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Bandages & Supports

A wide range of both adhesive and non-adhesive first aid bandages and supports for a variety of needs, from light support to compression and securing applications.

15 Items
  • Sterovet EAB Trial Pack
    From £29.86
  • Sterogauz Tubular Gauze Bandage
    From £7.25
  • Steroban-Vet Undercast Padding - Pack of 12
    From £9.12
  • Triangular Bandage
    From £1.00
  • Sterogrip - Tubular Bandage Applicator
    From £9.95
  • Plastic Applicator for Sterogauz
  • Sterotrac Skin Traction Kit

    Starting at £68.73

  • White Open Weave Bandage - WOW
    From £6.00
  • Steroply Conforming Bandage
    From £4.80
  • Sterogrip - Elasticated Tubular Bandage
    From £11.15
  • Sterogrip - Blue Elasticated Tubular Bandage
    From £13.60
  • Sterocrepe - Crepe bandage
    From £9.60
  • Finger Bob
    From £3.18
  • Finger Stalls
    From £4.50
  • Finger Cots
15 Items

Bandages and supports

A wide range of both adhesive and non-adhesive first aid bandages and supports for a variety of needs, from light support to compression and securing applications. 

Sterogauz tubular gauze bandage

The ideal tubular bandage for holding dressings in place on the body. 

Steroplast's Sterogauz tubular bandage is a lightweight and stretchy material that holds dressings securely in place. It is easier to apply than flat bandages and provides skin protection under elastic adhesive bandages. 

Ideally suited to apply over areas of the body being treated with creams and ointments, as it prevents transfer onto clothing and bedding
Has natural stretch which provides comfort and conformability around body contours
A range of sizes suitable for the whole body

Plastic applicator for Sterogauz

The plastic applicator is designed to make the application of tubular gauze bandages simple and pain-free. Simply slide the bandage over the outside of the applicator and place it over the injured limb and apply the bandage carefully. 

Sterogrip elasticated tubular support bandage

Elasticated tubular bandage ranging in sizes to cover ankles, knees, thighs, wrists, and elbow joints. 

  • Designed to provide support following soft tissue injuries, dislocation, and sprains. Its knitted fabric construction with interwoven elastic fibres ensures excellent support
  • The even support and pressure that Sterogrip provides make it ideal for sporting and general injuries 
  • Requested by the NHS specifically for its quality 
  • Stays in place without the need for tapes or pins 
  • Double layers are used for sprains, strains, and over joints 
  • Reusable and washable 
  • 10 metre roll (or retail 1 metre lengths) 
  • Upper body sizes available on request 

Sterogrip - Tubular bandage applicator

Allows easy application over bulky dressings and double layering over painful joints. 

How to use Steropgrip tubular bandage applicator

Product benefits:


Allows for super easy application for tubular bandages. 


Durable and very long-lasting product. 


Available in small, medium, and large for any injury. 

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