement and oxygen therapy in respiratory care. Find the right equipment for assessing and monitoring airflow.

Trusted industry designs
Different sizes available
Precise measurement

Flexible Mounts and Connectors

Disposable, sterile catheter mount designed for effective airway management, offering enhanced patient safety.

Universal ET compatibility
Luer lock ports
Suitable for aseptic use

DART Intranasal Mucosal Atomisation Device

A pain-free nasal device for precise, painless medication delivery, enhancing patient comfort and treatment efficacy in medical emergencies.

Adaptable medication delivery
Time efficient
Suited to all ages

Own Branded First Aid Kits

Printed with your logo

A range of family-friendly first aid kits that can display your company branding.

Bleed Control & Trauma Equipment

Stop the bleed in seconds and save lives

Our trauma and bleed control supplies are specifically designed for professionals in healthcare, emergency services, and the military. We understand the urgent need for effective and reliable bleed management in crisis situations.

We offer advanced solutions like the C-A-T Combat Application Tourniquet and innovative Celox haemostatic agents. These products are crucial for EMTs, paramedics, and emergency room personnel dealing with life-threatening injuries. Our range also caters to the unique demands of military operations and law enforcement, providing robust and easy-to-use options, including chest seals and blast bandages, essential in combat and field scenarios. 

For situations ranging from industrial accidents to outdoor emergencies, our trauma kits, including the BS8599-1:2019 Critical Injury Kit and the Public Access Trauma First Aid Kit, offer comprehensive solutions for rapid response.

Bleed Control & Trauma


Specialist dressings used for severe injuries where bleeding needs to stop fast. Infused with coagulants and made with super absorbent materials.

Made for military use
Vacuum sealed to be compact
Activate coagulation

Find bandages and slings to reinforce dressings and add more padding or security.


Prevent catastrophic bleeding and save a life when a dressing isn’t enough. Our S.T.A.T., SOF, C-A-T, AND SWAT-T tourniquets are used on the battlefield.

Leading designs
Training options

Trauma Bandages and Dressings

Sterile, highly absorbent, multi-layered, and intelligently designed to be ergonomic for use in a crisis. Handle traumatic injuries with confidence.

Top industry brands
Modular & quick application
Vacuum sealed & space saving

Jump to evacuation and immobilisation equipment for getting disabled casualties out of the danger zone.

Trauma Kits

Comprehensive kits for first response in critical situations where bleeding needs to be stemmed to save lives. Our kits are here for severe injuries and to manage the care gap.

Government-mandated PAcT Kits
British Standard supplies
Portable and compact

View our bleed control buying guide for a fully comprehensive view of all our trauma supplies.

Guides and free resources on bleed control, trauma, and wound management:

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Visit our information centre to stay up to date with the latest advice from healthcare professionals.

Celox Trauma Treatments

Shop our Range

Fast-acting haemostatic gauze, dressings & granules used to stop catastrophic bleeding. Stop the bleed, fast.

Blizzard Survival

Your first line of defence in life-threatening temperatures

Tailored to provide critical warmth and protection in extreme conditions, our blizzard survival products are indispensable for EMS, mountain rescue teams, and military personnel treating casualties in extremely low temperatures.

Key items like the Blizzard 3-Layer Survival Bag and Blizzard 2-Layer Jacket are designed with innovative materials for optimal hypothermia prevention, crucial in maintaining operational readiness in cold terrains. These products are also vital for search and rescue operations, offering essential thermal protection in unpredictable weather.

For outdoor adventure guides and law enforcement units in cold climates, our blizzard blankets and jackets are reliable safeguards against the cold. In addition to professional use, our blizzard survival range is essential for maritime workers, winter sports organisers, and personal emergency preparedness kits to ensure safety in cold environments.

Blizzard Survival

Blizzard 3 Layer Survival Bag

For use in military, medical, marine and mountain rescue for civil evacuations and disasters to protect and treat hypothermia.

7-tog warmth
Wind and waterproof
Advanced Reflexcell tech


EMS blizzard and trauma blankets used by emergency services worldwide to save lives in extremely low temperatures.

