Sterochef Blue Vinyl Finger Stalls — Medium | Pack of 10

Sterochef Blue Vinyl Finger Stalls — Medium | Pack of 10

Sterochef Blue PE Strapping | 2.5cm x 5m | Pack of 12

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Adhesive blue strapping tape to protect wounds and cover potential hazards when working in food preparation. Prevent items from falling into food and keep health and safety compliant.

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Multipurpose blue strapping tape can be used to keep your food processing environment safe from a range of contaminants.

When working with food, any responsible business's first priority is hygiene. You should use the right plasters and dressings to ensure your staff can keep working without compromising the safety of the food you produce. 

Sterochef strapping is a blue plastic adhesive tape used during food preparation to cover dressings and tape around items like jewellery that cannot be removed. Securely taping up any compromising items prevents them from accidentally dropping into the food chain. The strapping itself is designed to be highly visible, so if it does come off, it can be quickly and easily spotted.

What does the law say about first aid in food processing?

It’s the law in the UK that all businesses where food is handled or processed should employ the use of blue plasters, dressings, and bandages. These high-visibility items minimise the risk of cross-contamination, making it easy to see if one has fallen into food. When plasters don’t cut it, use our blue plaster tape to cover awkward areas or items.

In addition, some products contain metal strips to help with automated detection. All Sterochef blue plasters contain a metal strip to make it even easier to detect them. Browse the other products in this range in our Sterochef product brochure.

Failing to follow the guidance of the health and safety executive could result in negative repercussions on your business. Ensure you’re completely covered, so you and your workforce don’t have to worry. Find out what else should be in a kitchen first aid kit in our blog. 

Benefits of using Steroplast Blue PE Strapping

  • Our strapping is made in high-visibility blue to comply with food hygiene regulations in the UK.
  • The tape is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.
  • The tape is 2.5cm x 5m, making it wide enough to cover most pieces of jewellery and long enough for multiple uses.
  • The blue strapping tape is washproof, meaning the skin underneath is protected, and the tape stays intact for as long as you wear it. It is ideal for busy food preparation environments where employees must wash their hands multiple times a day.
  • The tape comes with a spool for easy application and to keep it in good condition until use.

About Steroplast, a Leading Plaster Brand

We also offer standard Sterochef Blue Plasters in 10 different sizes and combinations. These plasters come with a detectable metal strip to help prevent cross-contamination. Learn more about blue plasters in our blog. 

Steroplast has been designing and manufacturing premium plasters and dressings for professional environments for over 25 years. We supply the British Red Cross, St John Ambulance, and the NHS. If you want to ensure your business is first aid-complaint, choose premium products from Steroplast.

Other bulk-order plasters in our range include:

Take a look at our retail range of plasters, all aimed at retailers, merchants, and distributors, with customer-friendly packaging.  

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