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How to Use a Burns First Aid Kit

How to Use a Burns First Aid Kit

Burncare first aid ambulance worker

Wherever possible, a qualified first aider or medical professional should be tending to a patient suffering from a burn or scald. They will have training in first aid kit burn treatment. Where this is not possible, take a look at our guidance below, so you know how to treat a burn with first aid kit burncare products. You can also check out our blog for more information on why burns require immediate treatment.

burnshield dressing on a patient’s arm

How to Use Your Burns First Aid Kit

When faced with any burn or scald, being aware of the time-critical nature of providing effective treatment is essential. If a burn wound is left untreated for too long, the extent of the damage will become more and more serious. If you have access to a good burns first aid kit, or a first aid kit, burn treatment knowledge is vital.

Before starting to treat any burn or scald, the first steps are to: 

  • Remove any jewellery or clothing from the burn area, including tight or restrictive items.
  • Do not remove any items firmly stuck to the wound unless they are still hot.
  • Do not burst any blisters on the burn area or disturb the wound.

Burnshield Burn Dressings

Burnshield dressings are saturated with a sterile hydrogel with high water content and all-natural tea tree oil that continuously cools and soothes a burn wound while protecting the area from infection.

To use:

  • Open the foil package containing the Burnshield dressing and remove it.
  • Apply the dressing to the burn wound, ensuring it fully covers the wound and that the Burnshield hydrogel goes beyond the surface area of the burn.
  • Secure the dressing in place with a protective bandage.
  • Continue to soak the dressing area with Burnshield Hydrogel, if available. If the dressing is kept moist, it can remain in place for up to 48 hours.
  • Seek medical advice depending on the burn’s depth, size, and severity.

Burnshield Digit Dressing

Specially designed to cover and protect burns to fingers or toes, Burnshield digit dressings cool a burnt digit down and can be applied to awkward areas easily. Follow the same process as with larger burn dressings above.

Burnshield Burn Blott Sachets or Burnshield Hydrogel

These sealed sterile sachets or spray bottles of sterile burn hydrogel can be applied directly over burned skin to soothe a burn wound. You can also apply the hydrogel over a dressing to rehydrate it and keep the burn area moist and cool for longer.

a girl using sterile eyewash drops to irrigate an eye

20ml Eyewash Pods

Sterile eyewash pods can be used quickly to treat wounds or contamination to the eye area. They are easier to use than running water when providing eyecare and their sterile saline solution reduces the risk of infection to a burned or contaminated eye. 

To use:

  • Remain calm and observant, and ensure you are wearing nitrile gloves before treating the eye.
  • Tilt the patient’s head at an angle to reduce the risk of the contaminant, hot liquid, or chemical from spreading further into the socket, or towards the other eye.
  • Tear the eyewash pod’s seal open and gently squeeze the saline solution into the eye. The liquid should be flushed from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer.
  • Ask the patient to continuously move their eyeball around while you are flushing.
  • Rinse and repeat as required. Seek urgent medical attention immediately if you are unable to flush the contaminant out of the eye socket, and if the patient’s vision is impaired, or if redness or blistering is visible.

Conforming Bandage

Use this high stretch, lightweight bandage to hold burn dressings in place comfortably and easily. The 7.5cm x 4m size is suitable to be stretched over all areas of the body, and can either be pinned in place with a safety pin or secured with microporous tape.

first aider wearing nitrile gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Before treating any burn wound, make sure you’re wearing sterile gloves to protect yourself and your patient from cross-contamination and reduce infection risk when providing burncare.

Microporous Tape

Cut a length from the roll to secure dressings and bandages in place. This is a sterile adhesive tape that’s breathable, suitable for sensitive skin, and is easy to remove or adjust.

Blunt-ended Scissors

Cut through tape, clothing, and bandages safely so you can easily access burn areas in need of urgent treatment without puncturing the patient’s skin or hurting yourself. These blunt-ended scissors are strong enough to cut through thick material quickly.

Which Burns First Aid Kit do you need?

Now you know how to treat a burn with first aid kit burncare products, the next step is to choose the right burns first aid kit with everything you could need. You will need to assess the risks of burns or scalds that your workplace, business, or home face. It’s important to know what a burn first aid kit should contain. We offer guidance on choosing the right kit and have a wide range of first aid kits available, a lot of which contain burncare products.

For optimal burncare, choosing the large or small size of our Premium Emergency Steroburn Burncare Kit is a sensible choice. This kit contains the full range of burncare products you would need to treat burns or scalds in a hurry. The smaller size is stocked to cater for up to ten people, with the larger size providing enough treatment products to serve up to twenty people. 

Steroplast has been supplying the UK’s medical and fire emergency services with premium burncare products for years, so you can rest assured that our comprehensive burns first aid kit will meet your needs. For smaller-scale businesses with minimal burn risk, or domestic settings, our mini burncare kit would be suitable, while workplaces or professionals likely to encounter serious or extensive burn cases would benefit from a larger kit such as the Burnshield Emergency Rescue Kit.

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