Vacuum-sealed to be compact
Self-adhesive securing tape

Blizzard 2 Layer Active Range Survival Jacket

A versatile thermal jacket, perfect for first responders and military personnel facing cold environments and hypothermia risks.

Compact vacuum pouch
Wind & rain protection sleeves
Full range of motion

Jump to evacuation equipment and emergency bags & boxes to fully equip your team for emergency expeditions.

Guides and free resources on blizzard survival:

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Own Branded First Aid Kits

Printed with your logo

A range of family-friendly first aid kits that can display your company branding.


We help firefighters, EMTs, and A&E deal with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree burns

Recognising the urgency of treating burns effectively, reducing infection risk, and soothing pain, we provide a selection of advanced products, including Burnshield® Hydrogels and a variety of Burnshield dressings, designed for immediate application to burn injuries and proven more effective than water at cooling burns.

These medical-grade products are used by EMTs, paramedics, and emergency room staff, ensuring rapid and effective treatment at the scene or in hospital settings. Firefighters, industrial safety officers, and military personnel also rely on our comprehensive kits, like the Steroburn Burncare Kit and the Burnshield Emergency Rescue Kit, for field operations and high-risk environments.

Our products are not only vital for professionals but are also crucial in everyday settings such as schools, kitchens, and homes, offering quick relief and protection against burns. 


Burn Dressings

Occlusive, cooling dressings, sterile when opened and ready for immediate use. Find different sizes and shapes here to use on any body part in seconds.

Ergonomic shapes and sizes
Use on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree burns

Find more dressings, bandages, and slings to complete your kit and ensure burns are thoroughly protected. We also stock sterile gauze swabs.

Burncare Kits

Ranging from extensive, advanced rescue kits for first responders to workplace burncare kits for businesses and portable options to take into the danger zone.

Burnshield gel
Protective casing

Find emergency blankets and foil blankets for managing shock and exposure here.

Burncare Gels

Burnshield Hydrogel and calcium gluconate gel designed especially for antiseptic, cooling, soothing, moisturising, and protection.

Better than water
Different sizes available
Portable bottles

We sell disposable gloves to help you maintain a clean field in challenging environments, including tear and puncture-proof nitrile gloves.

Fire Extinguishers

Compact, BS6165 certified extinguisher, ideal for rapid response to Class B and C fires. Portable for fast deployment in any environment.

Kitemarked quality
Compact and lightweight
Easy handling

Browse our extensive wound dressing and bandaging supplies to complement your burncare items.

Guides and free resources on burncare:

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Visit our information centre to stay up to date with the latest advice from healthcare professionals.


Intuitive defibrillators for laypersons and paramedics

Healthcare facilities, emergency services, and various public and private sector environments all need defibrillators. Our comprehensive range meets the urgent needs of cardiac emergency response, including models like the Zoll AED Plus and the Schiller FRED Easyport AED.

Our defibrillators are not only crucial for EMS and hospitals but also play a key role in public safety across venues like airports, schools, and fitness centres where members of the public may need to find an AED quickly in an emergency. All of our AEDs are complemented by essential accessories to ensure readiness and efficacy in critical situations. With robust storage solutions like the DefibSafe 2 Outdoor Cabinet, we ensure accessibility and reliability in diverse settings; indoors, outdoors, and where security is paramount.

Our products are designed for use by untrained persons in high-stress situations, making them ideal for lay responders, Many of our models provide handover information for paramedics when they arrive.



AEDs from industry-leading brands like Schiller, Zoll, and iPAD. Intuitive designs made for laypersons to use as well as soldiers and trained staff.

Visual and verbal prompts
Paramedic handover info
Fully and semi-automatic options

Order a training defibrillator that works exactly like the real thing.

Defibrillator Accessories

Replacement pads, batteries, and kits to help make defibrillation effective. Ensure you have replacement stock to hand.

Compatibility options
Air-tight packaging
Fast delivery

Defibrillator Cabinets

Keep defibrillators protected from damage, safe from the elements, and defend against tampering.

Economical options

If you operate a business with a public space, you may need to install PAcT Kits to follow Martyn’s Law. If you operate a public business with over 100 capacity, order a PAcT Kit here to help civilians during terrorist attacks or mass injury incidents.

