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Steroply Conforming Bandage

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A high stretch, lightweight, conforming bandage for holding dressings in place without constricting movement. To allow airflow, protect, and promote the body's healing process.

Product codeSizePack sizePricePrice per bandage
30515cm1 x 12£15.46 (£12.88 excl. VAT)£1.28 (£1.07 excl. VAT)
30527.5cm1 x 12£16.56 (£13.80 excl. VAT)£1.38 (£1.15 excl. VAT)
305310cm1 x 12£17.28 (£14.40 excl. VAT)£1.44 (£1.20 excl. VAT)
305415cm1 x 12£18.72 (£15.60 excl. VAT)£1.56 (£1.30 excl. VAT)

The reliable go-to bandage for NHS trusts and emergency services throughout the UK.

What is a conforming bandage? A time-tested classic, conforming bandages offer light compression and excellent flexibility and adaptability. Steroply conforming bandage is used throughout NHS hospitals for dressing retention and supporting injured joints. It's also a regular item our veterinary and animal care customers order. The lightweight bandage moulds to the body's contours, keeping out of the way of everyday activities and providing consistent protection to healing injuries. 

Conforming bandage also has excellent stretch capacity, helping its application to even the most difficult of areas like knee joints, between fingers and toes, and around wrists. Use the stretchy conforming bandage to wrap injuries quickly and easily. 

Made from a nylon and viscose weave, Steroply conforming stretch bandage is breathable and allows full circulation of air across the body where it's used. This aids in keeping the bandaged area clean and dry speeds up recovery, and reduces the chance of inflammation. The fray-resistant bandage will stay in great condition on the body for a long time and won't snag or begin to unravel at the edges.

Steroply comes in four different sizes for optimal use no matter what body part is being bandaged. Each size comes with 12 in a pack from just £15.46. Choose from:

  • Conforming bandage 5cm x 4m
  • Conforming bandage 7.5cm x 4m
  • Conforming bandage 10cm x 4m
  • Conforming bandage 15cm x 4m

Benefits of Premium Conforming Bandage from Steroplast

  • The bandage has a soft edge for comfort when wearing.
  • Steroply is available in four sizes: 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, and 15cm.
  • Sterile conforming bandages are individually wrapped and sealed.
  • The bandage is light and soft, permitting air circulation to aid natural healing.
  • Each bandage is individually wrapped for hygiene purposes and to keep it in good condition.
  • The high stretch capacity of our elastic conforming bandage allows for optimal mobility when wearing.
  • The conforming bandage weave is designed to adhere to itself and hold in place without sticking to the skin. 
  • The nylon/viscose construction is fray resistant to keep bandages in excellent condition and protect dressings and injuries.
  • Conforms easily to all body areas, even awkward joint areas like knees, elbows, and fingers, providing a comfortable and snug fit.

Where can Steroply Conforming Bandage be used?

There's a wide range of uses for conforming bandages, meaning it's often found in hospitals, GP surgeries, veterinary clinics, care facilities, sports facilities, and virtually anywhere you can find a first aid kit.

Thanks to their self-adhering properties, conforming bandages are easy to apply and not painful to remove, making dressing injuries much easier and less stressful for the patient. Their elastic properties mean they stay snug and close to the body and won't sag or droop away with repeated movement.

Because of this bandage conforming behaviour, it is excellent for use on joints with greater mobility and where dressing tape is likely to come loose.

Conforming bandage is used throughout the veterinary and animal care industry to dress animals' injuries or wounds thanks to its ability to stay close to the body and offer full protection despite an animal's range of movement. Our conforming bandage veterinary clients regularly order this bandage for use on animal patients like cats, dogs, and cattle. It is also used to protect and prepare animals for shipping—particularly horses with delicate legs at risk of knocks during transportation. Conforming bandage is even used on horses during exercise to protect legs and leg joints.

Our conforming bandage sizes chart will help you determine which bandages to order.

Bandage Size



Fingers, toes, wrists, hands, face; children's arms and ankles; small animals.


Wrists, arms, ankles; children's arms and legs; small and large animals.


Arms, legs; children's arms and legs; large animals.


Legs, thighs, trunk. Large animals.

Steroplast Medical Grade Bandages and Supports

Conforming bandage first aid supplies from Steroplast are made to high medical standards so that healthcare professionals can use them in everyday dressing. We've been designing and developing bandages and supports for over 25 years, leading us to be one of the most trusted suppliers in the UK and beyond. 

Consult our blog for more useful information about using conforming bandages:

We also stock a range of other bandages and supports to manage wound care of all kinds.

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Associated SKUs 3051, 3052, 3053, 3054
Pack Size Pack of 12
Subcategory Bandages
Brand Steroply
Type of Product Conforming Bandage
Colour White
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