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Absorbent Powder - 100g Tub

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A super effective absorbent powder suitable for the safe clean-up of liquids. Sprinkle over a spillage area to quickly absorb liquid and achieve complete and hygienic cleaning. This is a suitable absorbent powder for vomit, blood, urine, and all other biohazard liquids requiring safe, quick removal and disposal.


Benefits of Using Absorbent Powder

Absorbent powder is specially formulated to absorb liquid within seconds. Simply sprinkle it over a liquid to jellify it for easy disposal. Effectively absorb and solidify liquids and hazardous bodily fluids, including blood, urine, mucus, saliva, and vomit. Absorbent powder is an essential part of any biohazard kit and can also be used at home or in any business where liquid spills are likely.

Quick and easy to use Simply sprinkle the liquid absorbent powder over a spillage area and watch as it turns to gel in seconds.
Reduces contamination risk Transforming a liquid into a solid significantly decreases the chances of spreading the harmful material when transporting it, allowing for safe disposal.
Easy to handle Using powder that absorbs water and dries it into an easy-to-handle semi-gel means it can be safely scooped up or vacuumed (Note: if the liquid you are cleaning up is hazardous such as a bodily fluid, do not use a vacuum to clean it up)
Quicker and safer than other cleaning methods Using absorbent powder is the quickest and safest way to clean up liquid. It’s more effective than cleaning with a mop or disposable paper and reduces the risk of minute droplets splashing or flicking onto people or surfaces while cleaning.
No cross-contamination of cleaning equipment In the event of a spill, absorbent powder means you don’t need to use a mop and therefore contaminate it with the biohazardous liquid. There is no risk of spreading the contaminant over another area when using the mop again.

Where can Absorbent Powder be Used?

Use absorbent powder to safely clean up liquids, including biohazard spills on any hard surface such as a table, countertop, floor, or pavement. It is also safe to use on carpets to make cleaning up spills easier. 

Settings such as hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, veterinary practices, and schools regularly use absorbent powder for body fluids due to its effectiveness in performing a safe and quick clean-up.

Bodily fluids are classed as a liquid biohazard and should be disposed of carefully and safely in accordance with government guidelines. Absorbent powder is an essential part of all biohazard kits to clean up bodily fluids safely and should be used alongside biohazard waste bags for safe disposal.

Absorbent powder is effective in cleaning up liquids that aren’t classed as a biohazard too. Manufacturing and food preparation operatives often use absorbent powder for oil spills and even to clean up spilt drinks.

What will Absorbent Powder Soak Up?

Commonly referred to as sick absorbent powder or vomit absorbent powder, this super-absorbent powder is very versatile. 

The emergency services and NHS use absorbent powder to clean up bodily fluids safely. Liquid biohazards include: 

  • Blood
  • Vomit
  • Urine 
  • Saliva or mucus
  • Semen
  • Faeces
  • Animal waste

In addition to biohazards, this water-absorbent powder can quickly absorb a wide range of liquids that could cause contamination or present a trip hazard when spilt:

  • Oil
  • Chemicals
  • Petrol and diesel
  • Paints (including oil and water-based)
  • Hot and cold beverages
  • Vegetable oils
  • Butter

Why use Absorbent Powder over other Equipment?

Absorbent powder is the best product for a safe and complete clean-up with ease. While absorbent paper, sponges, or a mop will absorb most of the liquid, cleaning with these products increases the chance of spreading the spilt liquid further and contaminating your hands or cleaning equipment. 

When left at room temperature, bacteria and harmful pathogens can grow and spread, which is what would happen if your cleaning equipment was contaminated and then stored away. Using absorbent powder and a biohazard kit prevents this from happening.

Choose biohazard absorbent powder for a quick, thorough, and hygienic cleaning process, and remember that:

  • Absorbent powder is far faster to use than absorbent paper and less wasteful.  
  • A mop can become contaminated with the liquid and can’t be thoroughly cleaned to remove the risk of cross-contamination when used again.

Absorbent powder turns the liquid into a much easier solid to dispose of and reduces the risk of splattering or spreading the liquid further during clean-up.




L9 W6.5 H6.5cm 

Pack Size 



100g Tub 


Waste Disposal 



Type of Product 

Disinfectant Granules

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Weight 0.140000
Dimensions L9 W6.5 H6.5cm
Pack Size Single
Size 100g Tub
Subcategory Waste Disposal
Brand Steroguard
Type of Product Disinfectant Granules
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