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Endotracheal (ET) Tube Introducer | Curved Tip Bougie 15FR

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This ultra-smooth Endotracheal Tube Introducer, enhanced with memory reinforcement, serves as a guiding aid during challenging intubations.

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Streamlining Complex Intubations with Precision

The Endotracheal Tube Introducer, often known as a Bougie, is a critical medical tool explicitly crafted to streamline intubation, particularly in complex situations. It serves as an initial guide, allowing for the smooth and secure placement of the endotracheal tube into a patient's airway.

Available in various sizes, Bougies cater to distinct airway management, enabling healthcare practitioners to choose according to individual patient requirements. At times, achieving successful intubation may necessitate multiple insertions, and having the right size is crucial for ensuring patient safety and comfort.

This Bougie, with its 15Fr dimension, is meticulously designed to be compatible with adult airways. It guarantees a precise and secure introduction of the endotracheal tube, with its curved tip enhancing navigation within the adult airway and assisting medical professionals in accomplishing accurate tube placements.

The Adult Curved Tip Introducer (Bougie) 15Fr x 700mm is a premier instrument engineered for efficiently placing endotracheal tubes in adult patients. It is distinguished by its precision, design, and functionality, serving as a reliable tool for effective adult airway management across various medical environments.

Key Product Features & Benefits

  • Memory Reinforced Design: Inspired by gum elastic bougies, it retains its shape, providing superior aid during intubations.
  • Ultra-smooth Surface: Offers minimal friction, ensuring a smoother insertion process, which is crucial for patient comfort.
  • Atraumatic Tip: This feature minimises the associated risks of patient trauma, making the procedure safer.
  • Measurement Indicators: Graduation marks are available at every centimetre for precise insertion depth.
  • Angled Coudé Tip: It aids in facilitating a smoother and more efficient intubation process.
  • Vented Lumen Option: This option is available for oxygen feed when required, enhancing adaptability in varied situations.
  • Sterile Packaging: Every Bougie is individually packed in sterile, easy-to-open sachets, prioritising safety and hygiene.
  • Extended Length: At 60cm, it provides adequate reach, which is essential during the intubation process.
  • Blind Intubation Facilitator: It proves especially useful when visual cues are limited, ensuring successful intubation in challenging conditions.
  • Comprehensive Set: The set comprises 10 Bougies, each 70cm long and specially designed for adults, ensuring you are well-equipped for multiple procedures.
  • Effective in difficult intubations where achieving the right tube placement angle is challenging.
  • Provides a streamlined method to manage complexities in intubation, especially when visual cues are limited.
  • Ensures adaptability to individual patient's airways.
  • Useful in situations where multiple insertions are necessary before successful endotracheal tube placement.
  • Supplied sterile and individually packaged, prioritising hygiene and safety.
  • Features atraumatic tip to minimise patient trauma risks.

Who uses the Endotracheal Tube Introducer?

This Bougie is designed for medical professionals, especially those who deal with emergency situations requiring patient intubation. It’s an essential, user-friendly tool for navigating through obstructions in a patient’s airway and is particularly suitable for adult patients due to its tailored 700mm length. Ideal for scenarios where conventional intubation methods are not viable, it plays a crucial role in life-saving interventions. 

Product Specifications




(L) 70cm x (W) 0.5cm x (H) 0.5cm

Pack Size


Included in Kit

Curved Tip Bougie 15FR

ET Tube

Not included

Applicable For

Adult Patients


Emergency Intubation Scenarios

Special Feature

Angled Coudé Tip

Where to use the Endotracheal Tube Introducer?

This introducer is essential for healthcare practitioners in operating theatres, intensive care units, and emergency medical services. It’s ideal for situations where immediate intubation is necessary, especially when traditional methods are unfeasible due to narrow or obstructed airways. Its design and materials make it a reliable and safe choice for adult airway management.

What's in this kit?

This kit is based on our best-selling HSE First Aid Kit, which was made especially for low-risk businesses to take care of all their first aid needs in one go. The items in this kit are recommended by the Health and Safety Executive to ensure regular businesses without any outstanding risks are covered and compliant with health and safety laws.




First Aid Emergency Leaflet



Vinyl Gloves (pair)


Paper wallet

Washproof plasters


Card wallet

Safety pins (pack)



Triangular bandage


Loose paper wrap

Alcohol-free wipes


Laminate sachet

Wound dressing (large)


Paper packet

Wound dressing (medium)


Paper packet

Wound dressing (eyepad)


Paper packet

You can also order refills for this kit on our website. Keep your kit stocked with low-plastic alternatives at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Endotracheal Tube is not included with this product. The bougie serves as an aid to guide the tube during difficult intubations.

This Bougie is indispensable across various medical environments, including operating theatres, intensive care units, and emergency medical services.

Each Bougie is individually packed in easy-to-open, sterile sachets to ensure safety and hygiene.

This Bougie is specifically designed for adult patients, with a length of 700mm, catering to adult airway management.

The Bougie serves as a guide during difficult intubations, especially when traditional methods are complicated. It helps navigate obstructions or narrow passages in a patient’s airway, simplifying the process of sliding the endotracheal tube over it.

Yes, the Bougie features an ultra-smooth surface, ensuring minimal friction during insertion reducing potential risks associated with patient trauma.

Yes, the Bougie has graduation marks present at every centimetre to facilitate precise insertion.

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