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What Goes in a Kitchen First Aid Kit?

What Goes in a Kitchen First Aid Kit?

A well-stocked kitchen first aid kit is an essential first aid provision required by law in any workplace where food is prepared. Kitchen environments present numerous health and safety risks, and unfortunately, kitchen-related injuries such as cuts and burns are common. 

We will discuss the legal requirements, what the best kitchen first aid kit contents are, where to get the best kitchen first aid kit for your workplace, and answer the question ‘what should a kitchen first aid kit contain?’

Head chef in restaurant professional kitchen preparing delicious meal
Woman First Aid with clipboard

Where are Kitchen First Aid Kits Required?

All UK workplaces are legally obliged to provide the correct and sufficient first aid equipment and appoint a trained first aider to protect their employees in the event of an accident or emergency while on site. This includes kitchens, food production facilities, and any workplace where food is handled. Your employees must have easy access to the right kitchen first aid kit contents at all times.

The UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides guidance on employers’ legal first aid responsibilities. This legal guidance states that: 

“Every employer should provide for each work site at least one first-aid container supplied with a sufficient quantity of first-aid materials suitable for the particular circumstances.”

This means that the contents of a legally required workplace first aid kit should be determined by the risks and hazards specific to that workplace. Catering first aid kits are necessary for kitchens because they are environments where injuries like cuts, burns, and scalds are likely. Your kitchen first aid kit contents must include products and first aid equipment sufficient to treat all kitchen-related injuries.

In addition, your kitchen first aid kit requirements, including its size, location, and the catering first aid kit contents inside, will vary dependent on the size of the establishment, the types of food preparation that takes place, and the number of staff on-site at any time.

Kitchen First Aid Kit Contents

You will need to provide a well-stocked kitchen first aid kit with a range of products suitable for treating injuries in the workplace to keep your employees safe and well prepared to provide adequate first aid in a kitchen-related emergency.

What Should a Kitchen First Aid Kit Contain?

HSE guidance acknowledges that “There is no mandatory list of items to be included in a first-aid container”, but the UK’s British Standards advises that all kitchen first aid kit contents should include:

Conforming bandage

A lightweight high-stretch bandage to hold dressings over wounds safely and comfortably.

Foil blanket

Wrap around a casualty to protect from external weather and effectively reduce and treat shock symptoms. 

Gloves - pair

Protect the first aider and victim from cross-contamination when treating a wound area. 

First Aid Emergency Leaflet 

Provides clear first aid guidance and instructions on how to treat the most common injuries. Take a look at our blog for advice on administering first aid of all kinds.

Resuscitation face shield 

Drape over the casualty’s face to protect them and the first aider from cross-contamination when administering CPR. 

Safety pins

Secure bandages and dressings in place with ease. Safety pins are quick to remove when you need to assess an injury and are safe to reuse as long as they’re clean.

Wound dressings in various sizes 

Cover and protect a wound area, absorb blood, and shield open skin from contamination. 

Sterile cleansing wipes 

Easily clean a wound area while protecting it from infection.

Microporous tape - 2.5cm x 5m

Secure bandages, dressings, and splints quickly with non-irritant tape that adheres easily to skin or material. 

Triangular bandage

Suitable for securing a splint in place or used as an arm sling.

Tuffcut scissors

Accurately and safely cut clothing, bandages, tape, and dressings with reduced risk of puncturing the casualty’s skin.

Blue washproof plasters in various shapes and sizes

UK law requires anyone handling food to use blue plasters for all first aid treatment in the workplace to minimise food contamination. Steroplast stocks blue, electromagnetically detectable dressings coated with a medical-grade, high-tack adhesive, making them the most reliable brand on the market. When applied to clean, dry skin, they will remain securely in place, preventing them from entering the food chain.

When you’re working through your kitchen first aid kit checklist, you should keep your workplace risk assessment findings in mind. The risk of burns or scalds is significant in all kitchens, catering environments, and workplaces where food preparation takes place. Therefore, you should consider buying a kitchen first aid kit that includes burncare products due to the high burn risk in catering environments. 

Our Sterochef Catering First Aid Kit contains all of the above kitchen first aid kit contents, as well as a choice of industry-leading burn dressings:

Burnshield dressings

Provide quick soothing relief and heat dissipation to treat burns or scalds. Anti-bacterial tea tree oil hydrogel helps to reduce infection and continuously cool the burn area.

burnshield dressing applied to a burn wound

For more information about the time-critical nature of burncare, what should be in a burns first aid kit, and how to use a burns first aid kit, check out our blog. Steroplast also offers a wide range of burncare products and specially designed burn first aid kits so that you can top up your kitchen first aid kit contents with optimal protection where burn wounds are highly likely. 

Low angle view of professional chef sharpening knife in restaurant kitchen

How to Choose a Kitchen First Aid Kit

Now that you know what should be in a kitchen first aid kit, choosing a trusted supplier like Steroplast can make all the difference. Steroplast is a leading supplier of first aid supplies, and we have specially designed our unique Sterochef Catering First Aid Kit to ensure it contains everything on your kitchen first aid kit list. All the kitchen first aid contents inside are premium quality to cater to your employee’s medical needs in an emergency.

Sterochef catering kitchen first aid kit contents are compliant with BS8599-1 regulations and HSE requirements. Its contents are supplied in a blue polypropylene 'premier' case to show it is dedicated to catering environments. Store your kitchen first aid kit somewhere visible and easy to access. Close to clear first aid signage provided by a first aid kit station would be ideal in large catering workplaces.

Commercial kitchen employees and chefs could also benefit from having access to an eyewash kit to mitigate the damage caused by hot liquids coming into contact with the eye area.

Your workplace may be legally required to provide additional first aid kits and products relevant to the nature of the work on the business premises. We cover everything you need to know on our blog:

Please enter your details into the form below along with any questions or comments and a member of our team will be happy to provide you with more information:


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