Trauma & Bleed Control Buying Guide

Reliable and High-Quality Trauma & Bleed Control First Aid Supplies for Emergency Readiness

Browse this page for trauma supplies, including haemostat dressings and trauma bandages to control haemorrhaging, emergency trauma equipment kits designed to deal with more severe injuries, and specialist trauma devices like chest seals and tourniquets that offer life-saving support for casualties of extreme injury.

Our bleed control and trauma products are designed for optimal support in a crisis. As such, they can be easily used by anyone, even without prior training or experience. Many of our trauma first aid supplies come with written guidance that laypersons can follow. That said, our trauma medical supplies aren't just made for civilians and those without first aid experience. We supply professionals in healthcare, emergency services, and the military with unbeatable trauma equipment guaranteed to provide the necessary help in any situation.

Trauma & Bleed Control Buying Guide

Reliable and High-Quality Trauma & Bleed Control First Aid Supplies for Emergency Readiness

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Martyn’s Law and The Care Gap

What happens before ambulances arrive?

Our bleed control and trauma equipment give casualties the chance of survival when the care gap is their greatest enemy. The care gap is the time between injury occurrence and the arrival of professional medical assistance. When mass injury strikes like that of a natural disaster or terrorist attack, that’s when the care gap is at its more threatening.

Following the Manchester Arena Attack, Martyn's Law will require certain organisations to better prepare for terrorist threats by training, planning, and supplying the right equipment for anyone to use in an emergency, when the care gap could be the thing that kills.

Taking effect in the near future, the new legislation sees businesses that operate public spaces required to put protective measures in place by law. Publicly Accessible Locations (PALs) with a capacity of 100 or over must adopt risk management activities and a preparedness plan, with those of below 100 capacity highly recommended to do so too. 

Any business that operates on public premises must be fully equipped to handle a terrorist attack. Even if Martyn’s Law doesn’t apply to you, you’ll never regret having bleed control and severe injury first aid measures in place. Ensure you have all the workplace first aid supplies your risk assessment requires, install a public access trauma kit, and find exactly what you need here to ensure you’re fully prepared for the worst.

Don't fail an inspection to ensure compliance with Marytn's Law and risk sanctions if security breaches are found. Equip your business with life-saving bleed control and trauma supplies and give others the chance they desperately need in the event of serious mass injury.

Other essential equipment to comply with Martyn’s Law:

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Trauma supplies for:

We supply trauma and bleed control equipment to businesses and consumers whose environments demand a high degree of first aid support; beyond the standard.

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Ambulance, fire service, police, coastguard, mountain, cave, and lowland rescue. We partner with emergency services to supply trauma dressings, critical injury equipment, and first-response kits to get the job done.

Military-grade trauma and haemostasis equipment specifically made for The British Army, RAF, and Royal Navy for use in tactical response, combat, and rescue operations. Trust a leading healthcare brand with over 25 years in the business endorsed by the British Red Cross.

A&E, theatre, intensive care, and trauma wards need a robust supplier to help deal with severe trauma and blood loss when casualties get to hospital. We’re an essential part of the trauma care equipment supply chain for the NHS.

Manufacturing, processing, construction, engineering, offshore, forestry, agriculture, waste management, and animal handling—where standard workplace first aid isn’t enough, our severe trauma dressings, bandages, and specialist critical injury kits keep you compliant.

When you’re far from civilisation and need to handle first aid emergencies, ensure you're fully prepared for the worst. Talk to us about complete preparedness in the wild.

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Reliable Emergency
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Our experts select the most reliable brands and proven products to supply to our customers. Our range includes products from these well-known names in trauma supplies.

Steroplast: A Leading UK Healthcare Brand Trusted by Professionals

Professionally Endorsed

We're a supplier to, and endorsed by, the British Red Cross, St John Ambulance, and the NHS.

A Leading Brand

We're a leading healthcare brand with over 25 years of experience developing innovative first aid, healthcare, and medical supplies.

Safety and Quality Certified

Our products are CE marked and BS EN ISO 13485:2012 certified, approved by The Medical Device Directive.

