The Essential Small First Aid Kit Contents List

The Essential Small First Aid Kit Contents List
10 August 2022

The Essential Small First Aid Kit Contents List

What Should be in a Small First Aid Kit?

It’s essential to have a good idea of what should be in a small first aid kit to help you decide between a wide range of first aid kits available. The ideal small first aid kit should provide quick and easy access to first aid equipment designed to help treat various injuries requiring treatment.

Read through the essential first aid products listed below to know what you need and what each item is designed for. 

Mother bandages her child's big toe. Close-up photo of kid's foot with bandaged finger. First aid in case of small domestic injury.

Pair of scissors

Accurately and safely cut clothing, bandages, tape, and dressings with reduced risk of puncturing the casualty’s skin.

Conforming bandages 

Hold dressings over wounds safely and comfortably with this lightweight high-stretch bandage.

Microporous tape

Perfect for securing bandages, dressings, and splints quickly and easily. Microporous tape is a non-irritant tape that adheres easily to skin or material. 

Non-woven triangular bandage

Suitable for securing a splint in place or an arm sling for an injured limb.

Low-adherent sterile pads

Highly absorbent dressing pad designed to soak up bodily fluids efficiently and produce a padded layer to protect a wound area, aiding the healing process.

Sterile wound dressings

Cover and protect a wound area with a hypoallergenic adhesive dressing that will absorb blood and shield open skin from contamination.

Sterile saline wipes

Small disposable saline wipes to clean a wound area easily, protecting it from infection.

Washproof sterile plasters

Apply over broken skin to form a protective barrier that will remain in place to promote healing.

Pair of gloves

Essential protection when providing any first aid treatment. When treating a wound area, disposable gloves protect the first aider and victim from cross-contamination.  

Safety pins

Secure bandages and dressings in place with ease. Safety pins are quick to remove when you need to assess an injury and are safe to reuse as long as they’re clean.

Instant ice pack

Provide instant cooling relief to an injured area. Simply agitate the pack and press it over an area to reduce swelling. 

The Essential Small First Aid Kit Contents List

Now you know what to put in a small first aid kit, make sure you make time to stay on top of your supplies regularly, so you’ve got everything you need in an emergency.

Download and print out this small first aid kit contents list to check off and ensure your first aid supplies are stocked up and in-date.

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Who Needs a Small First Aid Kit?

Small first aid kits should contain a range of products suited to treating many injuries. A well-stocked one like our 40-Piece Fold Up First Aid Kit is great value for money and versatile. 

This 40-piece kit has everything on our small first aid kit contents list so you can be ready to provide first aid and is well-suited for personal use. It is the ideal size to keep at home, take on family holidays and trips away or store close by in the workplace. Parents can rest easy when sending their student children off to university with one, knowing they’re prepared for any eventuality once they’ve moved out of the family home!

While our 40-Piece Fold Up First Aid Kit is well-suited for general personal use, you must evaluate your unique risks and first aid needs. Depending on your lifestyle and environment, you could require a more specialised first aid kit at home and work. Steroplast offers a wide range of first aid kits to meet all your individual needs:

Eco-Friendly First Aid Kit

A take on our HSE first aid kit - a bare-necessities kit designed on the recommendation of the Health and Safety Executive for minimum first aid requirements in low-risk workplaces. The eco-friendly first aid kit comes in a box made from 100% recycled PP/wood plastic compound, and the contents are packaged in a medical-grade paper and card rather than plastic.

Vehicle First Aid Kit

A compact and lightweight first aid kit specially designed to be kept in your car in case of an emergency on the road. Make sure you’re prepared to treat road casualties, including yourself, as soon as possible while waiting for the emergency services to arrive. Find more information about vehicle first aid kits in our blog.

70 Piece First Aid Kit

A larger, more comprehensive first aid kit for general use provides more equipment choice and larger quantities of essential first aid products. Well suited to larger homes or offices where more people are at risk of injury.

Steroburn Burncare First Aid Kit

Specifically designed for environments where the risk of burns or scalds is high or frequent. Contents include leading brand Burnshield products, including cooling hydrogel dressings and additional hydrogel sprays to treat time-critical burn wounds as quickly and effectively as possible.

We cover essential information about how to use a burn first aid kit and burn kit contents on our blog.

Childcare First Aid Kit

A first aid kit dedicated to babies, children, and minors’ first aid needs. The ideal piece of equipment to keep on hand in schools, nurseries, childcare businesses, and at home.

Read our article Comprehensive Paediatric First Aid Kit Contents List on our blog.

Sterowash Eyecare Kit

Workplaces such as warehouses, factories, laboratories, or industrial kitchens, where there is the risk of eye injury, should consider supplying their staff with a dedicated eye care kit to manage eye injuries as quickly as possible. Find out more about eye injury first aid on our blog.

Sports Medical First Aid Kit

An essential piece of kit for anywhere sporting activities occur. With contents intended to treat and manage the most common and often severe sports injuries, including sprains, muscle damage and other common overuse injuries.

Stero-paws Animal First Aid Kit

Your beloved pets can injure themselves at home or out and about! This kit contains everything you need to take care of your furry friends before you get a chance to make it to the vet. Learn more about pet first aid on our blog.

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