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PDI Easy Screen Cleaning Wipes - Pack of 6

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PDI wipes for electronics with 70% alcohol to kill bacteria, fungi, TB, and enveloped and non-enveloped viruses on frequently used devices. Fast-drying so you can get on with the important things.


Screen cleaning wipes that work as fast as your touch screen technology. 

Touchscreens are one of the highest frequency touchpoints in many medical and healthcare settings. Without regular disinfection, they become hotspots for bacteria, viruses, and all manner of infectious microorganisms. 

Cut through cross-contamination with 70% isopropyl alcohol screen wipes, designed to offer rapid contact time and help you maintain an environment where the safety of others is at the forefront. PDI’s screen cleaning wet wipes are designed with busy professionals in mind, where efficiency is second only to hygiene. 

The antibacterial screen cleaning wipes use a powerful 70% alcohol formula to kill germs fast, with quick-drying time and no residue or streaking. This means you won’t be held back with time-consuming mixing or drying—and your screens will look great too. 

Use these infection control disposables to rapidly deal with grime, dirt, fingerprints, and smudges while tackling bacteria, fungi, TB, and enveloped and non-enveloped viruses your screens may harbour.

70% IPA is the most compatible formulation for sensitive touchscreen equipment in healthcare and, as such, is officially the approved disinfectant for a wide range of medical devices (see below for more details). But LCD screen cleaning wipes aren’t only used in healthcare settings. touch screen cleaning wipes can be implemented in hospitality businesses, schools, self-checkouts, and anywhere else that screens are used today like in cinemas and fast food restaurants for ordering and paying. 

PDI’s intelligent design makes these the best disinfectant wipes for electronics in all environments. Consult PDI Easy Screen SDS for the screen cleaning wipes ingredients and other important information. 

Advantages, features & benefits

  • PDIs alcohol screen wipes formula is designed with adaptability in mind. These are the best screen cleaning wipes for a wide range of touchscreen healthcare equipment, phone, tablet, laptop screens, and even procedural lighting units.
  • The product rapidly cleans dirt, grime, fingerprints and smudges while also disinfecting screens from germs and bacteria.
  • The formula is fast-drying, allowing you to get on with business operations.
  • The wipes leave no residue and are anti-fogging and anti-streaking to keep your screens looking professional.
  • Like all products by PDI, antibacterial touch screen wipes are made in the UK with premium ingredients and materials and tested to meet British Standards to be sold on the UK market. They are CE marked as such.
  • The canister features a well in the lid to securely store the next available wipe, keeping it fresh and moist for use. 
  • The easy-feed canister keeps the roll of wipes hidden away from exposure to germs until use and the Snap & Close lid prevents the product from drying out. 

How to use PDI Antibacterial Screen Cleaning Wipes

Watch this video for instructions on using disinfectant wipes for touch screens and other compatible medical devices.

Alcohol Wipes for Screens of all Kinds 

These aren’t just antibacterial wipes for electronic screens. They can be used on whiteboards, keyboards, and any other non-porous surfaces that require 70% IPA as the cleaning formulation.

PDI Easy Screen Cleaning Wipes are compatible with the following materials:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Sapphire glass
  • Aluminium silicate
  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • Etched glass
  • Stainless steel

Antibacterial Phone Wipes

With claims such as ‘your phone is dirtier than your toilet seat’ being thrown around, it doesn’t come as a shock that phone screens are covered with an army of bacteria. There are, in fact, 25,127 bacteria per square inch on a regular phone screen. 

Cleaning an iPhone screen with alcohol wipes helps us protect ourselves and those around us as we go between touching our phones and everything else, including our own faces. Encourage your staff to use alcohol wipes on phone screens throughout the day. In facilities like care homes and hospitals, antibacterial mobile phone wipes might not be the first thing on your mind. But using alcohol wipes on iPhone screens could be a vital extra step in your hygiene procedure.

PDI Easy Screen Cleaning Wipes are fast-drying and streak-free, making them among the best disinfectant wipes for cell phones to leave a shiny, clear screen.

