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Finger Cots

SKU 2010L
In stock

Made from high-quality latex, these waterproof finger cots provide protection when applied over plasters and dressings, keeping them clean and dry.


Protective finger cots to keep plasters and dressings secure and dry

These finger cots can be used to cover an injured finger, providing ultimate protection for the targeted area and allowing you to continue your day with reduced risk of infection. It prevents moisture from reaching the bandage or dressing on the finger. It can also be used by healthcare professionals to protect them from contamination. 

How to use a finger cot

  1. Dress the injury on the finger using a plaster or bandage
  2. Place the finger cot on the tip of your finger
  3. Roll the finger cot all the way down, until it reaches the base of your finger

Product features

  • High-quality latex 
  • Waterproof & water tight 
  • Pre-rolled and ready to use
  • Thin enough to allow you to do everyday jobs 
  • Strong enough to last and reuse
  • Rough tipped
  • Pack of 10 
More Information
Weight 0.005000
Dimensions L14 W7 H0.5cm
Pack Size Pack of 10

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