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Vaccination Centre Essentials

Vaccination Centre Essentials

Top-up consumables for your vaccination programme

Browse our selection of medical consumables and vaccination products that are keeping hospitals, GPs, pharmacies, and local vaccination centres well stocked with the essential supplies to perform safe injections.

Steroplast Healthcare have been providing to NHS hospitals for over 25 years, supplying them with high quality medical essentials.

Our next-day UK delivery service allows you to keep your vaccination operations running effectivley without long delivery delays.

Post-Injection Consumables

These items will prevent infection post-injection, ensuring patient protection with needle puncture dressing solutions and the safe disposal of medical waste.

Infection Control & PPE

Vital in any medical environemnt, our infection control solutions will ensure the spread of infection is reduced, keeping clinical staff and patients safe.

Vaccination Disposables

Our reliable range of dispoable injection supplies allows for safe injection practices and can be ordered in bulk to keep up with large quantities of daily injections.


See our blog post for a full checklist of our vaccination essentials, and more information on how to keep your vaccination programme running smoothly.


Download short guides to some of our most popular products.

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  • Hypodermic Needles - Pack of 100
  • Washproof Post-Injection Round Spot Plasters
  • PDI Alcohol Prep Pads
    From £3.60
  • Purple Nitrile Gloves - Pack of 100
    Out of stock
  • Sterostrip Hypoallergenic Washproof Plasters
  • Type IIR Face Masks - Box of 50
  • Berrcom Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
  • Disposable - Couch Rolls
    From £2.34
  • Sharps Bins
    From £2.35
  • Sterosafe Sharps Disposal Kit
  • Sharps Disposal Kit | Hospital Needle Container for Safe Disposal
  • 25cm Couch Roll Dispenser
  • Waste Bags

    Starting at £0.60

  • Microporous Tape - Spool and Cap - 8 Packs of 12
  • PDI Sani-Cloth AF Universal Wipes - Effective Against Viruses and Bacteria

    Starting at £2.35

  • Luer Slip Tip Syringe

    Starting at £0.30

  • PDI Sani-Cloth 70% General Surface Wipes - 6 Packs of 200 Wipes
    Out of stock
  • Stero-san Hand Sanitiser Gel 50ml - Effective against germs & viruses
  • Steroclenz Rapid Surface Sanitiser

    Starting at £7.49

  • Aurelia Nitrile Powder Free Gloves - Pack of 100

    Starting at £13.95

  • Vomit Bags and Bowls

    Starting at £13.40

  • Sterotape Microporous

    Starting at £5.00

  • Sterofreeze Instant Ice Packs
    From £15.20
  • Cotton Wool - Balls and Rolls

    Starting at £2.18

Items 1 - 24 of 26