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Vaccination centre disposables

Vaccination Centre Disposables

Vaccination centre disposables: Top-up consumables to keep your vaccination programme running smoothly

With the NHS predicted to give thousands of coronavirus vaccinations per week over the coming months, there will be a combined effort from medical professionals; with nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, and other NHS staff working together to provide safe vaccinations to the public.

This is a national effort, and we know that NHS resources will be stretched. This article aims to provide a checklist of the medical consumables and vaccination essentials we sell, from spot plasters to vital infection control products.

Steroplast Healthcare have been supplying essential medical supplies to NHS hospitals for 25 years. Our products are tried and tested, and of the highest quality. With our next-day UK delivery service, you can rely on us to keep your operations running efficiently and smoothly.

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Hospitals, GPs, pharmacies, and local vaccination centres should be well stocked with essential supplies and high-quality equipment to perform safe injections. Healthcare personnel are encouraged to ensure that their practice always follows the basic principles of safe vaccination and infection control when delivering vaccinations.

Preparing staff with reliable healthcare supplies and equipment will enable them to ensure vaccine safety throughout the vaccination process, from preparation to post-injection procedure.


Post-injection supplies

The post injection process involves dressing the needle wound and getting rid of all disposables safely and effectively. This step is vital to prevent further infection post-injection.

  • Post-injection spot plasters: These small round plasters are a popular choice for use post-injection to keep the needle puncture dry and safe from infection. These plasters can be bought in bulk to fulfil the demand for large quantities of daily injections. The individually wrapped plasters can be applied immediately post-injection, acting as a protective seal against moisture and bacteria.
  • Washproof plasters: Other variations of washproof plasters are available for dressing puncture wounds post-injection. The injection site for most vaccinations is on the arm, any shape of plaster will be suitable for this area and will work to keep it safe from infection. The latex-free plasters are individually wrapped to ensure they remain sterile right up until use.
  • Cotton wool: As an alternative to plasters, cotton wool balls can be secured to the injection site using microporous tape. This will stop the bleeding and keep the wound dry for a short time until it is healed, or a plaster becomes available. The hypoallergenic adhesive on our microporous tape allows use for all different types of skin.
  • Swelling: Ice packs can be placed on the arm to reduce post injection swelling or pain.
  • Waste disposal: Disposing of used needles is vital to prevent the spread of virus’ and infection. Medical staff should take extra care to dispose of needles immediately after injection in a sharps bin. Varying yellow sharps bin sizes are available for different site capacities. The sharps disposal kit is the perfect solution for individual vaccinations. Other infectious materials can be disposed of using clinical waste bags and heavy-duty bags.  

Infection control & ppe

Infection control & Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Extra precautions must be put in place when considering the mass groupings of people at the vaccination hubs. As well as adhering to social distancing measures, face masks must be worn by everyone on site when possible and appropriate PPE should be worn by staff and patients. Infection control is vital in this environment as all efforts are made to prevent the spread of the highly infectious disease at hand.

  • Hand sanitiser: The transmission of infections can be reduced using hand sanitiser upon entrance and when leaving the vaccination centres. Sterosan 500ml is available to buy in bulk for use by large quantities of people.
  • Thermometers: Monitoring the temperature of patients before they enter the site will ensure public safety. The Berrcom non-contact infrared thermometer is ideal for quick, contactless temperature reading.
  • Clean surfaces: Cleaning surfaces and equipment is important to eliminate the any germs and viruses present in the surrounding area before injection. NHS hospitals choose PDI Universal wipes for cleaning and disinfecting purposes due to the highly effective formula which resists bacteria and viruses. Steroclenz rapid surface sanitiser is ideal for larger surfaces and areas prone to high risk of infection.
  • Couch roll: The efficient changing and disposal of couch roll paper will ensure that couch surfaces stay hygienic between patients. High quality 40 metre couch rolls provides a cost-effective solution to hygienic vaccination sessions.
  • Gloves: Disposable gloves can be worn by staff whilst administrating the vaccination to reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Aprons: It is always advised for healthcare workers to achieve personal protection by wearing a disposable apron in situations where blood or bodily fluids may splash onto their clothes.
  • Skin preparation: PDI alcohol prep pads can provide skin preparation prior to injection, disinfecting skin and reducing the chance of infection. The single-use wipes are ideal for individual use with patients.
  • Bio-hazard kits: Safely and effectively contain and dispose of bodily fluids to reduce the spread of infection. The Steroguard biohazard kit is compact and easy to carry for vaccination in care homes or smaller sites, it contains items for every step of the clean-up process – including the super-absorbent powder which can clean up vomit within seconds.
  • Vomit bags and bowls: Preparing for nervous or unsettled patients by providing vomit bags and bowls to contain the infectious fluids, protecting nearby patients and staff from exposure.

Vaccination disposables

Injection Equipment for vaccination

Most vaccines will be administrated via needle, this involves injecting the vaccine under the skin. Our reliable range of injection supplies allow for safe vaccination practice, ensuring patient protection throughout the vaccination procedure:

  • Hypodermic needles: This needle is used to inject vaccines into the body, it is sterile and latex free. We stock varying sizes and gauges in packs of 100.
  • Luer Slip Tip Syringe: Disposable syringes are available in individually wrapped sterile packs; they allow safe needle fixation onto the tip of the syringe by push slip. The clear barrel and bold ml scale markers allow for accurate dosing – making them the ideal choice for vaccinations.


Why choose Steroplast for your vaccination centre supplies?

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Many of our tried and tested, medical grade products are requested by the NHS and supplied to other medical environments for their high quality and durability.

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Next-day delivery ensures your practice can remain running and is able to replenish essential items by the next working day.

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Cost-effective vaccination supplies can be bought in bulk for wide distribution.

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Our 25+ years of experience allows us to develop and supply products that will not fail you or your patients.

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We can supply your vaccination centre, private practices, community pharmacies, and care homes with the essential items necessary to carry out safe and effective vaccination.



We recommend you purchase items to restock ahead of time to ensure you have the capacity to keep up with demand and are able to deliver hundreds, or even thousands of covid vaccinations per week.

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