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PDI Sani-Cloth AF Universal Wipes - Effective Against Viruses and Bacteria

Starting at £2.82 £2.35

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We are working hard to keep our most popular infection control and prevention product lines available during the pandemic. To save you having to keep checking back, please fill out the form on this page and we will alert you when stock becomes available. Alternatively, you can call us on 0161 902 3030.

Sani-cloth AF Universal wipes are pre-dosed disposable disinfection and cleaning wipes for non-invasive medical devices; non-porous hard surfaces.

Product Name Qty
Universal Flow Wrap - 200 Wipes - Pack of 6 (SKU: PDXP00390)
£44.10 £36.75
Universal Canister - 200 Wipes - Pack of 6 (SKU: PDXP00366)
£32.04 £26.70
Universal Flow Wrap - 100 Wipes - Pack of 12 (SKU: PDXP00363)
£43.92 £36.60
Universal bucket - 225 Wipes - Pack of 4 (SKU: PDXP00365)
£34.08 £28.40
Universal - 40 Wipes - Pack of 24 (SKU: PDXP00391)
£48.24 £40.20
Universal - 40 Wipes (SKU: PDXP00391/1)
£3.22 £2.68
Bracket - for Canister - Green (SKU: PDXP00299-G)
£2.82 £2.35
Bracket - for Flow Wrap - Green (SKU: PDXP00411)
£7.50 £6.25

Alcohol & PHMB Free

PDI Sani-Cloth Alcohol-Free Universal Wipes are just as effective against germs, bacteria, and more without harsh chemicals like alcohol and PHMB. Here are the benefits of using alcohol and PHMB free wipes over alcohol wipes:

  • Alcohol wipes are not safe to use around children as they can make them intoxicated.
  • Alcohol wipes are extremely flammable
  • Alcohol wipes can dry out the skin
  • PHMB is harmful to the body and can cause cancer

Widely used in the NHS

Certified as a Class IIA medical device, PDI Sani-Cloth AF Universal Wipes are used throughout healthcare settings such as NHS hospitals, care homes, dentists, and vets. The NHS trust and use this product due to its highly effective formula which resists bacteria and fights against a wide range of infections and viruses.


EN 16615 4-Field Test (Mechanical Action) Bacteria
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 1 min (clean conditions)
Staphylococcus aures 1 min (clean conditions)
Enterococcus hirae 1 min (clean conditions
EN 13727 Bacteria
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 30 sec (clean conditions)
Staphylococcus aureus 30 sec (clean conditions)
Enterococcus hirae 30 sec (clean conditions)
EN 16615 4-Field Test (Mechanical Action) Yeast
Candida albicans 1 min (clean conditions)
EN 13624 Yeast
Candida albicans 30 sec (clean conditions)
Candida auris 30 sec (clean conditions)
EN 14476 Enveloped virus
Vacciniavirus 30 sec (clean conditions)
Vaccina virus (HBV, HCV, HIV, H5N1, SARS, Corona) 15 sec (clean conditions)
EN 14476 Non-enveloped virus
Norovirus 30 sec (clean conditions)
EN 14348 TB
Mycobacterium terrae 2 min (clean conditions)

Advantages, features & benefits

  • Broad-spectrum of kill with low contact times
  • Alcohol-Free
  • PMHB Free
  • Multipurpose, cleans and disinfects in one
  • EN 1665, supported by extracted liquid testing
  • Cost-effective via product standardisation

Are you aware of the high touch areas in your workplace? These are surfaces in a communal space that are touched the most frequently. Surface cleaning supplies should be supplied to clean shared work areas and equipment between uses regularly.

For more information on PDI Universal Wipes, read our comprehensive blog post here.


Are you part of the national COVID-19 vaccination programme? Our full range of vaccination centre essentials includes more injection equipment, post-injection disposables and PPE.

See our blog post for a full checklist of our vaccination essentials and more information on how to keep your vaccination programme running smoothly.


Universal wipes can be useful when cleaning up clinics. Check out our blog to find out how universal wipes can be used to help clean up a veterinary clinic.

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Associated SKUs PDXP00390 PDXP00366 PDXP00363 PDXP00365 PDXP00391 PDXP00391/1 PDXP00299-G PDXP00411
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