Guides and free resources on defibrillation and cardiac arrest:

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Visit our information centre to stay up to date with the latest advice from healthcare professionals.

Own Branded First Aid Kits

Printed with your logo

A range of family-friendly first aid kits that can display your company branding.

Diagnostic Equipment

Swift, accurate, detailed results to meet the demands of patient care

Our cutting-edge diagnostic equipment is the first choice among many healthcare professionals to provide the best quality of care and the right treatments. Designed to facilitate accurate and swift patient assessments, these tools are essential in various settings, from emergency response to routine check-ups.

Digital blood pressure monitors and fingertip pulse oximeters are indispensable for EMTs and paramedics in on-scene evaluations, as well as standard checkups at GP clinics and care homes. Hospitals and clinics rely on our comprehensive selection, including the Emerald, Sapphire, and Topaz Aneroid Sphygmomanometers and various stethoscope models, to deliver thorough patient care.

These diagnostic tools are also vital in specialised practices like cardiology and respiratory therapy. Our equipment is chosen for its precision, reliability, and ease of use, ensuring that medical professionals can confidently make critical decisions. By equipping your team with our diagnostic tools, you're investing in quality, efficiency, and the highest standards of patient care.

Diagnostic Equipment

Blood Testing

Accu-Check devices and test strips and Unistik Safety Lancets for comprehensive, user-friendly blood glucose testing. Ideal for clinics and hospitals.

Leading brands
Industry standard supplies

Order sharps bins for safe and compliant clinical waste disposal.

Blood Pressuring Monitoring

From standard blood pressure cuffs to digital monitors with intelligent tech, our products are used by GPs, nurses, care staff, and patients at home.

Clinically validated
Intuitive use
Measure multiple metrics


Patient comfort and thorough examination with our industry-standard tongue depressors; an everyday essential in healthcare.

No shelf life

Pen Torches

The GP’s everyday essential. Pen torches for pupil and oral examinations in the blink of an eye. Our pen torches are an indispensable tool.

Pupil-gauge built-in
Economical options
Batteries included

Pulse Oximeters

Market-leading handheld and fingertip pulse oximeters for accurate and fast SpO2 readings. Use in clinical, care, and home environments.

Batteries included
Clinical accuracy
Versatile patient use


Be ready for emergency and routine care with our range of sphygmomanometers. Made for high-pressure medical environments to accurately assess cardiovascular health.

Shockproof options
One-hand options
No adaptors required


Accurate auscultation with our stethoscopes which are a must-have for diagnostics in any medical or emergency setting.

Dual head options
Teaching options
Twin-tube options


Digital thermometers for standard patient examination. Infrared, in-ear options, and body thermometer options for a multitude of temperature-taking activities.

No-contact options
Dual scale options

Find disposable ear thermometer probe covers here to follow hygiene protocols.


Everyday essentials for diagnostics in healthcare including thermometer covers, find everything to maintain patient comfort and a hygienic field.

Wholesale quantities

Ultrasound Gel

Premium quality gel for diagnosis and therapy procedures such as ultrasonic diagnosis, ECG, defibrillation and cavitation.

Acoustically ready for multiple frequencies
Non-sensitising and non-irritating

Order disposable disinfectant wipes here to keep non-invasive tools clean between uses. 

Guides and free resources on diagnostics equipment:

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Emergency Bags & Boxes

Get your team where they need to be with the kit to support their life-saving skills

Reflective, water-resistant, shock-proof, and compartmentalised: our bags and boxes, including the WaterStop Paramedic Emergency Backpack and the Oxygen Barrel Bag, are designed to ensure that essential medical supplies are organised, secure, and easily accessible in critical situations.

Paramedics, firefighters, and law enforcement units trust our bags for their durability and practicality in diverse emergency scenarios. Military personnel and search and rescue teams use these bags for their versatility in field operations.

We also cater to the needs of sports trainers, event medics, and school health services, providing reliable solutions for storing and transporting first aid and emergency tools. Industrial safety officers and emergency departments in hospitals find these bags indispensable for the workplace and clinical environments.

Each product in this range is crafted to meet the highest standards of functionality and resilience, ensuring readiness for any emergency to meet the demands of lifesaving scenarios.