Trusted Trade Partners

We're members of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and part of the British and Irish Trading Alliance.

Ethical Supply Chain

We support, lead, and promote sustainable supply chain directives as members of SEDEX.

Third-Party Quality Assured

Our third-party quality assurance scheme ensures all our products are MHRA-compliant.

Trauma First Aid Kits

Designed to stop severe blood loss and control injuries.

Robust and comprehensive, our trauma kit supplies go further than standard first aid kits when you need to stop heavy blood loss and deal with severe trauma.

Backed by our mighty first aid and critical injury comprehension, our kits are designed to offer the support you need, trained or untrained, in a crisis.

Do you work in the emergency services sector? We supply the NHS ambulance, police, fire and national coast guard services with reliable emergency services equipment.

Public Access Trauma Kit

Critical Injury First Aid Kit

The Steroplast Critical Injury First Aid Kit is specifically designed to control and stop severe blood loss in the event of a stabbing or similar serious injury.

Instructions supplied
Compact zip-up case
No training required

Looking for more first aid kits? Shop our full range of HSE and British Standard-compliant first aid kits.

Sterostop Bleed Control Kit

A bleeding control kit to treat catastrophic injuries and heavy blood loss, even if untrained. This kit includes all essentials to sustain life until first responders arrive.

Includes S.T.A.T tourniquet
Give hygienic CPR
Dress severe wounds

Looking for more first aid kits? Shop our full range of HSE and British Standard-compliant first aid kits.

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Public Access Trauma (PAcT) First Aid Kit

The Public Access Trauma (PAcT) First Aid Kit is engineered for non-medically trained individuals, offering crucial support for life-threatening injuries in public spaces.

Made for untrained use
Made in collaboration with the National Counter Terrorism Security Office
UK government recommended

Looking for more first aid kits? Shop our full range of HSE and British Standard-compliant first aid kits.

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Orange First Aid Box

An ideal wall mountable box for the storage of first aid and trauma products.

Wall Mountable
Bright and Visible

Premier First Aid Boxes

A standard first aid kit box. Choose your size, colour, and compartment arrangement and fill however you like for your trauma bag supplies. We recommend the red or clear premier box for emergency & trauma equipment for easy identification.

Different sizes available
Different colours available
Wall mountable
Add your own branding

Looking for more empty first aid kit bags & boxes? Shop our full range of empty first aid bags & boxes in various shapes and sizes.

First Aid Signage

A range of easy-to-follow signs to see and locate first aid supplies and use them correctly. Clear, vivid, robust, and cost-effective. Kit your premises out now.

Highly visible
Ideal for public spaces
Informative for laypersons

First Aid Stations

Install your first aid kits where they can be spotted and accessed in a moment. Customise your first aid kit station however you need to, with easy-to-follow instructions printed directly on the sign.

Different sizes available
Wall mountable

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Get your logo printed on 
Own Branded First Aid Kits

A range of family-friendly first aid kits that can display your company branding.

Own Branded First Aid Kits

Printed with your logo

A range of family-friendly first aid kits that can display your company branding.

Trauma Bandages & Dressings

Control life-threatening bleeding fast and stabilise casualties.

Prepare for emergency response in any situation with our comprehensive range of trauma dressings and bandages. Sterile, highly absorbent, multi-layered, and intelligently designed to be ergonomic for use in a crisis. Handle traumatic injuries with confidence.

Looking for more bandages & dressings? We don’t just stock trauma dressings. Find all your wound dressing and bandaging essentials.

Trauma bandages

The Emergency Bandage

An emergency trauma dressing with heavy-duty compression bandage designed to treat a variety of wounds. For minor to life-threatening trauma in both hospital and pre-hospital environments.

Easy to apply
Controlled application design
Highly absorbent

Olaes Modular Bandage

A haemorrhage control trauma bandage for deep wounds, designed with direct input from some of the most experienced combat medics in the world, to support you in a crisis.

Latex free
Two sizes available
Designed by experts

Tactical Blast Bandage for Trauma Wounds

Designed to quickly package traumatic amputations, burns and large pattern wounds in moments and with minimal effort.

