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We are the exclusive distributors of PDI - take a look at our selection of products!


Steroplast Healthcare are the exclusive distributors of PDI products, the world’s leading wipe manufacturer and supplier. We have spent time carefully curating a selection of infection prevention solutions from PDI that we know our customers will love for their quality and effectiveness.

We stock a large selection of PDI wipes in various quantities and formulations designed to protect against infection on all types of surfaces and medical equipment. These products are the most effective on the market, supported by quality research and proven to prevent infection transmission. Innovative and versatile, this collection has all you need to keep enviroments safe and germ-free.

PDI Universal Wipes

PDI Sani Cloth AF Universal Wipes

Sani-Cloth® AF Universal wipes have an alcohol free formulation with a specialist additive which prevents damage on equipment and surfaces, making them the ideal solution for disinfecting mattresses, plastic and metal. 

This is a multipurpose product designed to clean and disinfect in one, making this an extremely cost-effective choice. Choosing these wipes eliminates the risk of preperation errors as they are ready for immediate use with the perfect amount and concentration of product.

We stock these wipes in varying quantities and packaging from soft packs, canisters and buckets - BUY NOW!


PDI 70% Alcohol Wipes

PDI Sani Cloth 70% Alcohol wipes, 200 Canister

Our selection of PDI’s 70% alcohol range is designed to maintain a clean and sanitary environment, minisming the risk of infection from surfaces and non-invasive medical devices.

Sani-Cloth® is the number one brand of disinfecting wipes in healthcare. Efficient against micro organisms, these disposble wipes are suggested for use in fast-pace settings that require a short contact time. This product is efficient against bactericidal, yeasticidal and virucidal viruses.

We stock these wipes in canisters of varying quantities - BUY NOW!

We also recommend the Canister Bracket - Red (SKU: PDXP00299-R) for ease of use and convenience to accompany the wipe canisters.


PDI Hygea Patient Care Wipes

PDI Hygea washcloths and wipes for patient care

PDI’s range of patient care solutions has been designed to keep patients and residents clean and comfortable with every use. The products we stock includes items from the Hygea® range which have varying uses from to hand hygeine to patient bathing.

These products aim to support independence and aid personal hygeine to improve well being & encourage independence. The cosmetic wipes are gently fragranced and gentle on skin to provide optimum comfort for cleansing. Containing Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to help maintain healthy skin.

We stock these wipes in varying quantities in soft packs, canisters as well as individually wrapped sachets - BUY NOW!

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Other PDI products by Steroplast...

Protect against germs and viruses with these tried and tested products -

  • Highly effective against germs and viruses
  • Tested to European norm EN14476
  • NHS Approved

Check out our full range of PDI products, including PDI's Sani-Cloth Active wipes and Sani-Cloth Chlorhexidine 2%.


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