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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Disposable personal protective equipment to prevent blood or body fluids splashing onto your clothes.

14 Items
  • Blue Oversleeves - Pack of 100
    £5.94 £4.95
  • FFP3 Valved Face Masks
    £5.10 £4.25
  • Long Sleeve Gown - Pack of 10
    £22.02 £18.35
  • Type IIR Face Masks - Box of 50
    £5.99 £4.99
  • Face Visors | PPE Protective Face Shields
    £23.88 £19.90
  • KN95 Face Masks - Bag of 10
    £30.00 £24.00 £20.00
  • Blue Overshoes - 16" - Pack of 200
    £10.74 £8.95
  • White Oversleeves - Pack of 100
  • White Disposable Coverall - XL - Single
    £11.94 £9.95
  • White Disposable Coverall - Large - Single
    £11.94 £9.95
  • White Disposable Coverall - Medium - Single
    £11.94 £9.95
  • White Disposable Coverall - Small - Single
    £11.94 £9.95
  • Disposable - Aprons - White
    £6.48 £5.40
  • Safety Eye Protection Glasses | PPE High Impact Glasses
    £3.00 £2.50
14 Items

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Make sure you protect yourself with PPE made to British Standards. Your best protection against viruses & bacteria.


Understanding mask differences


Understanding mask differences

KN95 Masks

Type IIR Face Masks

FFP3 Face Masks

KN95 Masks

Type IIR Masks

FFP3 Masks

Intended use and purpose

Personal applications and other industries such as mining, construction, and painting

These medical-grade masks are perfect for healthcare use. They are also ideal for public spaces.

NHS guidelines stipulate FFP3 face masks for virus and bacterial infection control, making them perfect for healthcare and personal use.

Bacterial filtration efficacy

Captures 95% of bacteriaCaptures 98% of bacteriaCaptures 99% of bacteria

Advantages, features & benefits

Multilayer protective structure - non-woven inner layer

Soft and comfortable with elastic ear loops

3D design fits over nose and mouth securely when fitted correctly

High-quality nose bridge which can be adjusted to fit


• Medical-grade premium quality

• Type IIR with a splash-resistant layer to protect against bodily fluids

• Lightweight and comfortable to wear with skin-friendly fabric

• Includes a hydrophobic layer, a filter layer, and a hydrophilic layer

• Soft inner material provides great comfort throughout the day

• Adjustable nose clip provides greater protection for the entire day

• Includes synthetic bands that are latex-free

• The exhalation valve offers greater comfort during the working day



These disposable face shields are ideal for infection prevention and control, as they can prevent you from spreading and catching germs.

A quality face visor
Splash guard
Ultra clear
Latex free avoids skin reactions
No hearing restriction
Comfortable to wear

PPE wearables

These specialised wearables are ideal for preventing contact with an infectious agent or body fluid.

Disposable Aprons

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Disposable Clothing

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Safety Glasses

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Long Sleeve Gown

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