PDI Sani-Cloth® Detergent Wipes | Alcohol-Free Disinfectant, Multi-Surface | Bucket/Canister

PDI Sani-Cloth® Detergent Wipes | Alcohol-Free Disinfectant, Multi-Surface | Bucket/Canister

Steroswab Gauze Swabs | Non-Sterile — Pack of 100 | Non-Woven, 8-ply

Steroswab Gauze Swabs | Non-Sterile — Pack of 100 | Non-Woven, 8-ply

PDI Sani-Cloth® 70% Alcohol Wipes | Disposable Disinfectant Isopropyl Wipes | Effective Against Viruses

PDI Sani-Cloth 70% alcohol wipes, made for fast-paced environments that need to stay hygienic. 60 second contact time to kill a broad range of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and TB.

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PDI Sani-Cloth® 70% Alcohol Wipes - Effective Against Viruses
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Wipes being used on non-invasive device

Medical Grade Disinfectant Wipes for Medical Devices

PDI 70% alcohol wipes are designed for use in hospitals, GP surgeries, nursing homes, infirmaries, and dental clinics to disinfect non-invasive medical devices and equipment.

The 70% (v/v) Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) formulation gets to work quickly, killing harmful microorganisms in as little as 15 seconds, making these wipes perfect for busy places where staff need to be able to clean rapidly throughout the day.

These infection control disposables are the ideal medical equipment cleaning wipes for nurses who need to disinfect blood pressure monitors, thermometers, stethoscopes, and many other regularly used tools in between patient checkups.

Made in Britain Logo

Quality Assured: PDI International Accredited as a Member of Made in Britain

PDI International proudly bears the Made in Britain mark, showcasing its commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical business practices. Accredited by this prestigious organisation, PDI wipes are not only of the highest quality but also contribute to a reduced CO2 footprint through rigorous standards and local manufacturing processes.

Why choose PDI Sani-Cloth® Wipes?

Brackets are available to fix canisters onto walls or vertical or horizontal poles to easy access when cleaning.
Contact time of as little as 15 seconds is required for complete disinfection (up to five minutes for some viruses).
Disposable wipes promote hygienic cleaning practices as reusable cloths are not used.
Ready-to-use wipes are pre-moistened and offer consistent, controlled coverage of surface areas.
Each wipe is composed of a pliable material that holds together and makes accessing crevices and corners easy.
Lint-free to ensure no fibres adhere to surfaces or equipment when used.
Tested to meet the highest safety and quality standards to be sold on the British market, CE marked.
The 70% alcohol disinfectant wipes are made with a smear-free formulation that leaves surfaces clean and does not result in product build-up.
Wipes are impregnated with an alcohol solution capable of killing harmful bacteria, yeasts, TB, and some enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. Check the product fact sheet for details of its efficacy test.
The tub is designed to store the next available wipe with a deep well in the lid. The lid is also designed to make threading and dispensing easy. The Snap & Close lid function prevents wipes from drying out.
The PDI Sani wipes red top makes it easy to identify as part of the alcohol-based wipe range.

Who uses PDI Sani-Cloth® 70% Alcohol Wipes?

PDI Sani-Cloth® 70% Alcohol Wipes are meticulously crafted for dynamic settings where maintaining optimum hygiene is paramount. Their rapid action, with a contact time as brief as 15 seconds, ensures that a wide spectrum of harmful bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and TB are effectively eliminated.


Designed with the healthcare industry in mind

These medical-grade disinfectant wipes are the go-to choice for environments such as hospitals, GP surgeries, dental clinics, nursing homes, and infirmaries. Their primary function? Ensuring non-invasive medical devices - from stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors to thermometers and pulse oximeters - remain sanitary between patient consultations.

Wiping Medical Surface

Consistent and controlled coverage on surfaces

For professionals who value efficiency, these ready-to-use, pre-moistened wipes offer consistent and controlled coverage on surfaces, reaching even the most challenging crevices. Their lint-free composition ensures no residues or fibres linger on equipment. Additionally, they've been rigorously tested to meet the stringent British safety and quality standards, further attesting to their reliability.