Quick and easy application
Secure dressing design

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Corius Seal

A non-sterile adhesive hydrogel wound dressing designed to cover and protect acute wounds whilst absorbing wound exudate.

Easy application
Lowers infection risk
Prevents further harm

Take a look at other burncare supplies.

Trauma Dressing

Intelligently designed to stem severe blood loss and sustain life in crisis situations. This dressing is designed with a thick dressing pad, elasticated straps, and a velcro patch. The dressing can be applied easily in seconds.

Easy application
Super absorbent
Highly versatile

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Celox Trauma Treatments

Shop our Range

Fast-acting haemostatic gauze, dressings & granules used to stop catastrophic bleeding. Stop the bleed, fast.

Shop our Range of

Celox Trauma Treatments

Fast-acting haemostatic gauze, dressings & granules used to stop catastrophic bleeding. Stop the bleed, fast.

Chest Seals

Protect the chest cavity from respiratory danger due to deep puncture wounds.

Air getting inside the chest cavity via a wound can make breathing impossible for a casualty’s chest pierced with deep puncture wounds. Our chest seals provide a quick, effective solution, protecting a chest cavity. 

Looking for a Public Access Trauma (PAcT) Kit? Order a PAcT Kit for life-threatening injuries in public spaces due to natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

Chest seal

Celox Vented

The Celox Vented is the first chest seal with 512 vents, providing more ways to release pressure and prevent blockages. The re-seal tab allows you to peel the dressing off, apply compression and re-seal when ready, all whilst maintaining strong adhesion.

Works on uneven surfaces
Apply in an orientation
Hydrogel base technology

Find other emergency medical supplies for trauma and heavy blood loss.

Celox Fox Seal

An occlusive dressing for the treatment of open wounds, designed for ease of use and consistent performance in the field. Treat entry and exit wounds with two seals per pack.

Compact size
Re-sealing adhesive

Russell Chest Seal

Covers penetrating chest wounds allowing air to escape from the pleural cavity without being drawn back in. The Russell Chest Seal is supplied in a pre-folded form to make it easy to store in medical packs. In low light conditions, the valve can be 'felt' to be working, making it ideal for military operations.

Intuitive application
Prolonged use

Find other emergency medical supplies for trauma and heavy blood loss.


When you can’t use a tourniquet, use a haemostat.

Haemostat dressings help stem heavy blood loss on parts of the body to which you can’t apply a tourniquet. From granules to dressings, our Haemostat products are designed to promote clotting, minimise blood loss, and optimise outcomes in traumatic situations. Save someone’s life with a haemostat dressing. 

Do you work in the emergency services sector? We supply the NHS ambulance, police, fire and national coast guard services with reliable emergency services equipment.


ChitoSAM 100

A high-performance haemostatic dressing with non-woven chitosan dressing spun directly from chitosan derived from crustaceans or snow crab shells. Use it with pressure bandages when a tourniquet is unavailable or inappropriate.

Easy to use
Quick access packaging
Stops bleeding fast

Celox - Rapid Z Fold Gauze

This rapid z-fold gauze is designed to control moderate to severe traumatic bleeding. Use it for proven technology applied in military medicine and emergency services.

Reduces blood loss by 60%
Just 60 seconds compression required

Celox Gauze Z-Fold Haemostatic Gauze

Control moderate to severe traumatic bleeding with this haemostatic gauze, made with emergency and military-grade technology to help you save lives.

Reduces blood loss by 60%
Just 60 seconds compression required

Prometheus ChitoGauze XR Pro

Prometheus ChitoGauze XR Pro readily conforms to a wide range of wound profiles, allowing easy wound packing and rapid bleeding control. The chitosan is impregnated through the dressing and specifically designed to limit particle shedding into the wound.

X-Ray opaque strip
Intuitive application

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Find other emergency medical supplies for trauma and heavy blood loss.

Celox - Haemostatic Granules - 15g

Celox haemostatic granules mould to the shape of the wound to get firm pressure onto the source of the bleeding even in complex-shaped injuries.

