Pitch Side Trauma Kit

Pitch Side Trauma Kit

Classic Plus Acupuncture Needles | 70mm x 0.3mm | Pack of 100

Classic Plus Acupuncture Needles | 70mm x 0.3mm | Pack of 100

Classic Plus Acupuncture Needles | 40mm x 0.3mm | Pack of 100

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Classic Plus Acupuncture Needles (40mm x 0.3mm) are a top choice for professional acupuncturists, offering a balance of tradition and quality. These needles are recognised for their smooth, polished surface, ensuring a comfortable treatment experience.

This product is also available in a larger size.

Optimised for comfort, the 70mm x 0.3mm Classic Plus Acupuncture Needles feature a polished finish for easy insertion. Browse here>>

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The Standard in Acupuncture Excellence

Classic Plus Acupuncture Needles (40mm x 0.3mm) have set the standard in acupuncture treatment, earning widespread acclaim and use in hospitals and clinics across the globe. These needles are the epitome of quality and efficiency, designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional healthcare settings.

Unparalleled Precision and Comfort

At the heart of Classic Plus needles is their exceptionally polished surface, a design feature that significantly reduces discomfort during insertion. Each needle is meticulously encased in its own guide tube, ensuring a level of precision and ease that is unmatched in the field. The incorporation of a colour-coded tab on each needle simplifies gauge and thickness identification, making them ideal for practitioners who require a variety of sizes.

Traditional Design Meets Modern Safety

Embracing traditional acupuncture practices, these needles feature a coiled and looped copper handle. This not only offers a non-slip grip for precise control but also connects to the timeless traditions of acupuncture. Despite their traditional design, Classic Plus needles are at the forefront of safety, being single-use to eliminate infection risks post-treatment.

Tailored for Diverse Therapeutic Needs

Available in a range of sizes, Classic Plus needles are versatile, catering to a wide spectrum of therapeutic requirements. Each pack contains 100 needles, making them an economical choice without compromising on quality. The combination of a copper handle, pain-free insertion, and silicone-free composition makes these needles a top choice for professionals seeking both performance and value.

Enhancing Treatment with Copper Coil Handles

The copper coil handles of Classic Plus needles are not just about traditional aesthetics; they enhance treatment efficacy as well. The copper’s conductivity is believed to aid in the flow of Qi, essential in traditional Chinese medicine, while also providing a comfortable grip for the acupuncturist. This balance of functionality, tradition, and aesthetic appeal makes the Classic Plus Acupuncture Needle a favoured choice in the market.

10 Benefits of Classis Plus Acupuncture Needles (40mm x 0.3mm) 

  • Widely Trusted Brand: Renowned globally in healthcare settings.
  • Colour-Coded Tabs: Easy gauge and thickness identification.
  • Copper Coil Handle: Non-slip grip and precise control.
  • Pain-Free Design: Smooth and comfortable for patients.
  • Economical Pack: 100 needles per box, excellent value.
  • Minimised Discomfort: Finely polished for comfortable insertion.
  • Individual Guide Tubes: Ensures safety and sterility.
  • Energy-Conductive: Enhances Qi flow in treatments.
  • Silicone-Free: Suitable for silicone-sensitive users.
  • Versatile Sizes: Suitable for various therapeutic needs, also available in: 70mm x 0.3mm

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