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Stero-san Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml

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A dermatologically tested, medical-grade hand sanitiser. Made with 70% alcohol to kill germs and pathogens, and moisturising emollients to protect sensitive skin from repeated exposure to alcohol.

This large antibacterial hand gel 500ml comes in a sturdy, domed bottle, ideal for high traffic environments.

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500ml Pack of 25 - £0.70 each excl. VAT (SKU: SAN500/25)
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Hospital-Grade Hand Sanitizer with Moisturising Properties

Our portable Stero-san Hand Sanitiser 500ml cleansing gel is made with a tried and tested antiviral formula that has been a favourite of our customers for years thanks to its practicality, effectiveness, and kindness to their skin. Here are its benefits:

  • Stero-san antibacterial hand gel is made with a unique formula designed to protect without drying out the skin.
  • 1 quick pump is all you need to cover both hands.
  • Our 70% alcohol antiseptic handwash gel is made with moisturisers and added emollients, providing special protection for people with sensitive or dry skin.
  • Stero-san hand gel is an alternative to soap and water when washing your hands is impractical or inconvenient.
  • NHS approved hand sanitiser Stero-san has been demonstrated to conform to the EN1500 Standard.
  • Testing is performed on the efficacy of our hand sanitiser gel by the Hospital Infection Research Laboratory, City Hospital, Dudley Road, Birmingham, UK.
  • The big bottle holds 500ml of hand gel, making it ideal for public places with high traffic.

A Dermatologically Tested Moisturising Hand Sanitiser

Is your skin suffering from repeated use of a high alcohol hand sanitiser gel? If you are required to use high alcohol hand gel regularly or sanitise your hands often you might have noticed your skin drying out.

Uncomfortable or unsightly skin isn’t the only concern with alcohol hand gel. If you suffer from dermatitis, or just have dry or chapped hands, you can be more susceptible to infections and can accommodate more germs and pathogens. Choosing a sensitive hand sanitiser with moisturising benefits keeps your hands healthy and provides better protection against the transmission of germs.

Dermatologically tested Stero-san anti-bac hand gel has an advanced solution that contains essential emollients that are designed to treat dry skin with a protective film that traps moisture in, combating the dehydrating effect of alcohol. Read more about skin safe hand sanitiser in our guide to choosing the right-hand sanitiser.

Ergonomic Bottle Design for High Traffic Environments

Our aesthetic label design and domed hand sanitiser bottle shape make the bottle ideal for public places where people need a convenient source of hand gel, making it the best hand gel choice for:

  • GP surgeries
  • Chemist
  • Reception desks
  • Waiting areas
  • Front of house
  • Classrooms
  • Public bathrooms
  • Staff rooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Gyms

As a reputable UK manufacturer with 25 years of experience, we designed the Stero-san 500ml hand gel bottles to be sturdy and virtually impossible to accidentally tip over, even when being used in busy high transit places, like queues. The high-quality hand sanitiser bottle with pump is made to be easy for single-hand operation, making it more hygienic and easier for children to use. It is also transparent so you can easily see whether you need to replace or refill the sanitiser. The wall-mounted bottle holder enhances access and visibility for multiple users.

Be prepared for common winter infections and order a single 500ml large hand sanitiser for just £3.60 or stock up on hand sanitiser packs of 6 at £10.73, or 25 at £30; the lowest price online compared to the average price of hand sanitiser. Our hand sanitiser large bottle is ideal for sanitising stations, but we also offer a handy 50ml pocket-sized spray hand sanitiser with clip, ideal for travel and on-the-go use in the office, car or handbag.

Providing staff with an easy to use instant hand sanitiser gel pump station will help to prevent the spread of infection in shared spaces. It’s important to be aware of the high touch areas in your workplace.

Hospital Strength Hand Sanitiser UK Consumers Trust

Our innovative hand hygiene gel is tested by the Hospital Infection Research Laboratory to meet the EN1500 Standard, a European Standard test to evaluate the efficacy of sanitary hand gel by sampling the number of bacteria on fingertips following contamination and then hand gel exposure. 

Stero-san hand wash gel contains 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, capable of killing 99.999% of all bacteria and germs, similar to NHS hand sanitiser used in hospital and medical settings. When used correctly, our antimicrobial commercial hand sanitiser is proven to protect you and those around you from contact transmission of bacteria, germs, pathogens, and viruses. 

Infection control together with skin nutrient properties makes Stero-san one of the best hand sanitiser products on the UK market and a leading hand sanitiser brand. Bulk buy hand sanitiser in packs of up to 25, making each unit only £1. If you’re a distributor, shop wholesale sanitiser gel here and we can also ship directly to your customers.

We’re not just a hand sanitiser supplier, find other infection control products and PPE on our website and order from Steroplast, a trusted UK healthcare brand.


What does hand sanitiser do?

When you wash your hands with soap and water you dissolve the lipid membrane that surrounds some viruses, pathogens, and bacteria. Hand gel disinfectant works by breaking down this membrane using alcohol. When the lipid membrane is broken down it reduces the bacteria, pathogen, or virus’s ability to attach itself to the healthy cells on our bodies.

Do hand sanitisers kill viruses?

Medical hand sanitiser, with an alcohol content of 70% or more is effective against many viruses, including Coronaviruses and Noroviruses, when used correctly. 

Does hand sanitiser expire?

Hand sanitiser does expire. The alcohol in antibacterial hand gel is the active ingredient that breaks down the lipid-based coating of bacteria and viruses and destroys them. Over time the percentage of alcohol in hand sanitiser will decrease so the use-by date is there to tell you when your hand san gel is no longer effective. 

Find out more in our blog post 'Can hand sanitisers expire?'


Hand hygiene is an important part of the individual action we can all take to protect against everyday germs. See our full range of recommended products for everything you need to protect yourself and your business from everyday viruses including face masks, aprons, gloves, PPE packs and surface wipes.


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