Infant 280ml Bag-Valve Mask (BVM) | Size 0 Single-Use Resuscitator

Infant 280ml Bag-Valve Mask (BVM) | Size 0 Single-Use Resuscitator

High Concentration Oxygen Mask - Adult

High Concentration Oxygen Mask - Adult

Disposable Combi Laryngoscope Set

The Disposable Combi Laryngoscope Set is a sterile, single-use solution, meticulously designed for conducting larynx examinations or facilitating seamless tube insertion through it. This premium set combines reliability and convenience, ensuring optimal visibility and precision in every use, making it an indispensable tool for healthcare professionals.

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Disposable Combi Laryngoscope Set
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Illuminate Medical Precision with an Integrated meLED™ System

This combi set is the epitome of medical convenience and functionality, featuring a one-piece system that seamlessly combines a stainless-steel blade and a durable plastic handle. This integration allows for meticulous 'Test in Bag' functionality testing before each use, ensuring reliability and efficiency. Built on a conventional system, the combi set is outfitted with a meticulously integrated meLED™, providing optimal light output precisely where it is most needed and is powered by a robust 6V handle.

Steroplast stocks an extensive range of sizes, spanning from Macintosh 1 to Macintosh 4 and Miller 00 to Miller 01. This range ensures adaptability and versatility in various medical situations for airway management, meeting diverse needs with precision and reliability.

Moreover, the Proact Combi Metal Max Single Patient Use Laryngoscope and Handle enhances the experience by offering a premium system disposable metal laryngoscope blade, available in a comprehensive range of sizes to accommodate the unique requirements of each patient. This combination of innovative design and versatile functionality makes the combi set an indispensable tool in medical settings, delivering excellence and reliability in every use.

Key Product Features & Benefits

  • Integrated One-Piece System: Features a non-removable MetalMax blade and aluminium handle, removing hassle and compatibility issues, with Test in Bag functionality enabling pre-use testing.
  • Diverse Size Range: Offers a comprehensive range of sizes suitable for both paediatric and adult patients, allowing adaptability to different medical scenarios.
  • Lightweight and Durable: The aluminium handle is lightweight and robust, paired with a stainless-steel blade, ensuring structural strength and long-lasting reliability.
  • Optimal Illumination: Integrated meLED™ offers excellent light output with no heat output, providing clear visibility without compromise.
  • Long Battery Life: Boasting over 5 hours of continuous illumination and a 3-year battery shelf life from the date of manufacture.
  • Quality Blade Design: The full-length spatula mimics the quality of reusable blades, avoiding unnecessary cutouts and ensuring ease of intubation with a correctly formed and atraumatic blade shape.
  • Structural Strength: Laser-welded stainless steel enhances the structural integrity of the hook-on section of the plastic block.
  • Immediate Usability: Supplied clean, fully assembled, and ready to use in seconds, avoiding any sterile shelf life issues.
  • Ergonomic Blade Design: Miller blades feature a 5-degree downward angled blade and a flat atraumatic tip for easier tongue control.
  • Convenient Packaging: Supplied in colour-coded sachets and dispensing boxes of 10, enabling easy and quick access.
  • No Sharp Edges: Ensuring patient safety with meticulously crafted tips and edges.
  • Easy Battery Removal: Facilitates fast and hassle-free removal of the battery at the end of its life.

Who uses this Disposable Combi Laryngoscope Set?

The Disposable Combi Laryngoscope Set is meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals, especially those in the field of anaesthesiology and emergency medicine. It’s an invaluable tool for:

  • Anaesthetists: Who require reliable and efficient tools for intubation processes, ensuring patient safety and optimal results.
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs): Providing a lightweight and versatile solution for urgent medical situations, where time and reliability are of the essence.
  • Medical Practitioners: Seeking a versatile and user-friendly laryngoscope for various medical scenarios and patient needs.
  • Medical Institutions: Hospitals and clinics aiming to equip their staff with high-quality, reliable, and easy-to-use medical devices.
  • Surgical Teams: In need of dependable and efficient tools to ensure smooth surgical procedures and optimal patient outcomes.