Easy to apply
Generates No Heat

Celox - Prefilled Applicator

This Celox applicator is designed to give you an easy and safe way of stopping life-threatening bleeding from difficult-to-treat trauma. It is the most effective way to treat penetrating trauma

Stops Bleeding Fast
High-speed Application

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Prevent catastrophic bleeding and save a life when a dressing isn’t enough.

With our range of Reliable Tourniquets, you can stem significant blood loss quickly and safely. Easy to use and incredibly effective, our tourniquets are a must-have in any trauma care setup. Explore our collection and equip yourself with a tool trusted by professionals worldwide.

Here’s everything you need to know about tourniquets. Learn how to apply a tourniquet.

If your work environment puts you at risk of severe injury, such as forestry, engineering, or construction, you might need a tourniquet in your workplace first aid supplies

Tourniquet on leg

S.T.A.T Tourniquet - Orange

Orange Smart Technical Application Tourniquet is ideal for catastrophic bleeding and mass casualty treatment. It can be used on adults, children, and dogs.

Fits all arm sizes
Automatic self locking system
In-built timer

S.T.A.T Tourniquet Trainer - Blue

The Blue Smart Technical Application Training Tourniquet is ideal for training individuals to deal with catastrophic bleeding and mass casualty. See other first aid and trauma training equipment to prepare for real-life emergencies.

Classic design
Replica training aid
Easy to use

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SOF Tactical Tourniquet Wide - Orange

This light, compact, robust and easy-to-apply orange tourniquet is reliable even in the most demanding of circumstances.

Easy to use on self
One-handed application
High visibility

SOF Tactical Tourniquet Wide - Black

The light, compact, robust and easy-to-apply black tourniquet is reliable even in the most demanding circumstances.

Easy to use on self
One-handed application

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C-A-T Combat Application Tourniquet - Black

The U.S. Army recognises this tourniquet as one of its "Top 10 Greatest Inventions". This 100% effective tourniquet is simple to use with a single application protocol and single buckle routing system.

Evenly distributes pressure
US army-endorsed
Use on all limb sizes

C-A-T Combat Application Tourniquet - Orange

The U.S. Army recognises this tourniquet as one of its "Top 10 Greatest Inventions". This 100% effective tourniquet is simple to use with a single application protocol and single buckle routing system.

Highly visible
US army-endorsed
Use on all limb sizes

SWAT-T Tourniquet - Orange

A former Operator/Medic designed the ‘Stretch, Wrap And Tuck’ Tourniquet as a multi-function life-saving device with clear visual guidance for even untrained people to use it easily.

Follow visual prompts
Super compact and lightweight

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High-Risk Work Environment? We’ve Got You Covered.


Does your risk assessment include exposure to high temperatures, naked flames, and corrosive chemicals?
Find out which burn kit you need for:

Emergency Services
Burns Units
Commercial Kitchens
Industrial Environments

Install eyewash stations and keep sterile saline close by at all times to deal with eye injuries or contaminations and protect your workforce’s sight.

Commercial Kitchens
Manufacturing, processing, engineering
Agriculture and Forestry

Provide critical life-saving care in the seconds that count following a cardiac arrest. All businesses should have at least one defibrillator.

Hospitals and clinics
Factories, plants, and warehouses
Emergency services

Prevent infection by handling biohazards like blood spills safely and hygienically in moments. Biohazard kits and supplies protect you, your staff, and your customers.

Hospitals and clinics
Emergency services
Industrial settings

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Trauma First Aid FAQs

Our range of trauma and bleed control products are designed to be used by both trained professionals in the emergency services and untrained individuals. The user-friendly design of our products makes them accessible and effective in any emergency situation.

Our Trauma Kits are comprehensive and contain various essential items to respond to severe injuries effectively. The exact contents may vary but typically include items such as tourniquets, haemostats, trauma dressings, chest seals, and more. Please check the product description of each kit for specific details.

Chest Seals are used in the treatment of penetrating chest trauma. They provide a secure seal over a chest wound to prevent outside air from entering the chest cavity, helping prevent complications like pneumothorax.

Haemostats are specially designed to control bleeding rapidly. They work by promoting blood clotting at the wound site, thereby minimising blood loss and stabilising the patient until professional medical help arrives.

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