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Where Can Universal Wipes Be Used?

Where Can Universal Wipes Be Used?

As their name suggests, universal wipes can be used in a wide range of settings. Each disposable infection control wipe is impregnated with a 2-in-1 cleaning and disinfecting solution designed for use on virtually any non-porous surface or non-invasive device. 

Universal wipes are some of the most useful multipurpose cleaning supplies used in various environments, from nursing homes to veterinary clinics. In this article, we’ll cover where universal cleaning wipes can be used so you can be sure you’re buying the right product.



In healthcare settings of all kinds, infection control is of utmost importance. Healthcare environments pair a heightened presence of infectious disease with vulnerable people, so keeping things clean is critical in cutting through the cycle of infection. 

In addition to thorough regimented cleaning protocols, spot cleaning and wiping down high touch areas in between uses are crucial parts of regular cleaning. But with healthcare facilities busier than ever before, this takes time and might not be as thorough as it should be. 

The fact that universal wipes are already moistened with disinfectant makes cleaning much faster, without mixing or setting up cleaning solutions or finding spray and wipes to use. As PDI universal wipes don’t leave any residue, there’s no need to rinse afterwards, keeping your environment safe for the next patient.


Nursing and Care

While hospitals and GP surgeries are the first places we think of when considering healthcare, there’s another sector where hygiene has to be held to the highest standard and where vulnerable people are almost always present and at potential risk of exposure to infection: nursing and care.

Care homes, residential homes, assisted living, retirement villages—the types of care facilities for vulnerable people are wide-ranging. Often residents and patients are elderly, infirm, or at high risk because of health conditions. Therefore cleanliness is essential to cut through the infection cycle. 

In nursing environments, busy day-to-day activities can mean that cleaning is not straightforward. Universal wipes not only make cleaning much more efficient and fast, but their formula is generally very safe if and when exposure occurs.

Irritation may occur through physical contact, but this would usually be through repeated and regular contact or on skin that is already irritated or very sensitive. Choose alcohol-free wipes like PDI universal disinfectant wipes means there’s no worry about breathing in irritating vapours that come off of alcohol-based wipes.

Despite this, PDI Sani-Cloth Universal Wipes still kill all the harmful germs that alcohol-based wipes do: bacteria, viruses including Covid-19 and norovirus, fungi, and TB. 

Vet holding rabbit


Veterinary clinics need to be clean and hygienic just like hospitals and GP examination rooms do. Vets need to protect every animal that comes through the door from potential infection, but there’s also the risk of zoonotic diseases (diseases that can pass between species).

Universal antibacterial wipes are handy for cleaning down examination tables, wiping non-invasive tools, and spot cleaning touchpoints like door handles and chairs. The non-alcoholic wipes mean they won’t harm animals’ respiratory tracts with fumes and vapours. The wipes are also non-linting and won’t leave residue, meaning there's no worry if pets lick surfaces on which the wipes have been used beforehand.

Relaxing spa massage


Keeping a beauty salon, tattoo shop, aesthetics clinic, or spa looking and feeling clean is all part of the customer experience. But aside from branding, a hygienic environment for beauty procedures is the business owner's responsibility and all the staff who work on the premises. 

Sani-Cloth AF Universal Wipes come in an easy flow packet or a canister that can be mounted on a wall. Dotting a few of these around your premises in inconspicuous places will help your staff upkeep a maximum level of cleanliness and help them clean as they go, even through hectic parts of the day. 

Because they are not alcohol-based, universal wipes are much less drying and damaging to the skin. Find out more in our blog:

man working out in the gym


Sports facilities are some of the most high-contact environments, and in recent times much has been done to keep public spaces infection-free so that everyone can continue to enjoy sports. 

If you’re a sports facility owner or you manage a sports team, disposable disinfectant wipes could be just the trick to help you control the transmission of potentially harmful germs. Wiping shared equipment down after use helps protect your team and watch out for others using the facility. Alcohol-free universal wipes are particularly suited to this purpose if your sports players are very young and could be affected by breathing in alcohol fumes from other alcohol-based products.

Learn more about universal wipes in our blog. We cover all the commonly asked questions to help you decide whether they’re a good addition to your cleaning supplies:

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