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Waste Bags

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A selection of hospital waste bags from bedside disposables to clinical waste

Product Name Qty
Clinical - Yellow - 28cm x 19cm - Pack of 50 (SKU: 2020)
£8.70 £7.25
Clinical - Yellow - 108cm x 76cm - Single (SKU: 2025)
£0.72 £0.60
Clinical - Orange - 71cm x 97cm - Pack of 25 (SKU: WSTE0119)
£8.94 £7.45
Bedside - Yellow - 27cm x 46cm - Pack of 200 (SKU: 1972/200)
£12.60 £10.50
Bedside - Yellow - 27cm x 46cm - Pack of 50 (SKU: 1972/50)
£3.54 £2.95
Heavy duty - Yellow - 63cm x 42cm - Pack of 25 (SKU: 1974)
£6.35 £5.29

Correct segregation of waste is essential to ensure that infectious waste does not become contaminated with other materials. Failure to effectively segregate clinical waste means that the entire volume of waste is treated as infectious, and therefore, must be disposed of at a suitably licensed treatment facility, which results in greater disposal cost for your practice.

How to dispose of biohazard waste bags

Just as recycling is separated from general household rubbish to prevent contamination, hazardous waste must be dealt with in a sensitive way to make sure its impact on people and the environment is minimal. The below video explains what to do with a biohazard bag of waste:

What is a biohazard kit bag used for in a laboratory?

Samples in a lab are often investigated for abnormalities, which means that all waste material is generally treated as potentially infectious. The video below explains more about what a biohazard kit bag is used for in a laboratory: 

Clinical waste bags

Large 25mu UN approved 5kg bags for alternative treatment or incineration of clinical waste.

Heavy-duty bags

Thick and strong plastic heavy-duty bag for the medical disposables.

Bedside bags

Disposable polythene bags with a full-width adhesive strip, allowing patients and staff to easily attach it to hospital lockers or trolleys. It also works as an effective seal prior to disposal of the bag.

Black bin bags

Medium duty black bin bags fitting a standard 80-litre dustbin with a diameter of 45-47cm. Packed in a strong and stackable, double-wall carton. Boxed in 200's with 4 polybags of 50 internally.

Watch our guide on the different colours of biohazard bags below:

Are you part of the national COVID-19 vaccination programme? Our full range of vaccination centre essentials includes more injection equipment, post-injection disposables and PPE.

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Associated SKUs 1974 2020 2025 WSTE0119 1972/200 1972/50
Subcategory Waste Disposal
Type of Product Waste Bags

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