Product Specifications

System Type

One-Piece System

Blade Material

Surgical Stainless Steel AISI Type 304

Handle Material

Lightweight Aluminium

Blade & Handle Integration

Non-Removable MetalMax Blade

Light Source

Integrated meLED

Power Supply

6V Handle

Battery Life

Over 5 hours of continuous illumination

Battery Shelf Life

3 years from the date of manufacture

Available Sizes

- Macintosh 1 (Paediatric)
- Macintosh 2 (Paediatric)
- Macintosh 3 (Adult)
- Macintosh 4 (Adult)
- Miller 00 (Paediatric)
- Miller 0 (Paediatric)
- Miller 01 (Paediatric)


Easy Open Colour Coded Sachets

Quantity Per Box

10 Units


Ready to use in seconds

Special Features

Full-length spatula
Laser welded stainless steel
Correctly formed blade shape with atraumatic tip

Where to use the Disposable Combi Laryngoscope Set

  • Hospitals: The reliability and efficiency of the laryngoscope make it an essential tool in hospital settings, specifically in anaesthesiology, emergency departments, and operating rooms.
  • Ambulances: Given its lightweight design and ready-to-use feature, it’s an invaluable asset for emergency medical technicians responding to critical situations.
  • Clinics: Its versatile range of sizes and user-friendly design make it a practical choice for medical practitioners in clinics, aiding in the swift examination and treatment of patients.
  • Medical Training Institutions: The robustness and innovative features of the laryngoscope make it a suitable tool for training medical students and professionals in the correct procedures of intubation and airway management.
  • Surgical Centres: With its premium system disposable metal laryngoscope blade, it’s a preferred choice in surgical centres for carrying out various surgical procedures efficiently.

What's the difference between the Macintosh and Miller Blades?

The Disposable Combi Laryngoscope Set accommodates two principle blade types: the Macintosh and the Miller, each catering to varied medical prerequisites and user preferences. Diverging in design, the Macintosh blade sports a curved structure, optimising ease of operation, while the Miller blade maintains a straight form, yielding superior visual access to the vocal cords. The selection between these blades hinges predominantly on the individual practices and experiences of anesthesiologists.

When employing a Macintosh blade, the user engages the vallecula and elevates the hyoepiglottic ligament, bypassing interference with the epiglottis. This necessitates maximal neck extension, a leftward tongue pull, followed by a vigorous upward force. Contrastingly, the Miller blade, being straight, directly lifts the epiglottis during laryngoscopy, marking itself as the alternative when Macintosh proves unsuitable. It demands less force and lesser neck extension, serving particularly beneficial for individuals with irregular or absent upper right teeth.

Given the anatomy of the oral cavity and the substantial epiglottis in paediatric patients, the Miller blade imparts a clearer view of the larynx inlet, facilitating precision and accuracy during medical procedures. The versatility between the Macintosh and Miller blades in our laryngoscope set allows medical professionals to tailor their approach, ensuring optimal results in varied medical contexts.  

What's in this kit?

This kit is based on our best-selling HSE First Aid Kit, which was made especially for low-risk businesses to take care of all their first aid needs in one go. The items in this kit are recommended by the Health and Safety Executive to ensure regular businesses without any outstanding risks are covered and compliant with health and safety laws.




First Aid Emergency Leaflet



Vinyl Gloves (pair)


Paper wallet

Washproof plasters


Card wallet

Safety pins (pack)



Triangular bandage


Loose paper wrap

Alcohol-free wipes


Laminate sachet

Wound dressing (large)


Paper packet

Wound dressing (medium)


Paper packet

Wound dressing (eyepad)


Paper packet

You can also order refills for this kit on our website. Keep your kit stocked with low-plastic alternatives at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the laryngoscope is completely assembled and is ready to use in seconds upon arrival, eliminating any hassle of assembly.

Absolutely, it is available in various sizes, catering to both paediatric and adult patients. The available sizes include Macintosh 1 to 4 and Miller 00 to 01.

No, the MetalMax blade is non-removable from the aluminium handle, avoiding compatibility issues and ensuring optimal functionality and reliability.

Indeed, the integrated meLED™ provides excellent light output without any heat output, allowing for a clear and illuminated view.

The laryngoscope offers over 5 hours of continuous illumination, and the battery has a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Yes, its lightweight design, immediate usability, and reliable performance make it a critical tool for emergency situations in various settings like ambulances and emergency departments.

The laryngoscope is supplied in easy-open colour-coded sachets, with dispensing boxes containing 10 units each, ensuring ease of access and identification.

Absolutely, the product is constructed with surgical stainless steel and features laser-welded stainless steel through the hook-on section, providing maximum strength and durability.

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