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Sterogauz Tubular Gauze Bandage

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A simple tubular bandage that makes holding dressings in place on the body easy and fuss-free. Wrap dressings fast and keep everything tidy with our elasticated tubular bandage.

Product codeSizePack sizePricePrice per bandage
95401.5cm - Small fingers1 x 6£32.34 (£26.95 excl. VAT)£5.39 (£4.49 excl. VAT)
95412.5cm - Large fingers1 x 6£40.74 (£33.95 excl. VAT)£6.79 (£5.65 excl. VAT)
95448cm - Large adult1£13.14 (£10.95 excl. VAT)£13.14 (£10.95 excl. VAT)
95451cm - Infant fingers1 x 6£31.14 (£25.95 excl. VAT)£5.19 (£4.32 excl. VAT)
95423.5cm - Children's limbs & adult hands1£8.70 (£7.25 excl. VAT)£8.70 (£7.25 excl. VAT)
95435cm - Child & adult limbs1£11.40 (£9.50 excl. VAT)£11.40 (£9.50 excl. VAT)

Hold dressings in place with a tubular support bandage that won’t loosen or unravel

Our premium tubular elastic bandages have a natural stretch, making wrapping dressed wounds extremely easy. The lightweight stretch provides gentle pressure while allowing the bandage to conform to body contours and stay in place. The seamless tubular grip bandage can fit over many different joint types making it highly versatile. We offer tubular stretch bandage in six sizes to make your bandage as effective as possible. 

Our tubular gauze bandage is simplistic in its design but highly effective. Use it to bandage over dressings much more quickly and efficiently than regular bandage wrap. The seamless nature of the material means there’s no need to fasten it closed and no worry for it to become loose or unravel. 

Choose your desired length of elastic tubular support bandage here and place an order for fast delivery. 

Why choose Sterogauz Tubular Gauze Bandage?

  • Made with premium gauze material that is lightweight and stretchy for ideal pressure and support. 
  • Holds dressings securely in place and protects wounds while they heal—no need for fastenings to keep the bandage together.
  • Easier to apply than flat bandages. Takes less time and makes wrapping awkward areas simpler. 
  • Seamless coverage makes it easier to apply and keep in place on challenging patients (like animals that move around a lot and young children).
  • A good, low-cost alternative to flat bandages.
  • The 20m rolls are supplied in a handy dispenser box keeping the bandage protected until use and preventing tangles while making it easier to apply.

A range of tubular bandage sizes, made to fit all extremities of the body.

Our Sterogauz Tubular Bandage comes in generous 20m long rolls of six different widths for use on different sized areas. Even though it is stretchy, a large tubular bandage won’t be appropriate for a finger or child’s limb. 

Use our elasticated tubular bandage size guide to help you choose the suitable size bandage for your needs. 

Sterogauz Tubular Bandage Size Guide

Sterogauz bandage size is categorised by code. Tubular bandage size 12 is one of the most common types, ideal for bandaging adult-sized fingers. Check our table below to determine which size Sterogauz bandage you need.





Infant Fingers

1cm x 20m


Small Fingers

1.5cm x 20m


Large Fingers

2.5cm x 20m


Child Limbs and Adult Hands

3.5cm x 20m


Child Limbs and Adult Limbs

5cm x 20m


Large Adult Limbs

8cm x 20m

Tubular Bandage Size Categories

Often larger tubular bandage size is identified by a letter corresponding to the circumference of the body part to which it is best suited. Check the table below for an idea of how tubular bandage sizes work.


Body part circumference


Tubular bandage size A


Fingers; toes; infant limbs; small pets’ limbs.

Tubular bandage size B


Small and medium wrists; small hands and arms.

Tubular bandage size C


Small ankles; medium arms and elbows.

Tubular bandage size D


Small knees; medium ankles; large arms.

Tubular bandage size E


Small thighs; medium knees; large ankles.

Tubular bandage size F


Medium thighs; large knees.

Tubular bandage size G


Large thighs.

Tubular Bandage Uses

Use tubular gauze bandage to give dressings complete, secure coverage, holding them in place while the body gets on with the natural healing process. 

The light pressure that tubular bandage offers as it fits snuggly around the body’s contours helps keep swelling down and manage pain in soft tissue injuries. A tubular bandage for ankle, foot, knee, and wrist injuries will ensure the joint has gentle support while it heals. 

Tubular bandages for toes and tubular gauze finger bandages make the fiddly task of bandaging tiny areas easy, producing a finished application that is not bulky and won’t get in the way as much as other flat bandages. A tubular elastic finger bandage can even be applied using a tubular gauze finger applicator, making the process even more smooth. 

Application over areas of the body being treated with creams and ointments can also help to prevent transfer onto clothing or bedding.

Tubular Bandage FAQs

Can you sleep with a tubular bandage on?

It’s best to remove a tubular bandage before sleeping. Your heart rate decreases during sleep which means circulation is weaker during the night. Any part of the body already being compressed with a tubular bandage could be affected by this, and you might not notice your body part failing to get enough blood due to being asleep. 

How to Put on a Tubular Finger Bandage

Plastic applicators for tubular finger bandages can be used to make finger bandaging easy. Just slot the applicator, covered with a tubular bandage, over the finger and use it to feed the bandage gently and evenly over the digit.

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