PDI Sani-Cloth 70% Alcohol Wipes

Ready to use wipes

Whether you're a nurse who is always on the go, a GP managing back-to-back patient appointments, or a dentist ensuring your instruments remain pristine, these wipes are designed for you. The canister's design, with its user-friendly Snap & Close lid, ensures the wipes stay moist, while its distinctive red top allows for easy identification in the alcohol-based wipe range. If you're in the medical field and hygiene is top priority, the PDI Sani-Cloth® 70% Alcohol Wipes are undoubtedly for you.

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When to seek medical assistance

While PDI Sani-Cloth® 70% Alcohol Wipes are expertly designed to maintain hygiene and combat a variety of harmful microorganisms in medical settings, it's essential to be aware of when to seek professional guidance.

  • Accidental Ingestion: If any solution from the wipes is accidentally ingested, immediately consult a healthcare professional or poison control centre.
  • Contact with Eyes or Sensitive Areas: Should the solution come into contact with your eyes or other sensitive areas, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a medical expert if irritation persists.
  • Adverse Reactions: If any unexpected reactions or skin irritations occur upon using the wipes, cease use immediately and get in touch with a medical professional.
  • Uncertainty in Application: If you're unsure about the correct application of the product, particularly around specific medical equipment or on particular surfaces, it's advisable to consult your institution's infection control guidelines or a medical specialist.

Remember, these wipes are designed for external use on surfaces and non-invasive medical equipment. They are not intended for personal hygiene or as a substitute for skin antiseptics. Always prioritise safety by familiarising yourself with the product's usage guidelines and knowing when to reach out for expert advice.

Product Specifications


Disinfection of non-invasive medical devices and surfaces

Primary Ingredient70% (v/v) Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)
Contact Time for Kill

As little as 15 seconds (up to 5 minutes for specific viruses)

EfficacyEffective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and TB. Refer to product fact sheet for detailed efficacy testing results
Main Usage EnvironmentsHospitals, GP Surgeries, Nursing Homes, Dental Clinics, Infirmaries
ApplicationDesigned for fast-paced, high-demand areas requiring consistent and quick disinfection
Wipe MaterialPliable, lint-free fabric ensuring ease of use and no residue
PackagingCanister with Snap & Close lid to prevent drying. Red top for easy identification within the alcohol-based wipe range. Can be wall-mounted with brackets.
CertificationCE marked, meeting British safety and quality standards.
Special FeaturesSmear-free formulation, pre-moistened for controlled coverage, easy access canister design for rapid cleaning.
Target EquipmentStethoscopes, Hearing Aids, Blood Pressure Monitors, Pulse Oximeters, Splints, Thermometers, Defibrillators
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About PDI Infection Control Disposables

Internationally known infection control brand PDI has been designing and manufacturing universal wipes and a wide range of other disinfecting and cleaning wipes for over 40 years. We stock other PDI wipes, including those made with isopropyl alcohol, chlorine bleach, and gentle detergents like aloe vera, so that you can take care of infection control no matter what the task at hand. Browse other PDI infection control wipes:

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Frequently Asked Questions

These wipes are expertly crafted for disinfecting non-invasive medical devices and equipment, ideal for hospitals, GP surgeries, nursing homes, dental clinics, and infirmaries.

The wipes contain a 70% (v/v) Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution that gets to work in as little as 15 seconds, effectively killing a variety of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and TB.

Absolutely! Their swift disinfecting action and readiness for immediate use make them a top choice for fast-paced settings, ensuring consistent cleanliness throughout the day.

The canister features a Snap & Close lid to prevent drying, a deep well in the lid for storing the next wipe, and easy threading and dispensing. Plus, the red top aids quick identification in the alcohol-based wipe range.

Yes, brackets are available for mounting the canisters onto walls or poles, be they vertical or horizontal, ensuring easy access for cleaning.

These wipes have been rigorously tested and are CE marked, meeting the highest British safety and quality standards.

Yes, each wipe is designed to be lint-free, ensuring no fibres stick to surfaces or equipment during use.

They're versatile! Aside from medical devices, they're great for disinfecting any non-porous surfaces or objects.

No, the PDI Sani-Cloth® 70% Alcohol Wipes have a smear-free formulation that leaves surfaces clean without any residue or build-up.

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