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Sterogrip - Tubular Bandage Applicator

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A tubular bandage applicator for easy application of tubular bandage over bulky dressings and double laying over sensitive joints. Made from stainless steel and available in six different sizes.

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9537Size F1£19.14 (£15.95 excl. VAT)
9538Size G1£23.94 (£19.95 excl. VAT)
9539Size H1£26.34 (£21.95 excl. VAT)
9536Size C1£11.94 (£9.95 excl. VAT)
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9511Size E1£19.14 (£15.95 excl. VAT)

Make bandaging easy for your staff and stress-free for your patients with a tubular bandage applicator.

A tubular bandage offers seamless, consistent support around the perimeter of a finger, toe, arm, leg, knee, ankle, wrist, or thigh. A tubular bandage will keep a dressing fully protected or a joint supported, despite high levels of mobility and a busy lifestyle.

But bandaging an injured limb can be difficult and even painful, especially with a highly elasticated tubular bandage. Use a tubular bandage applicator to remove the difficulty and stress from the situation. A tubular gauze bandage applicator can help you apply a tubular bandage in a matter of seconds without putting pressure on the injury or forcing the patient to hold an uncomfortable pose. 

As a supplier to NHS trusts across the UK, we created our tubular bandage applicator with a simple but effective design to help nurses and care staff get the job done quickly without fuss. Each applicator is made from stainless steel to help keep it clean and hygienic and ensure it lasts a long time in excellent condition. Apply a tubular finger bandage with an applicator in a few moves and avoid the lengthy and awkward task of applying a tubular bandage with your hands alone.

Choose from six common widths so that bandaging any body part is easy. Our applicator can be used on adults, children, and even animals like dogs and horses.

Why use a Sterogrip Tubular Bandage Applicator?

  • The applicator is easy to use and makes the bandage application process efficient.
  • Made from high-grade stainless steel, the applicator is durable, long-lasting and easy to keep clean.
  • The applicator is made with sturdy metal bars to help evenly distribute the bandage as you apply it while protecting the body from any uncomfortable pressure.
  • This product is made by a trusted supplier to the healthcare industry in the UK and overseas. Rely on Steroplast for bandaging support products that won't let you down.
  • This product is available in six sizes to bandage different limbs, adults, children, and even animals.

Tubular Bandage Applicator Size Guide

From a tubular bandage applicator for toes or tubular finger bandage applicator to a wider tubular bandage applicator for legs, we stock the six most common sizes used in healthcare. Check our size chart to determine which ones you need.





3.4cm x 15.2cm

Toes and fingers.


4.5cm x 15.2cm



9cm x 15.2cm

Hands, wrists, children's limbs, small animals' limbs.


12cm x 15.2cm

Ankles, arms, children's limbs, small and large animals limbs.


17cm x 15.2cm

Arms, ankles, knees, legs, thighs, large animals.


19cm x 15.2cm

Arms, ankles, knees, legs, thighs, large animals.

How to use Sterogrip Tubular Bandage Applicator

  1. Measure the tubular bandage and cut it to the required length.
  2. Slide the bandage onto the outside of the metal cage.
  3. Slip the applicator over the limb and pull the bandage over the bottom of the area you wish to cover
  4. Slowly move the applicator upwards to reach the end of the limb, allowing the bandage to release over the limb and cover the dressing completely gently.
  5. To double the bandage, move the applicator back to where you started, slowly sliding the bandage off the applicator and onto the body.
  6. Slide the applicator off of the limb completely.

You may want to secure the dressing with microporous tape, but it might not be necessary as a tubular bandage is designed to hold firmly in place on the body. 

Bandages and Supports from NHS Supplier Steroplast

We regularly supply hospitals, emergency services, GPs, veterinary clinics, and many other healthcare businesses with bandages and dressing products. We've perfected our range over the last 25 years to ensure we always offer premium, medical-grade products that allow our key workers to offer their best support.

Use the Sterogrip applicator with our range of tubular bandages:

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We also stock a plastic applicator for Sterogauz designed for easy application of Sterogauz over the finger.

Are you a student nurse, or do you need to take care of an injury? Our blog is full of bandaging resources to help you learn more about different bandages and how to use them.

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Associated SKUs 9537 9538 9539
Pack Size Single
Subcategory Bandage Applicators
Brand Sterogrip
Type of Product Tubular Bandage Applicator

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