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PDI Sensitive Newborn Wipes | 200 canister - Pack of 6

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Newborn baby wipes are made with the mildest formula containing gentle aloe vera. Hypoallergenic, paraben and fragrance-free, and dermatologically tested in the UK.


From a brand trusted by healthcare professionals, each soft wipe leaves your baby fresh and clean without any irritation.

PDI has manufactured cleaning and disinfecting wipes for over 40 years and supplied healthcare institutions globally. Thanks to their intelligent design, PDI’s wipes are some of the best wipes for newborns, specially made with an ultra-gentle formula that won’t hurt Baby’s skin. 

Each wipe is pre-dosed with a mild solution containing the active ingredient aloe vera so you can be sure you’re never using too much or too little on your wipes. Newborn skin won’t be irritated by the soft, supple material the wipes are made from, helping you to spot-clean Baby more comfortably. 

With safety as the number one priority, PDI Sensitive Newborn Wipes are made in the UK with premium materials and thoroughly tested to be safe baby wipes for newborns. The wipes are CE marked to demonstrate that they’ve passed strict British standards of quality, safety, and reliability. 

It’s normal to be nervous about taking your newborn baby home if you are a first-time parent. Put your mind at ease with a newborn baby first aid kit that includes all the supplies you need to help you act quickly in an emergency. 

Can you use wipes on a newborn?

Using wipes on your newborn baby is fine, provided they are made for that purpose. Pre-moistened wipes contain lots of different ingredients, and some are too harsh for delicate newborn skin. Before using them, make sure your wipes are made for newborn babies, like PDI Sensitive Newborn Wipes, to protect Baby from irritation.

You can clean your newborn baby with warm water and gentle baby soap, but wipes are a good substitute when you need to spot-clean or clean between nappy changes. 

Why choose PDI newborn wipes?

  • The wipes are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.
  • The product is free of parabens, latex, alcohol, and fragrance.
  • Like all PDI products, the wipes are made in the UK with premium materials.
  • Pre-dosed wipes mean there’s no worry about using too much product and causing irritation.
  • The wipes are formulated with gentle natural aloe vera to be mild and gentle on Baby's sensitive skin.
  • The moistened wipes help busy mothers and midwives by removing the step of mixing a solution or soaking a cloth.
  • Disposable wipes promote good hygiene practices in healthcare environments by discouraging the re-use of cloths.
  • The canister is designed to snap closed and keep the roll of wipes inside moist and fresh until use. Threading the wipes through the top of the canister makes it easy to grab a wipe if you only have one hand free. 

When to Use Wipes on Newborns

Generally, wipes are good options for ‘topping and tailing’ a baby. ‘Topping’ is cleaning the Baby's face and neck area (stay well clear of any baby's eyes if using a wipe), and ‘tailing’ is cleaning his or her bottom. 

PDI’s wipes are the best wet wipes for newborn spot-cleaning. The canister makes it easy to grab a wipe and use it quickly to clean up any spills like vomit, mucus, saliva, or general mess that a wriggling newborn baby can get on them. 

The soft wipes can also be used to clean Baby’s bottom and genitals between nappy changes. If your baby has a nappy rash, consult your GP before using wipes on the affected skin. 

Hygiene and Infection Control with PDI

PDI’s wipes are among the best wipes for newborns UK midwives and mothers trust. Find other gentle skin wipes from PDI’s Hygea range on our website, including PDI Hygea Hands & Face Personal Washcloths and PDI Hygea Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths for personal care, and sanitising PDI Hygea Hand Wipes. We also stock PDI Alcohol Prep Pads for injections and PDI Sani-Cloth CHG 2% Alcohol Wipes for sanitising non-invasive medical devices, including central line catheters and urinary catheters.

As a leading brand in infection control, PDI offers a wide range of disposable wipes, predosed with formulas designed to fight harmful germs and potentially infectious microorganisms. We stock PDI wipes with alcohol, quaternary ammonium, bleach, and CHG, each designed with specific purposes in mind for healthcare settings. 

More Information
Pack Size Pack of 6
Quantity 125 Canister
Target Area Body / Skin
Subcategory Baby Care
User Type Paediatric
Type of Product Body Care Wipes
Packaging Type Canister
Alcohol / Alcohol-Free Alcohol-free
Antibacterial Properties Non-Antibacterial
Product Attachments

PDI HandsFace Wipes Showcase

Newborn-Baby Safety Data Sheet

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