Opsite Protective Transparent Film Dressing Spray | 240ml

Opsite Protective Transparent Film Dressing Spray | 240ml

Resistance Squat Latex Bands | All Sizes (Set of 3)

Resistance Squat Latex Bands | All Sizes (Set of 3)

Actimove® Everyday Knee Support 4 Stays — Open Patella | Extra Large (46cm - 52cm)

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Experience unparalleled knee stability with this Open Patella Knee Support featuring Four Stays. Meticulously crafted for optimal compression, enhanced support, and utmost comfort.

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Compression with a Purpose

Every twinge of pain can be limiting. Designed to offer firm compression, this knee support confronts and mitigates pain originating from a range of knee conditions. Your mobility and comfort remain our prime concern.

Quadruple Stability with Spiral Stays

Incorporating four spiral stays, this knee support redefines stability. Positioned strategically around the knee, these stays bolster both medial and lateral support. This superior design limits side-to-side and twisting motions, offering an enhanced protective shield against potential harm.

Open Design: Freedom for the Patella

Knee cap discomfort can be particularly challenging. This knee support’s open design directly targets this, ensuring pressure on the patella is minimised. As a result, you can enjoy extended periods of activity without the nagging pain.

Crafted for the Perfect Fit

This anatomically-focused design, complemented by a singular pattern, seamlessly conforms to your knee’s shape. This ensures not just effective support but also unrivalled comfort.

Prioritising Your Comfort

Our commitment extends beyond functionality to ensuring every moment you wear our knee support is comfortable. Delicately fabricated with latex-free, cotton-free yarns and accentuated with a motion-comfort-zone, we ensure wearing becomes a soothing experience.

Indications for Use

Our four-stay knee support is particularly recommended for: 

  • Those navigating degenerative knee conditions.
  • Individuals enduring pain from repetitive movements or overuse.
  • Anyone wrestling with persistent knee pain.

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