Emergency Bags & Boxes

Ampoule Bags

Safely store and transport fragile ampoules with samples and sensitive materials. Our bags come with snug, organised compartments.

Organised interior
Easy access

Emergency Backpacks

Paramedic, first response, and search & rescue backpacks designed to carry emergency supplies. Ready for all weather conditions and circumstances.

Dirt & liquid repellant
Colour options

We stock hydration tablets here.

Emergency Grab Bags

High-strength, heavy-duty, but portable grab bags with ample storage to carry extensive kit and large emergency items. Military field-ready.

Organised interior layout
Reflective strips
Lightweight handling

Entonox Kit Bags

Delivery Enotonox fast at the scene of an emergency with these kit bags, built for paramedic use and designed to fit the standard C, D and CD cylinder sizes of Entonox.

Varied carrying options
Anti-slip bases

Oxygen and Barrel Bags

Hygienic and water-proof bags for easy oxygen delivery in a range of circumstances. Help casualties fast.

Easy to carry

First Aid Kit Numbered Security Tamperproof Seals

Tamper-evident seals that maintain the integrity of emergency equipment and deter unauthorised use.

Individually numbered
Easy snap-on design
Pack of 50

Do you need to direct your staff to where first aid supplies are stored quickly? Take a look at our internationally-recognised first aid signage.

Own Branded First Aid Kits

Printed with your logo

A range of family-friendly first aid kits that can display your company branding.

Emergency Lighting

Don’t let darkness stand in the way of emergency care.

Emergency lighting is essential in emergency services and military operations where lighting is limited. Anything could cause a lack of good lighting, from the time of day to the weather, to the environment. Our emergency lighting is indispensable in scenarios where reliable, portable, and safe lighting is crucial.

EMS teams utilise our Snaplight Lightsticks for illumination during night-time medical responses, while firefighters can depend on them in dark, smoke-filled environments. They can also be used for marking areas and ensuring visibility during night operations. Search and rescue teams, disaster relief workers, and maritime staff also rely on emergency lighting for remote or challenging conditions.

Beyond professional use, Snaplight Lightsticks are ideal for emergency preparedness for schools, universities, and home safety, providing a dependable light source during power outages or natural disasters. Their ease of use, safety, and practicality make them a trusted choice for emergency lighting needs across various sectors.

Emergency Lighting

Snaplight Lightsticks

The definitive workplace first aid kit. Made to BS8599-1 specifications to offer businesses the recommended level of quality to comply with health and safety laws in the UK.

Hypoallergenic12-hour brightness
Long shelf-life

Evacuation, Immobilisation & Patient Handling

Get moving fast and protect injured or vulnerable casualties.

Our evacuation and immobilisation equipment is crucial for healthcare, emergency services, and military operations where casualties need to be removed to safety and patients handled carefully. Our range, including evacuation chairs, head immobilisation, stretchers, and more, is designed to ensure patient safety and efficient handling in urgent situations.

Innovative equipment like the Prometheus Traction Splint and the SAM Pelvic Sling II are specifically tailored for EMS teams, providing vital support in pre-hospital settings. Firefighters and search and rescue teams benefit from our robust evacuation aids, such as the Spencer Basket Stretcher and the Ferno Scoop 65 EXL Stretcher, facilitating safe and effective rescue operations.

Hospitals and clinics use our patient-handling equipment to maneuver patients with ease within medical facilities. Products like the classic Banana Board are used throughout numerous medical and care settings as a trusted solution. Our products have a focus on durability, versatility, and patient comfort. They are indispensable in ensuring the best care during transport and immobilisation.

Evacuation, Immobilisation & Patient Handling


Advanced stretchers, including scoop, spinal, and basket types—designed for rapid, secure patient evacuation in unpredictable environments.

Thermal options
Easy to clean
Compact for transportation

Transfer Devices

Transfer devices for emergency casualty handling and routine patient care. Used in hospitals, care facilities, and in remote locations.

Durable and reinforced
Complete control


Make emergency evacuations and patient transfers fast, efficient, and smooth with purpose-built Ferno chairs.

