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What Should be in a Burns First Aid Kit?

What Should be in a Burns First Aid Kit?

When choosing what kinds of first aid kits to provide for your business or workplace, including a well-stocked Burn First Aid Kit could be one of the most important decisions you make to keep your workforce safe. In the event of a burn injury or scald, having easy access to emergency burncare can significantly impact the severity of the damage because treatment of burn wounds is time-critical. This article will cover where access to burncare is required and what should be in a burns first aid kit.

Burn dressing on a patient being sprayed with burn hydrogel

Where are burns first aid kits required?

Under UK law, you are legally obliged to have a burn first aid kit visible and easy-to-reach in any environment where burns could happen. Employers are required to regularly undertake a thorough health and safety risk assessment for their workplace and consider all hazards or injury risks related to the nature of the work or activity. Where the risk of burns or scalds is minor to high, providing access to a burn first aid kit is critical. Working environments or public places where burn risk is present must have access to burncare products in the event of an emergency.  

    Examples of places where burn kits are needed include kitchens, warehouses, factories, and construction sites, although many more workplaces should make burncare available to keep staff safe. Burn kits are also suitable and practical for domestic use. Emergency burncare can help reduce the impact of burns suffered while cooking at home and even treat sunburn effectively.

    Burn First Aid Kit Contents

    It’s essential to make sure you get a kit with the correct first aid kit contents for burns, take a look at our burns first aid kit contents list to make sure you are prepared. 

    Essential burn first aid kit contents should include a minimum of the following:

    Burnshield dressings are saturated with a sterile hydrogel with high water content and all-natural tea tree oil that continuously cools and soothes a burn wound while protecting the area from infection. Choose between smaller 10cm x 10cm burn dressings and larger 20cm x 20cm Burnshield dressings to equip yourself to quickly treat burns, even larger ones over the limbs or torso.

    These sealed sterile sachets provide easy access to Burnshield hydrogel to either soothe a burn wound or rehydrate a burn dressing to keep a burn area cool for longer.

    Specially designed to cover and protect burns to fingers or toes, Burnshield digit dressings cool a burnt digit down and can be applied to awkward areas easily.

    Easily clean out eyes requiring first aid treatment without needing access to running water. Suitable for use on eyes that have suffered contact with hot liquid or particles and need to be flushed out with a sterile saline solution. 

    A high stretch, lightweight bandage for holding burn dressings in place comfortably and easily. The 7.5cm x 4m size is suitable for use on all areas of the body, even in hard-to-reach places. 

    Protect yourself and your patient from cross-contamination and reduce infection risk when providing first aid. 

    Secure dressings and bandages with sterile adhesive tape that’s breathable, easy to remove or adjust, and suitable for sensitive skin. 

    Cut through clothing and bandages safely with blunt-ended scissors that are strong enough to cut through thick material quickly and easily, giving you easy access to burn areas in need of urgent treatment.

    How to Choose a Burns First Aid Kit

    Now you know what should be in a burns first aid kit, choosing the right one for your needs is critical. Buying a burn first aid kit from a trusted supplier, like Steroplast, which has supplied UK emergency services for over twenty years, means you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. 

    For workplace burn kits, making sure the burncare supplies in your kit are sufficient and plentiful enough to cater for the potential risks you will have highlighted in your health and safety risk assessment is essential. In places where hazardous liquids, including hot oils or harmful chemicals, are present, it is well worth providing access to additional burncare products, including burn face masks, burn contour dressings, and additional bottles of burn hydrogel, to maximise the options for treating severe burns or scalds quickly.

    Our comprehensive Premier Emergency Steroburn Burncare Kit is available in two sizes to meet your needs. The smaller kit contains all the burn first aid kit contents you would need to provide for 1–10 people, while the larger kit supplies additional quantities to cater for the burncare needs of up to 20 people. You can learn more about the importance of fast burn treatment and how to use a burns first aid kit safely in our blog.

    This Burncare kit isn’t just intended for use in workplaces; it is also suitable for domestic use at home. If you’re looking to buy a burn first aid kit for use at home and aren’t sure what the best first aid provisions are, we discuss some of your options in our blog to help you decide:

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    In professional settings, supplying your workforce with a comprehensive burncare kit alongside other necessary first aid equipment will improve your health and safety measures and decrease the risk of serious injury in an emergency. Other first aid provisions could include a workplace first aid kit, a medium-sized or larger first aid kit, a clearly visible first aid station, and an eyecare kit

    We also offer specialist first aid kits such as an off-site lone worker first aid kit, childcare first aid kit, catering chef first aid kit, vehicle first aid kit, and a taxi and public service vehicle first aid kit to meet specific health and safety requirements for a range of scenarios.

    Please enter your details into the form below along with any questions or comments and a member of our team will be happy to provide you with more information:


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