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Steroban-Vet Undercast Padding - Pack of 12

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A soft, synthetic orthopaedic undercast padding for vital support, protection, and comfort under plaster casts.

Product codeSizePack sizePricePrice per pod
VET00310cm x 2.7m1 x 12£10.94 (£9.12 excl. VAT)£0.91 (£0.76 excl. VAT)
VET00415cm x 2.7m1 x 12£12.38 (£10.32 excl. VAT)£1.03 (£0.86 excl. VAT)

Protect Healing Injuries with Medical-grade Orthopaedic Undercast Padding

Used to protect exposed bones, nerves, and heal wounds underneath a plaster of Paris or synthetic cast, Steroban-Vet is an expertly crafted synthetic undercast padding.

Our undercast padding is made from a blend of polyester and viscose, giving it long-lasting support around delicate areas. Steroban-Vet has a padding quality that is firm enough to protect the body underneath but gentle enough to keep the patient comfortable. 

Synthetic Steroban-Vet is also breathable and does not absorb moisture. This means it helps you maintain good conditions underneath the cast and retains its fluffy quality for as long as possible.

Easy to manipulate and apply, it’s easy to stretch, pull, and plump up the padding to help you work it into an ideal shape. Steroban-Vet winds around even the most challenging areas of the body and tears off easily. Your patient will experience minimal disruption when you're preparing to apply a cast. 

About our Undercast Padding Bandage

Expertly manufactured using a viscose and polyester blend, this undercast padding provides a soft layer between the wound and outer dressing, which helps with the healing process. The construction of the undercast padding bandage allows excess moisture to pass through it and evaporate, which reduces skin irritation.

  • Steroban-Vet is soft like cotton wool but with excellent air permeability, maintaining good conditions for the skin underneath. This also helps with regulating the temperature inside the cast. 
  • The fine texture can be wrapped around a limb, retaining its form. It can also be easily ripped, making pre-cast padding easy. 
  • The ability to stretch and mould the padding slightly means it can be used on even awkward areas of the body like fingers and toes.
  • The padding moulds to all contours of the body and stays in place without rubbing or chafing the skin underneath when the body moves. 
  • Unlike cotton alternatives, our polyester/viscose blend will not absorb moisture, allowing the cast to dry and set more quickly.
  • The material clings to itself, helping you to wrap it around a limb efficiently and with minimal patient distress.

Where can Steroban-Vet Undercast Padding be used?

Steroban-Vet is a go-to undercast padding to provide essential protection and support under plaster of Paris casts or synthetic casts and splits. But it’s also a great material to use under textile bandages to give a dressed wound extra protection from being knocked around in day-to-day life.

We deliver Steroban-Vet Undercast Padding to veterinary practices throughout the UK as well as veterinary distributors. For alternative veterinary bandage solutions, we recommend Steroban Elastic Cohesive Bandage and Steroban Cohesive Riplite.

More Information
Associated SKUs VET003, VET004
Pack Size Pack of 12
Subcategory Orthopaedic Cast Padding
Brand Sterovet
Type of Product Undercast Padding
Colour White

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