Strong and manoeuvrable
Lateral transfer possible

Head Immobilisation

Adjustable collars, immobilisers and adaptable secure head support for the highest patient safety in transport and treatment.

Easy application
Size adjustable options
Kit compatibility options

Splints and Immobilisation

A range of industry-standard splits for limp and joint immobilisation. Ferno Kendrick, and Prometheus brands and versatile Sam Splints.

Trusted designs
Modular options
Intelligent design

Find instant ice packs for swelling here.

Vacuum Devices

Vacuum mattresses and pumps for swift adaptability when stabilising patients for transport. Provide optimal immobilisation in challenging situations.

Easy deployment
Efficient pump assistance
Comfy and safe


Secure casualties in place for absolute safety when transferring or removing them from danger zones. Find spider straps and spinal board buckles and clips here.

Secure in seconds

Own Branded First Aid Kits

Printed with your logo

A range of family-friendly first aid kits that can display your company branding.

Injection & Infusion

Medical-grade supplies for hospitals, EMTs, clinics, nursing, and cosmetics

We supply hospitals, clinics, emergency services, care facilities, and specialist care centres with injection and infusion supplies, including hypodermic needles, IV cannulas, and tourniquets, crucial for administering medications, vaccinations, and setting up IV lines.

Products like our blood-giving sets and IV-giving sets are essential in dialysis and oncology centres for critical procedures. Our offering also includes specialised items like bone injection guns (B.I.G) for emergency use by EMTs and paramedics and TPAK chest decompression needles, vital in critical care scenarios.

We focus on safety and efficiency with our products which are selected for their precise application and patient comfort. They are also integral in non-hospital settings like diabetes care, sports medicine, and cosmetic clinics.

Injection & Infusion

Giving Sets

Designed for accuracy and safety in critical healthcare settings, reliable blood transfusions and intravenous therapies—vital for hospitals and emergency medical care.

Sterile & individually packed
Classic design

IV Adjuncts

Must-have IV adjuncts for hospitals and clinical settings, including IV cannulae and 3-way taps. Find everyday essentials here.

Medical-grade quality
Compatibility & easy integration
Range of pack sizes

Injection Preparation/Hygiene

Pre-injection swabs, IV dressing packs, and cannula dressings—all sterile and ready to use, perfect for busy medical environments.

Individually wrapped
Long shelf-life
Trusted industry brands

Needles & Syringes

Everyday medical supplies like hypodermic needles and syringes, plus specialist items like bone injection guns and chest decompression needles.

All common sizes available
Latex-free items
Quality assured


Quick-release, Tourniband, and Tournibutton tourniquets for everyday injection and phlebotomy use in medical settings.

Disposable options
Range of order quantities
Medical quality

Guides and free resources on injection and infusion:

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Visit our information centre to stay up to date with the latest advice from healthcare professionals.

Maternity Equipment

Support life’s emergencies with maternity equipment when hospitals aren’t an option

We support emergency maternity care with vital tools like umbilical cord clamps, hygiene items, and umbilical scissors. Our emergency maternity kit is essential for ensuring the safety and care of both mothers and newborns during childbirth away from a hospital. Our range is tailored for use in both hospital settings and emergency scenarios, offering a comprehensive set of tools for any childbirth situation. Our maternity kits are ideal for military combat zones where hospital access is limited, making them indispensable for humanitarian aid.

Our maternity equipment is crucial for obstetricians, midwives, and nurses, ensuring they are equipped with the best resources for managing deliveries. We also supply veterinarians who need umbilical clamps and scissors for animal care and agricultural work.

Maternity Equipment

Nitrile Gloves

Tough but dextrous, tear and puncture-proof nitrile gloves ideal for hygiene and protection during labour.

Grip when wet

Find other glove options, like cheaper vinyl gloves here.

Umbilical Cord Clamps

Ensure newborn safety with secure, gentle clamps for umbilical cord care during childbirth. Essential during childbirth away from a hospital.

Durable plastic
Intuitive design

Maternity Kits

Everything needed to attend an emergency birth away from a hospital. Life-saving kit in war zones, disasters, and unforeseen circumstances.

