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School Medical Supplies - What Every School Should Have

Whilst a school should do everything in their power to avoid accidents occurring in the first place. It will be nearly impossible to rule them out altogether. Furthermore, younger students are almost certainly going to have fewer antibodies in their systems. They will in turn fall foul of all manners of different infections as they grow up. As such, schools will need a vast array of specific medical supplies available to them. They need to ensure that a nurse is on hand to administer first aid or diagnose certain symptoms.

There are many reasons why younger individuals are more likely than adults to get injured or feel under the weather. Simply from being in large groups to energetic playtime, and schools need to be prepared for pretty much every eventuality.

Dealing with illness in school

When bacteria and viruses enter a school, they can spread like wildfire. Children are far less focused on washing their hands throughout the day. Break time activities will see them in very close contact with each other. In turn, every school needs to have the right tools to help mitigate the spread of germs through the grounds.

There is a variety of infection control products that could save both teachers and students from pesky illnesses and lengthy periods of convalescence:

  • Hand Sanitiser Gel, paired with signs displayed across the school reminding students to wash their hands will encourage regular hand cleaning, preventing the spread of germs
  • Non-Contact thermometers will allow you to monitor high temperatures in students and school staff
  • Disposable Gloves for teachers and school staff to wear when treating general injuries, reducing the risk of infection
  • Spill Kits are essential for the safe disposal of fluids including vomit and urine, reducing exposure to infectious microorganisms

Responding to accidents

When in doubt about what you may need to keep children at your school safe and healthy, get in touch with us here at Steroplast Healthcare and we will help you make the most suitable choices to keep every individual on your premises as safe and healthy as possible.

  1. Childcare First Aid Kit
    Childcare First Aid Kit

    Starting at £11.94 £9.95

Whilst in some cases students may need attention from a qualified medical professional or a trip to A&E, in many cases accidents can be dealt with on the school grounds so long as the right supplies are available.

In fact, in the event of serious accidents, immediate aid may even mean the difference between life and death. A Childcare First Aid Kit is essential for any school environment.

As such, there'll be many other medical supplies each school will need beyond sanitising products and a first aid kit. Whilst a number of basic first aid kits should be available throughout the school, featuring the likes of washproof plasters, bandages, antiseptic wipes, burn treatments, gauzes and ice packs (amongst other simple additions), it will also be important to have a range of more specialist equipment too.

From defibrillators and CPR masks through to head immobilisers and wheelchairs there will be many important items to add to any school’s general medical supplies. An eyewash station will be extremely useful, as will medication to treat a range of conditions from diabetes through to allergic reactions. It will also be important to have an array of protective gear and plenty of fresh sheets.

School Cleaning Supplies

Our wide range of tried & tested cleaning supplies will come in handy in any school cleaning regime.

Stock up on surface cleaners, wipes and disinfectants to keep shared spaces clean and free from germs.

If you would like a consultation with one of our experts about any of our school cleaning solutions, please get in touch:

0161 902 3030

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