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Rescuer MVP Suction Pump

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This is a lightweight, high vacuum, portable suction pump emergency device, which can be powered with one-hand operation, leaving the other hand free for different tasks. It was designed with a 100° swivel, which gives the operator better accessibility whilst working in tight situations and avoids premature engagement of the overflow mechanism. The unit was designed to provide efficient operation and simple maintenance.


Who can use the Rescuer MVP

The Rescuer MVP is a practical approach to administering oral suction for medical professionals and first aiders. The handheld nature of the device makes it ideal for storing in an emergency bag, whether by an on-call medic or by a designated first aider, to ensure that it can be kept nearby in case of an emergency.

This ease of storage makes the Rescuer MVP a practical option for any public space where medical attention may be required by anybody. With the Rescuer MVP, an airway blocked by vomit, blood, phlegm, or other fluid can be suctioned from the casualty, potentially saving their life.

How do I assemble the Rescuer MVP?

Provided almost ready to use, the Rescuer MVP is incredibly easy to assemble. Simply connect the 300ml collection jar and the catheter as required, and then it is ready to use for suctioning.

State of the art, high vacuum portable emergency suction device

  • Lightweight, high vacuum, portable emergency device
  • One-hand operation
  • Built-in overflow protection seal
  • 100° swivel allows for better accessibility
  • Multiple settings, allowing the pump to be used on neonates to large adults
  • 300ml capacity collection jar
  • Portable
  • One-hand operation
  • Simple maintenance
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