Maintain hygiene
Keeps baby warm
Clamp & cut the cord


Standard, reliable umbilical cord scissors. Used in labour wards and animal care settings. Ergonomic design for patient safety.

Long-lasting durability
Precise control

Browse essential cleaning, hygiene, and disinfection supplies for maintaining a hygienic field in less-than-ideal birthing circumstances. Find blankets and bedding for humanitarian aid and emergency patient care.

Guides and free resources on maternity equipment:

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Visit our information centre to stay up to date with the latest advice from healthcare professionals.

Own Branded First Aid Kits

Printed with your logo

A range of family-friendly first aid kits that can display your company branding.

Surgical Instruments

Ergonomics and reliability for the demanding pressure of surgery

From general surgeons to veterinarians, we offer a comprehensive range of professional surgical tools and equipment. We stock classic products like Spencer Wells Artery Forceps and Rocialle Suture Packs, essentials in numerous surgical procedures providing the precision and reliability needed in critical operations.

We offer instruments for ENT specialists and ophthalmologists, where specialised care and finesse are a priority. Additionally, our range caters to the needs of dentists, oral surgeons, and veterinary surgeons, ensuring versatility across different practices. Emergency room doctors and field surgeons in military and humanitarian missions rely on our durable and portable instruments, like the Paramedic Tuff Cut Scissors, for immediate surgical interventions.

Browse our infection control supplies for wound dressing, including PPE, disposables, papier mache, and antibacterial swabs.

Surgical Instruments


Trusted stainless steel Magill and Spencer Wells forceps for a variety of surgical procedures. Gain absolute, accurate control and maintain a hygienic field.

Adult and child sizes
Quality craftsmanship


Scissors for wound dressing, bandaging, and first aid. Tuff Cutt Scissors are capable of cutting through seatbelts and thick clothes, ideal for first response.

Stainless steel
Ergonomic for fast use

Suture Packs

A sterile, safe suturing kit, perfect minor, a-septic procedures to ensure efficient standards of care in a hygienic field.

Industry-standard design
Easy to use
Autoclavable forceps

We also stock butterfly sutures for wound closure.

Guides and free resources on surgical instruments:

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Visit our information centre to stay up to date with the latest advice from healthcare professionals.

Triage and Incident Management

Tackle the care gap with intuitive triage management

Our triage and incident management is an essential stage of care for EMS, paramedics, firefighters, and rescue teams dealing with the care gap in mass incidents of injury. Our triage kits enable rapid assessment and prioritisation of patients' needs in diverse emergency scenarios, including accidents, natural disasters, and mass casualty incidents.

Law enforcement units, hospital emergency rooms, and military medics also rely on these kits for efficient victim triage in high-pressure situations. Designed for versatility, the Smart Triage Kits are essential in disaster response, large public events, and industrial settings. They ensure that teams can quickly identify and address urgent medical needs, enhancing the effectiveness of emergency response operations.

Our triage supplies focus on accuracy, ease of use, and rapid deployment. They’re an essential asset in saving lives and managing critical incidents efficiently.

Triage and Incident Management

Smart Triage First Response Kit

Streamline your emergency plan with these visible, easy-to-carry triage response tags. Use them in all kinds of mass casualty events.

Colour-coded for clarity
Highly visible design
Adaptable portability

If you operate a business in a public space or have a capacity of over 100, you need to put security measures in place to support members of the public in the event of a terrorist attack. Order a government-recommended Public Access Trauma (PAcT) Kit here.

Own Branded First Aid Kits

Printed with your logo

A range of family-friendly first aid kits that can display your company branding.

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Distributor Benefits Like None Other

Professional Photography

£1,000's worth of free professional product photographs.

NHS Approved

Equipment & supplies endorsed by NHS professionals.

100% Quality Guarantee

Risk-free purchasing with a full refund if you're not happy.

Product Knowledge

Free training for your sales team to optimise your sales.

Distributor Discounts

Volume-order discounts & special pricing to distributors.

Custom Catalogue

Access to a custom digital catalogue with your branding.

Own Branding

Our products with your branding professionally added to them.

Professional Advice

Advice & guidance on making the most of exhibitions & social media.

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Dropship to your customers

Straight from our warehouse to your customers and clients

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