Antibacterial Wipes for Tablets

Tablets and other touchscreen variations are used in diverse business settings, including:

  • Ordering and paying for things
  • Demonstrations and explanations
  • Data collection
  • Survey taking

And many more everyday tasks. iPad screen cleaning wipes could be the difference between keeping your business running safely and spreading a potentially-serious infection. iPad disinfecting wipes are essential in hospitals and doctor surgeries, where the risk of cross-contamination is more likely with these shared devices. Order PDI Easy Screen Cleaning Wipes and make cleaning iPads screen alcohol wipes a regular protocol in your facility. 

Antibacterial Computer Screen Wipes

Is it safe to use alcohol wipes on laptop screens?

Screen wipes are most commonly used on touchscreens, but customers often wonder, ‘can I clean my computer of laptop screen with alcohol wipes?’ In fact, pre-dosed alcohol wipes are ideal for cleaning and disinfecting your laptop screen. This is because the controlled amount of formula on antibacterial laptop wipes prevents excess liquid from entering your computer through crevices. As such, you should never press a wipe into the seams of your laptop and only use it gently on the other surface. 

These are also effective computer keyboard disinfectant wipes when gently wiped over the tops of the keys where your fingers make contact. Do not press down into the crevices between the keys to prevent any excess formula from entering the keyboard. 

In addition to personal computers and laptops, PDI screen wipes make an intelligent addition to cleaning procedures in facilities with shared computers. Use alcohol wipes on laptop screens in the following places and more:

  • Internet cafes
  • Public libraries
  • Schools and universities
  • Laboratories and research centres

Medical Device Screen Alcohol Wipes

The following is a definitive list of medical devices for which 70% IPA is an approved cleaning formula.

  • Abbot Precision Xtra^ Blood Glucose Meter
  • ArjoHuntleigh MaxiMove™
  • ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Sky™
  • ArjoHuntleigh Sara 3000
  • Baxter Prismaflex” Dialysis Machine
  • Baxter Sigma Spectrum* Pump
  • Braun Outlook” ES Infusion Pump
  • Covidien Puritan Bennett™ 840 Ventilator
  • Covidien Puritan Bennett™ 980 Ventilator
  • Covidien Kendall SCD™ 700 Sequential Compression System
  • Carefusion Pumps IUI
  • Honeywell Dolphin” 7800hc Enterprise Digital Assistant
  • Honeywell Dolphin* 99EXhc Mobile Computer
  • Honeywell Dolphins 9700hc Mobile Computer
  • Hospira Sapphire™ Multi Therapy and dedicated infusion pumps
  • iPad (all models)
  • iPhone (all models)
  • LifeScan SureStep* Meters
  • Masimo Radical-7” Pulse Oximeter
  • Mindray Accutorr 7 Vital Signs Monitor
  • Mindray DPM™ 1 Pulse 
  • Oximeter Nonin LifeSense” Pulse Oximeter
  • Philips CMS Patient Monitoring System
  • Philips IntelliVue” Monitors
  • Philips Ultrasound System and select transducers
  • Smiths Medical MedFusion^ 4000
  • Smiths Medical Medfusion” 3500 Syringe Pump
  • Spacelabs Patient Monitoring Devices
  • Welch Allyn Connex^ Spot Monitor
  • Welch Allyn Connex” Vital Signs Monitor 6000 Series
  • 3M " Littman” Stethoscope

Procedural Lights in Housing Units

The antibacterial screen wipes’ compatibility with various materials makes them ideal for cleaning procedural lights within housing units in doctor’s offices and operating theatres.

Infection Control with PDI

For over 40 years, PDI has been at the forefront of preventative infection control. Today their range of disposable wipes is the result of years of expert innovation. PDIs products feature medical-grade disinfecting, sanitising, and detergent formulas and ergonomic physical design. PDI is the first choice for great many healthcare, nursing, and care sector businesses, as well as other public and private organisations throughout the world. 

Wipes with alcohol, quat, bleach, and CHG actives for non-porous hard surfaces and non-invasive medical devices:

Detergent and skin-sensitive wipes for universal cleaning and personal care:

    More Information
    Pack Size Pack of 6
    Quantity 100 Canister
    Target Area Devices & Screens
    Subcategory Surface Cleaning Wipes
    Type of Product Screen Cleaning Wipes
    Packaging Type Canister
    Alcohol / Alcohol-Free Alcohol
    Antibacterial Properties Non-Antibacterial
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