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First Aid Kits

How to Use a Biohazard Kit?

How to Use a Biohazard Kit

Having abiohazard kit to hand is the best way to be prepared for a biohazard spill situation. A biohazard kit contains everything you need to remove a biohazard and clean the affected area while keeping yourself and your staff and customers out of harm’s way. Afterwards, all materials used to clean up can be disposed of in the yellowbiohazard bag provided, meaning you don’t need to get rid of any of your own cleaning supplies and nothing is cross-contaminated.

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What Is a Biohazard Kit Used For?

What Is a Biohazard Kit Used For?

Following the global Covid-19 pandemic, we are more aware than ever of the potential for contamination through bodily fluids and the possibly disastrous effects resulting from this. We know that simply wiping a table down with a cloth isn’t enough to remove harmful residue that can remain infectious for days.

As for disinfecting surfaces to neutralise Covid-19, a surface sanitiser is ideal. But when it comes to cleaning up more substantial biological hazards, a biohazard kit is required. A biohazard kit will allow a person to remove the biohazard and disinfect the area without leaving a trace of anything harmful. So what is a biohazard spill kit used for?

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