Sterowash Eyecare Kits | Small, Medium, Large |  500ml Eyewash, 20ml Pods, Eyepads, Mirror  | Eye & Wound Care Medical Case

Sterowash Eyecare Kits | Small, Medium, Large | 500ml Eyewash, 20ml Pods, Eyepads, Mirror | Eye & Wound Care Medical Case

Cederroth Eyewash 500ml

Cederroth Eyewash 500ml

Steropax Boxed Eyepad

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Choose Steropax eye pad dressing products to dress damage to the eye, promote healing, and prevent infection. Secure in place with a built-in conforming bandage for ease and comfort.

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Protect eye injuries with confidence. A premium unmedicated eye pad dressing with bandage built in, designed to conform to the contours of the eye socket, protecting the wound and minimising infection risk.

High-quality product from the Steroplast premium dressing range. Choose an eye pad sterile dressing from a supplier trusted by the NHS and emergency services. 

Steropax eye pad dressings are highly absorbent, unmedicated, and sterile, specially formulated to treat trauma to the eye area and promote healing. Easily secured in place with a built-in high-stretch elastic conforming bandage, protect eye wounds with a cushioned eye dressing pad, keeping the patient as comfortable as possible. 

This sterile eye pad dressing is made from highly absorbent cotton that draws blood, exudate, and moisture from the wound site, aiding natural healing and keeping the wound area dry.

Benefits of Steropax Boxed Eye Pad Dressings

  • A premium quality eye pad dressing product trusted by NHS doctors, nurses, and paramedics.
  • Sterile unmedicated eye dressing pad that cushions a wound to the eye area, absorbing exudate and promoting healing.
  • Ergonomically designed oval-shaped eye pad dressing matches the contours of the face and secures in place comfortably.
  • Manufactured to meet HSE first aid recommendations and NHS standards.
  • Highly absorbent eye dressing pad protects the wound while drawing blood and exudate away from the wound site.
  • Comfortable, breathable eye pad dressing developed by industry experts.
  • Each eye pad sterile dressing comes with a built-in elasticated conforming bandage to hold it secure, making wound dressing and dressing changes easier and more comfortable.
  • The combination of the bandage’s pressure and the soft cushioned eye dressing pad promotes healing while providing essential protection from infection. 

Steroplast’s Premium Dressing Range

All of Steroplast’s wound care products are made to exacting standards of premium quality and reliability. They are designed for use throughout hospitals, by the emergency services, first aid responders, sports medics, and are ideal for use in many other environments. 

We offer a comprehensive range of medical-grade wound dressings as well as sterile eye pad dressings that the emergency services and NHS trust.

Take a look at Steroplast’s extensive range:

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