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Guedel Airways | Sizes 00 - 6 | Oropharyngeal Airway

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One-Piece, latex free, sterile guedel airway is safer by design as it combines two materials into one moulding.

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Guedel Airways
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Size 00 - 50mm - Blue (SKU: WSTE0177)
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Size 0 - 60mm - Grey (SKU: WSTE0176)
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Size 1 - 70mm - White (SKU: AIRWAY001)
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Size 4 - 100mm - Pink (SKU: AIRWAY004)
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Size 5 - 110mm - Yellow (SKU: AIRWAY006)
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Size 6 - 120mm - Red (SKU: AIRWAY007)
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Pack of 6 - Size 00-4 (SKU: 9580)
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The Guedel Airways, also known as oropharyngeal airways, are an essential tool used to maintain the patency of a patient's airway. These airways serve as a vital solution in ensuring that the tongue doesn't obstruct the airway, either partially or completely. This equipment is particularly invaluable in emergency situations, where speed and efficiency can make all the difference.

Key Features

  • Safety First: With its one-piece, latex-free design, this airway minimises potential hazards.
  • Material: Manufactured from LLDPE (linear low-density polythylene) which adheres to the highest British Specifications, conforming to B.S. EN 12181 1998.
  • Design Excellence: A revolutionary design which eliminates the conventional separate bite block, reducing risks.
  • Soft Tip: Incorporated to minimise the risk of trauma to the patient.
  • Colour Coding: For easy identification and selection, the design incorporates a colour-coded bite block.
  • Smooth Finish: Designed to minimise the risk of damage to the oropharyngeal tissues.
  • Sterilisation: Gamma irradiation ensures sterility. Single-use only.
  • Sizes: Available in seven different sizes for diverse needs.
  • Latex and Phthalate Free: Prioritising user safety, all products are latex and phthalate free.

What Makes the Guedel Airways Unique?

Innovative One-Piece Design

Utilising the latest manufacturing technology, Guedel Airways have undergone the first major design transformation in thirty years. The incorporation of two distinct materials into one moulding removes the need for a separate bite block, a component found in conventional Guedel airways. This innovation eliminates potential hazards like loose or detached bite blocks, offering improved safety and a soft tip to reduce trauma.

How to Use the Guedel Airways

  1. Preparation: Begin by ensuring there are no foreign bodies in the patient's mouth.
  2. Lubrication: Lubricate the oropharyngeal airway for smoother insertion.
  3. Insertion Technique: Insert the airway upside down, which reduces the risk of pushing the tongue back. Once the tip reaches the hard-soft palate junction, rotate it 180° and proceed with the rest of the insertion.
  4. Patient Response: If the patient shows a gag reflex, they may not tolerate the airway. In such cases, halt insertion and consider using a nasopharyngeal airway.
  5. Confirm: Ensure the airway is patent post-insertion.

When to Use the Guedel Airways

  • Airway Obstruction: When there's a risk of the tongue covering the epiglottis, especially in patients with a reduced Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS).
  • Resuscitation: To ensure a clear patient airway during procedures.
  • Anaesthesia: To maintain an open oropharyngeal airway for patients under general anaesthetic, either during the administration or during the recovery phase.
  • Additional Support: An oxygen mask or bag mask ventilation can be applied over the Guedel Airway if required.

Note: Always choose a size that matches the distance between the corner of the patient's mouth and the angle of their jaw.

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