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Sterogauz Tubular Gauze Bandage

From £7.25
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The ideal tubular bandage for holding dressings in place on the body

Product codeSizePack sizePricePrice per bandage
95401.5cm - Small fingers1 x 6£26.95£4.49
95412.5cm - Large fingers1 x 6£33.95£5.65
95448cm - Large adult1£10.95£10.95
95451cm - Infant fingers1 x 6£25.95£4.32
95423.5cm - Children's limbs & adult hands1£7.25£7.25
95435cm - Child & adult limbs1£9.50£9.50

The ideal tubular bandage for holding dressings in place on the body

Ideally suited to apply over areas of the body being treated with creams and ointments. As it prevents the transfer onto clothing or bedding.

The tubular bandage has natural stretch, which provides comfort and conformability around body contours. It's seamless, tubular construction fits over joints, fingers and toes.

Product features

  • Lightweight, stretchy gauze material
  • Holds dressings securely in place
  • Easier to apply than flat bandages
  • Provides skin protection under elastic adhesive bandage
  • Low cost alternative to flat bandages
  • 20m Rolls - supplied in handy dispenser box 

Sterogauz comes in a wide range of sizes suitable for the whole body

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Associated SKUs 9545 9540 9541 9542 9543 9544
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