A Comprehensive Medical Hospital Supplies List

A Comprehensive Medical Hospital Supplies List
13 March 2024

A Comprehensive Medical Hospital Supplies List

Hospitals are busy places, often with thousands of patients moving in and out of their doors each day. It's critical that these essential facilities are well equipped with a comprehensive, high-quality list of hospital supplies that are fit for purpose, safe and easy to use, and will not run out when emergencies strike.

We've been a trusted NHS supplier for over twenty-five years, and we have been relied on by hospitals and private healthcare providers across the UK, as well as St John Ambulance and the British Red Cross, for our reliability, organisation and dedication to our customers. We stock a broad range of premium disposables and professional-grade medical equipment that all feature on any standard hospital supplies list.

This article will take you through the essential medical items that should be included in a hospital supplies list. If any of these items are missing from a hospital's stock levels, there should be cause for concern. Without access to the right pieces of equipment and products, medical teams will be unable to care for their patients effectively.

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Catering to Different Hospital Departments Effectively Is Critical

Hospitals are large, complex places made up of multiple departments that serve a range of different purposes. It goes without saying that the Accident and Emergency Department will have a different list of hospital supplies that it uses compared to that of the Radiology, Neo-natal, or Diagnostic Imaging Departments. However, there is often overlap and many of the same items and pieces of equipment are used across multiple areas for various purposes.

Steroplast has a wealth of experience supplying a diverse range of products to various hospital departments, including PPE, wound care disposables, bleed control and trauma supplies, airway management devices, infection control products, and much more.

Catering to different departments' unique needs is an art form in itself, and the role of hospital stock managers is an incredibly important one. By working with trusted suppliers like Steroplast, who can provide multiple items on a long and complex list of hospital supplies, healthcare organisations can ensure stocks don’t drop to unsafe levels and can focus their energy on providing quality patient care.

Classification of Medical Hospital Supplies

Medical supplies are generally classified into different categories depending on their use. We've broken down an extensive hospital supplies list into the following categories, detailing each item's use and unpacking, and in most cases, what department or area these kinds of supplies are used in. 

The Categories and sub-categories are as follows. Click on a category to jump to that section:

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General Medical Equipment and Supplies

This category covers a broad range of practical items and pieces of equipment found on a hospital supplies list. Items range from dressings, bandages and airway devices used throughout patient care areas to waste bins, sharps disposal solutions, aprons, and much more.

Disposable medical items, reusable procedural tools, and airway management equipment are used throughout all patient treatment departments, with infection control products, storage solutions and PPE being relied on throughout all areas of a well-run hospital building to maintain high standards of safety and organisation throughout all departments.

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Medical Disposables and Reusable Procedural Equipment

We’re proud to supply NHS hospitals with a wide range of professional quality medical supplies, including first aid disposables, tools and sundries, burn treatment products, trauma supplies and practical items to support healthcare providers in providing the best quality treatment for their patients throughout all treatment areas. 

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Airway Management Equipment

Airway management devices are used throughout all hospital departments, including surgical theatre, emergency care, ICU, birthing units, and any area where patients' breathing function may become compromised and need to be managed. These essential pieces of equipment support medical staff in protecting and maintaining a patient's airway to allow them to breathe, ultimately preserving life.

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Apparel and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, gloves, coveralls, and much more, is important in all areas of hospitals. Designed to protect both staff and patients from the spread of harmful pathogens and bacteria and help to control infection and minimise risk, PPE is essential in all healthcare environments and will feature heavily on any good list of hospital supplies.

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Disposal Systems and Janitorial Equipment

Hospitals must be kept clean at all times, with teams of janitorial staff working around the clock to ensure that hygiene levels are at their highest. This not only includes using the right infection control cleaning products but also having the right equipment and systems in place for the safe clean up and disposal of sharp items and biohazardous liquids such as needles, blood, and vomit.

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Storage Equipment

Hospital environments are packed with a huge number of supplies, people, items, pieces of equipment, and amounts of information at any one time. Careful planning and preparation need to go into the organisation and storage of all these different elements, so ensuring that a hospital is equipped with all the storage equipment it needs is essential.

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Specialised Medical Equipment and Supplies

Surgeons, anaesthesiologists, dentists, obstetricians, midwives, and all other doctors and all other healthcare specialists rely on access to the right levels of quality hospital supplies at all times to be able to do their jobs effectively and ensure that medical procedures are performed safely and successfully. 

Specialised medical equipment and hospital supplies lists vary hugely from department to department and must cater to a wide range of needs. It’s integral that all areas are covered so that effective and safe patient care is maintained.

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Specialised Surgical and Anesthesiology Procedural Equipment

In the high-pressure environment of the operating theatre, it’s vital that all surgical equipment is easily accessible, functional and sterile. Not only are the surgical tools and disposables essential for performing surgery, but the anaesthesiology equipment, airway management devices and bleed control equipment must be available to keep the patient safe throughout the procedure, too.

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Diagnostic Equipment

Medical diagnostic equipment is integral to all aspects of effective healthcare and is an important component of any good list of hospital supplies used throughout all hospital departments. Diagnostic equipment is used by medical staff not only to diagnose patients with various illnesses or injury types but also to monitor their health throughout their time under hospital care should any interventions be required.

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Emergency Equipment

Generally situated around hospital entrances and trauma areas, emergency equipment is required across all hospital departments in case of a medical crisis. We stock a comprehensive range of emergency equipment relied on by response teams, paramedics and trauma centre staff across the country.

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Specialised Equipment

This category covers a broad range of highly specialised machinery and devices used across various hospital departments. Without many of these pieces of equipment, many areas of patient care could not be provided effectively, so a fully operational hospital must ensure that these items appear on their hospital supplies list and that backup options are available in case of failure or malfunction.

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Hospital Infrastructure

While not considered strictly medical, hospital infrastructure is vital to how every department operates and how patients and staff can move throughout the facility. Hospital furniture and supportive accessories for patient comfort, including heating and cooling devices, are vital to ensure the environment is safe, accessible and habitable for effective patient care. Hospital management must ensure that a quality infrastructure is included on their list of hospital supplies.

Reusables and Furniture

Ranging from beds and chairs to privacy screens and patient handling equipment, hospitals must ensure that their facility is equipped with comfortable, accessible reusable furniture that’s fit for purpose to accommodate their patients.

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Comfort Supplies for Staff and Patients

Both hospital staff and patients spend a great deal of hours within hospital walls, so their comfort is important. Ensuring that the air temperature is adequately controlled and that everyone has access to food and water is essential. These kinds of items are often overlooked but must nonetheless be included on a list of hospital supplies.

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Sourcing Your Hospital Supplies From A Trusted Supplier

It’s clear that every hospital must ensure they are ordering in and maintaining stock levels to ensure that everything on their comprehensive hospital supplies list is available and accessible at all times. This is critical to the safe operation of the hospital and the consistent provision of quality patient care.

By working with reliable, trustworthy medical suppliers like Steroplast Healthcare, NHS hospitals can ensure that their supply levels are high enough and they can focus on the task at hand. 

If you’d like to find out more about how we work with leading healthcare providers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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